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Looking for the printing plates of Craig Stammen out of 2009 Topps Update.  Been searching around the Bay for awhile now and have yet to see one.  Thought I would post something here to see if any of you avid baseball collectors have any of them.  Willing to trade (have pretty much all football but am looking to jump into baseball soon) or buy one.  PM me or respond here if you can track one down for me.  Thanks!
morning bump...anyone??
not many peeps have nats stuff other stras and zimmy
exposfan09 Wrote:not many peeps have nats stuff other stras and zimmy

Figured as much.  Just hoping that someone may have come across one of them while busting a box/case and still had it laying around.
Bump back to the top. Anyone have or know anyone who has any Craig Stammen 1/1's?
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