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does anybody have any jordan autos from 1985 when michael was on the bench with the injured ankle???? heres the story on how i aquired this card...

in 1999 a card shop in Astoria, Oregon was closing down. i received word of this and drove up there to score some deals. one of the cards i purchased was two 85 star cards (5/7s). he said that he attended a trailblazers game when he was in rehab nursing his broken ankle. he stated that he got tickets close to the opposing bench and when the time was right he asked for and received his autograph. the card looked good to me, and i had inside information that when you turn his autos sideways the m turns into a 23. we made a deal and now i want to get the auto authenticated but all the current autos of him I've seen are slightly different. all those autos are newer though, and peoples autographs do tend to change slightly over time.
does anybody have know if he traveled with the bulls to Portland when he was in a cast during his sophomore nba season? this will help me decide if it is worth spending $ to get it authenticated. also, does anybody have older autos from jordan that i can compare them to? i really appreciate that one or more hobbists that can help me. here are the scans for you to look over and give me your opinion as well.
This site did a little diplay of various autos over his career. Maybe it will help you.
you can see how the loop in the M has changed a bit, an the J has gotten far less "loopy" over the years. Also, it appears "in person" autos seem to be "squished" rather than the elongated you often see on memorabilia.
(04-09-2011 06:54 AM)_ZENAS_ Wrote: [ -> ]This site did a little diplay of various autos over his career. Maybe it will help you.

Maybe it is the power of suggestion, but I can see how the "M" can be interpreted as a "23", even if it was not intentional on MJ's part.

Pretty cool, either way.

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