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7 more into the collection. I was surprised to see Peter Warrick has silver foil trim like Plummer and Dayne who are not part of the 126-card Beckett checklist. Muhammad also has silver foil and is part of the Beckett checklist though. Looking at the now defunct playoff inc website, this set was said to be 130 cards. The mystery deepens.

Playoff Inc Website -
love the Mcduffie!!!
And with Christmas comes some big additions to the set. 8 new additions plus a Jevon Kearse card upgraded to a multi-color patch. Missed out on an Emmitt Smith recently, otherwise steady progress.

Picked up the first McNair from an eBay seller who goes by the name jaderock. Thanks dude! I'm now at 91 of 126 or 93 of 128 depending on if the Plummer and Dayne cards are truly promos or not.

Great set! How many more do you need? I only have one from the set that fits nicely into My Emmitt Smith pc

[Image: img514.jpg]

A Titans and Buccaneers update. Mattntonya, PM sent. I think that the Matthews patch is my favorite by far.
The Faulk was a completely unexpected card given it's not part of the Beckett checklist at this time. On the reverse it's labeled MF28-B. Only MF28-A is listed. Both are #'ed out of 175, something that just Terrell Owens cards from this set share in common.

A few more over the last couple of weeks.

Only 17 unaccounted for, 2 on the way, and 4 more towards the set with 1 Laces card.

Down to the sweet sixteen, 119 of 130 completed. Here's who I'm still looking for:

  • Bobby Engram
  • Barry Sanders
  • Curtis Enis
  • Carl Pickens
  • Eddie George /175
  • Emmitt Smith
  • Jerome Bettis
  • Kurt Warner /175
  • Levon Kirkland
  • Napoleon Kaufman
  • Randall Cunningham
  • Raghib "Rocket" Ismail
  • Sam Madison
  • Troy Aikman
  • Tim Dwight
  • Zach Thomas
Updated 06.25.12
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