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Well this is the fifth product ive opened of panini this year, and this is the second product ill have to do a quality assurance check on, im definately not as impressed with panini this year as i was last year, oh well, stuff happens. Although i was shorted a hit, this is a fun cheap break and i was happy because i got some nice pc hits out of it. Here are the hits, all are for trade except the lebrons and kobes. Derrick Favors rc die cut, John Wall rc (i pulled all the main rcs i believe), Chris Bosh gu's 174/399, Hassan Whiteside rc auto 377/599, Carlos Aroyo press proof 22/100, kobe/lebron duos (i believe the duos insert set are 1 out of 2 boxes hit), lebron insert die cut, Kobe checklist 22/49.
[Image: 005-3.jpg]
that sucks dude BTW shipped your cards yesterday. But i hate the new donruss look idk why i just think it looks bad
panini finally got back to me, they said they had no replacement hits from donruss, but they shipped out 09-10 classics on card rc autos of jonny flynn and dejaun blair. i guess it could have been worse, ill post scans when i get them in.
Last week I bought the rest of a box of Donruss because that was all that was left. there were 21 packs out of 24. All I got was a curry jersey. Either the box was short or someone got really lucky. But what could I do. The owner said he didn;t see anything get pulled out of the box, so he felt bad and gave me a couple packs of Classics. I did get an aminu auto which is ok at best. Oh well.
I rather like the design but hey that's me .....I like the colors and layout of the rookies as well.......I had done pretty awesome if you ask me from the few packs I had busted Pulled a Pippen three color patch 34 /49.....A Cole Aldrich auto /399 final pack a John Wall rook.........there are a couple of nice pulls to be had in this product and with the price my opinion pretty decent product...check out the checklist for possibilities of some great pulls...
The designs are kind of plane. Don't really hate or love them at all. I like the John Wall card though and I'd be pretty excited about that Johnny Flynn. Love Syracuse
Nice john wall
heres the replacements panini sent me, it was nice of them to give me 2 autos when in reality, i was only missing a gu's from my box. the flynn is 64/499 and the blair is 179/999. both are for trade.
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Nice replacements. Interesting they sent you the Dejuan Blair though considering that it is not a redemption because I recently pulled that card from some packs of Classics from the lcs.
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