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Awesome collection, Man!!!!!
As always, great additions! Love the jersey pieces and the 97-98 SPX Sky in particular.
thanks guys, ive picked up around 100 mjs in the past couple of months from trades, but i guess i may have to advertise my "other" pc to get some of the higher end mj's. my "other" pc has been open for jordan trades but i dont know if anyone knows since they dont show up when im trying to do trades with people. ive even thought about opening up my kobe pc.
(06-18-2012 06:34 PM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]xstream, i thought they were going to fix the image limit? we use to be able to hit post a few times and it would work, now it doesnt. it makes updating my pc threads almost useless, i hate to have to scan through several pages to see all my additions.

It's been reported by us mods multiple times, and I even reported something to them about a month ago when I realized something. If you're making a BRAND new post/thread, you can post however many images you want (from what I've experienced). It's only when you edit a post (or when you've hit "Preview Post") that it has the limit. All I got back was that they're still trying to finish some things up on the Grading/Registry side then they'll be all in again. Sorry for the late reply.
no problem xstream, thanks for the response!!!!
loved looking at all them MJ cards, for some reason i always like the ones wear he's in the College jersey
is that all 1200 cards on the screen know show us the kobe card's
no, these are only the stuff that books for $10 or more, and my kobe pc thread is up.
Really nice cards ping...

A lot of time, $$, and dedication invested. Congrats so far!!
here are some new ones ive gotten over the past couple weeks, thank you to all of those that i have traded with!!!!! total jordan count is at 1373 different cards.
[Image: IMG_0001-24.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0002-22.jpg]
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