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Very nice!

Good luck on obtaining the rest of them and on your other sets as well!
Good luck love this set. Need the Parallel to the Gadsden one for my PC. Never see thoes.
Sweet set, love the Ben Coates and Terry Glenn!
Acquired my first two Laces cards this past weekend. Plus adding Favre who is always a tough find at a discounted price.

If I spot a Gadsen, I'll send it your way. I'n not looking at chasing the set for the laces cards.

A few stragglers from earlier in the week.

Pretty big week for me, nabbing two hall of famers and a third who will get there eventually despite that one forgettable season in Tampa. I lost out on three Marino cards previously, glad I was able to get this one.
Impressive set Big Grin

Decent haul for this week. Raider cards look great in this set.

I was able to get this with a best offer and now I have all the Rams. I'm at 75 of 125 for the set.
Those a really great looking cards! Good luck on completing the set!
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