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So I own 59 of the 60 and from what I am told Mickey Mantle is the last and hardest one. I will work on getting it through a trade. Dose anyone here have that one?

Current count 59 of 60

Ring Collection

Arizona Diamondbacks
Atlanta Braves
Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Indians
Colorado Rockies
Detroit Tigers
Florida Marlins
Huston Astros
Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Los Angeles Dodgers
Milwaukee Brewers
Minnesota Twins
New York Mets
New York Yankees
Oakland Athletics
Philadelphia Phillies
Pittsburgh Pirates
San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants
Seattle Mariners
St. Louis Cardinals
Tampa Bay Rays
Texas Rangers
Toronto Blue Jays
Washington Nationals
Boston Braves
Brooklyn Dodgers
Buffalo Bisons
Chicago White Stockings
Cincinnati Redlegs
Houston Colt 45's
Kansas City Athletics
Lousville Colonels
Milwaukee Braves
Montreal Expos
New York Giants
Philadelphia Athletics
Seattle Pilots
St. Louis Browns
Washington Senators
Babe Ruth
Cal Ripken
Frank Robinson
Hank Aaron
Jackie Robinson
Lou Gehrig
Mike Schmidt
Nolan Ryan
Ozzy Smith
Reggie Jackson
Roy Campanella
Sandy Koufax
Stan Musial
Ted Williams
I have a Ted Williams one also

You're also missing Reggie Jackson, Nolan Ryan, and the Louisville Colonels
Ok I recieved 3 more on my 25 package deal didn't get anything impressive for the cards.

Chicago White Sox
Toronto Blue Jays
Lousville Colonels
I have 3 red sox rings
Here is my next 100 I recieved 9 different ones than what I have which leaves me down to 3.

Boston Red Sox
Colorado Rockies
Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Dodgers
San Francisco Giants
Seattle Pilots
Hank Aaron
Nolan Ryan
Reggie Jackson
Cmon Krypronite!!!! 3 more!
If I hade to guess reading what they said I am missing one current MLB Team Ring and 2 Player rings. So if you know or have 1 of the 3 I am missing please let me know. I am hoping I am already lucky and got the hard to get one. Here is what it says on the website.

There are 3 different types of Virtual rings to collect. There are 30 rings representing each of the current MLB teams,15 rings representing legacy teams and 15 player rings. You can collect the rings for more prizes and trade them with others.
looks like you need the pirates, mantle might be a player
theres a williams too
I have a Ted Williams ring which I am guessing you dont have because I didn't see it listed. I know for as fact Mantle is the 60th and hardest ring to pull and I didn't notice the third ring you need
Mantle is the tough ring to get...
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