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awesome pickups. Planet metal is a beauty.
Nice collection! I thought I had a pretty good MJ collection, buuut I'd say yours is a little bit better.
thanks guys, and my collection is lacking compared to some deep pocket jordan collectors out there, one in particular that is well known, he sold his business for several 10's of millions and he buys up all the top cards, i wish i had that kind of money, but its fun working out a trade and picking out jordans that i need instead of just buying everything i can up, although if i had the money, thats exactly what i would be doing lol.
a few new ones
[Image: IMG_0001-18.jpg]
you're welcome!! (for the first two anyway haha)
i see the picture limit thing is acting again.
This thread is cool. This is my 2nd post and I still miss HilFiger1975. I won't talk about why I do but I do and I know that sounds cheesy. Big Grin
thanks buck, they are 2 beauties and look great with my pc!!!!!!
you have 2 great PC's going there i envy you, 2 guy i like to watch play
xstream, i thought they were going to fix the image limit? we use to be able to hit post a few times and it would work, now it doesnt. it makes updating my pc threads almost useless, i hate to have to scan through several pages to see all my additions.
here are some new ones.
[Image: IMG_0001-20.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0002-17.jpg]
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