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Thanks for the info dude! I'll follow up with that lead and hopefully leads to something. Amusingly I do have the Tim Dwight Leather and Laces Combo so I could at least put them all together to see what it would look like.... but that would be cheating Smile

Today the entire 130 card set is complete. I started this thread a little over 4 years ago, started seriously chasing the set about 7 years ago, and got my first one almost 15 years ago. I set out to collect one of the largest game used memorabilia (if not the largest) sets available and it's done. Thanks to the Beckett members who traded me their Leather and Laces card to me through the years:

rngrbrown - Terrell Davis
jaderock - Steve McNair
rburkett - Eddie George

and also a note of appreciation for alanch who gathered up a bunch of contact information for a person who had a Tim Dwight listed on their Photobucket. These folks, the people who posted on the thread, the narrow losses and late night victories, the seemingly shady websites with questionable shopping cart features, it's all woven into this tapestry and will be part of the narrative whenever I talk about this set.

It's been a fantastic ride, now I need to figure out how I'm going to frame them all on my wall! As always, thank you for looking.
Great job on completing the must've been fun!
That's sick!! You should post an aerial view of the complete set!

You can also see it nicely formatted on my website -
That is sooooooooooo cool!! Congrats man.
AWESOME! So glad that lead worked out for you bud! Great to see the whole thing completed! Can't wait to see it framed!
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