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Hello all,

Let me begin by thanking my wife for buying me Hobby Stuff for X-MAS. One of the things she got me was a box of Tristar Futures from Dacardworld. To my surprise when I opened it all I saw was CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE FOUND THE GRAND TREASURE. I was like cool not thinking anything about it but then I turned the ball over and I see this:

[Image: ruth.jpg]

Well I started shaking, screaming then I paused thinking my wife was playing some kind of cruel joke. Well after things finally settled I read the redemption requirements and sent the Ball to TRISTAR. Well after waiting forever it seemed I get the Following Yesterday via FEDEX. Sorry about the bad pictures will get better ones later.

[Image: 90531475.jpg]

[Image: 6ac304fb.jpg]

Not that the rest of the stuff wasnt cool guess the Wife really knows how to pick stuff I also got a Alfonso Soriano printing plate from 2005 topps pristine and a Jason Heyward autographed Minor Jersey:

[Image: fb3ee818.jpg]
Congratulations!!! I was wondering if the Tristar stuff was full of BS or what. Obviously not!
(02-12-2011 11:15 PM)evolb909 Wrote: [ -> ]Congratulations!!! I was wondering if the Tristar stuff was full of BS or what. Obviously not!

I thought the same thing untill this happened. I hope my wife knows she just renewed my interest in the Hobby.
wow, I really dont know what to say to that. I bet you dont either, lol

Congratulations are in order for sure.
That's unbelievable...
WOW, just wow! You only just got the Holy Grail of auto'd baseballs. Now sell it to Topps so they can cut it up Smile
Jaw dropping!
Holy Cow!!!!! Absolutely amazing! Congratulations!
That is the greatest pull in the history of greatest pulls!!!! You will never top that!

Congrats! (Now go up your home insurance!!!)
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