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The set has finally been completed!!!

I had decided on going for three different sets, one would be a complete variation set (1999 Topps Finest Refractors), a complete game-used set (2000 Playoff Absolute Leather & Laces) and a complete autograph set (1999 UD Inkredible). Today I'm presenting the 40-odd Leather and Laces cards that I've amassed. The complete checklist is 125, not including Plummer and Dayne who push the total to 127. Cards are numbered either out of /175 or /350. I have leads on another 30-some cards, but I like to get them on the cheap, so I'll let a lot of auctions go by.

Presenting the first 10 cards:

3rd batch

4th batch

Nice looking set you're trying to put together! Good luck with it!
Added three more recently

Nice! Wish I'd seen this before you added the Ricky...

Good looking set!! Keep plugging!

The Natrone Means is serial numbered 175/175. Cards numbered first and last aren't necessarily more valuable, I think they are cool though. I also got my first Beckett member traded Leather and Lace card, special thanks to skelscardclozzit for the Trent Dilfer which looks pack fresh. It was certainly worth the trade to me.

A few more pickups this week.

Another four card mailday. I've collected 40% of the set now. Special thanks to rngrbrown for completing a trade that netted me the Terrell Davis, one of the nicer looking football patches in my opinion.
Slow going in the off season for these cards, but here's another 3. Lost out on another Marino and forgot to bid on a Favre.

Another three in the books.

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