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Its coming along nicely. Its threads like this that make me want to try my hand at set building

I have a Eddie George 133/175
(06-25-2012 06:24 PM)rburkett Wrote: [ -> ]I have a Eddie George 133/175

pm sent!

Just bought out the last ones I was missing from the Beckett Marketplace. I'm so close!

• Bobby Engram
• Eddie George /175 (trade in progress)
• Emmitt Smith
• Jerome Bettis
• Levon Kirkland
• Napoleon Kaufman
• Randall Cunningham
• Troy Aikman
• Tim Dwight
• Zach Thomas
Congrats on the amazing set! I can't wait to see those last few cards as you get them!
Another two down. The Eddie George was traded to me by member rburkett.

Another one knocked out, plus three laces versions.

Nailed the biggest bv card left on my list. Those Dolphin and Steeler team collectors are tough customers to bid against!

Been far too long since I've been able to knock some more off the list. I also found an Aikman out there. Only 5 away now.

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