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thanks for the comment, pm me with any questions you have, it is alot easier to find stuff on here once you get used to using the system, also, i remember when some of jordans cards went down in value in the late 90's or early 2000's, i never knew why, ofcourse i wasnt to big into collecting then.
Ping you need the 93-94 Ultra Scoring Kings card lol its always been my dream card aside from any MJ auto
thats going to be a tough one for me to get, i try to not spend to much money on singles because i love opening packs, and its going to be tough to trade for, for instance i have a bill russell auto that books the same as the jordan insert, i couldnt imagine trading the russell auto for that, even though jordan is my main pc.
couple more.
these just in.
Nice pick ups man! Love the class of '84 card! MJ and the great second tier! Wink LOL
j/k bro... sweet cards!
hahahah youre to funny, thanks for the comments.
PingBling, I have some Jordan cards and collectibles that it doesn't seem like you have...If you are interested, I'll take some scans for you..I'm looking to get rid of them...PM me if you are interested
heres a couple more, i believe i am going to redo this thread with new scans so all the cards can be in order, xstream, youre not the only one with a little ocd, lol.
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