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I picked up a box of Crown Royale today, here are the results:
[Image: 2010-11CrownRoyalePremiereDate33SteveOtt.jpg][Image: 2010-11CrownRoyaleLancers7MikeKnuble.jpg]
[Image: 2010-11CrownRoyaleRoyalPains4BrendenMorrow.jpg][Image: 2010-11CrownRoyaleRegalAchievement7MarianHossa.jpg]
[Image: 2010-11CrownRoyale170BraydenIrwinAURC.jpg][Image: 2010-11CrownRoyale137BrandonYipAURC_Redemption.jpg]
[Image: 2010-11CrownRoyaleHeirstotheThroneMateri...kaRask.jpg][Image: 2010-11CrownRoyale117TylerSeguinJSYRC.jpg]
Everything is for trade except for the Seguin which will probably be PC. I would proabably trade it for a Taylor Hall but that's about it.

I also picked up this gem:
[Image: 2010-11SPGameUsedFamousFightStrapsFSJKJariKurri.jpg]
It's pretty sweet that it's numbered 10/10! My first fight strap!

Comments welcome!
That tyler saved the box. Nice kurri.
Awesome Kurri!!
Ooooooooooh, I hate you, haha. Beauty of a pull bro, congrats.
Nice hit kev!
kevin, u wouldnt take cash for the seguin?
Holy cow! That Seguin is brilliant! The Kurri is amazing too! 10/10... nice! You have got to love it when you find some amazing cards. Thanks for sharing.
wow Kevin you destroyed that box with the at sweet TS hit.

and congrats on the fight strap!
Congrats on your pulls. That reminds me of the Gretzky fight strap I pulled. All I could think to myself was why did they do Gretzky's strap? It's not like he actually fought. Same for Kurri. Oh well. They are still fantastic pulls.
Update: this Brandon Yip RC Auto redemption came in. Let me know if interested.
[Image: 2010-11CrownRoyale137BrandonYipAURC.jpg]
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