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Here's my collection so far, I'll be adding new pickups as they come in.
Vernon Gholston
[Image: Image-1.jpg]
[Image: Image2-1.jpg]
[Image: Image3-1.jpg]
[Image: Image4-1.jpg]
[Image: Image5-1.jpg]
[Image: Image6-1.jpg]
[Image: Image7-1.jpg]
[Image: Image8-1.jpg]
[Image: Image9-1.jpg]
[Image: Image10-1.jpg]
[Image: Image11-1.jpg]
[Image: Image.jpg]
[Image: Image2.jpg]
[Image: Image-6-1.jpg]
[Image: Image3.jpg]
[Image: Image4.jpg]
[Image: Image5.jpg]
[Image: Image6.jpg]
[Image: Image7.jpg]
[Image: Image8.jpg]
James Laurinaitis
[Image: Image9.jpg]
[Image: Image10.jpg]
[Image: Image11.jpg]
[Image: Image12.jpg]
[Image: Image13.jpg]
[Image: Image14.jpg]
[Image: Image-3.jpg]
[Image: Image-6.jpg]
Malcolm Jenkins
[Image: Image15.jpg]
[Image: Image16.jpg]
Beanie Wells
[Image: Image17.jpg]
[Image: Image18.jpg]
[Image: Image19.jpg]
[Image: Image-5.jpg]
Brian Robiskie
[Image: Image20.jpg]
[Image: Image21.jpg]
[Image: Image22.jpg]
[Image: Image23.jpg]
[Image: Image24.jpg]
Multi player autos
[Image: Image25.jpg]
[Image: Image26.jpg]
Anthony Gonzalez
[Image: Image27.jpg]
[Image: Image28.jpg]
Ted Ginn Jr
[Image: Image29.jpg]
[Image: Image30.jpg]
AJ Hawk
[Image: Image-2.jpg]
Michael Jenkins
[Image: Image2-2.jpg]
Antonio Pittman
[Image: Image3-2.jpg]
[Image: Image-6-2.jpg]
Here's the rest!
[Image: Image4-2.jpg]
[Image: Image5-2.jpg]
[Image: Image6-2.jpg]
[Image: Image7-2.jpg]
[Image: Image8-2.jpg]
[Image: Image9-2.jpg]
[Image: Image10-2.jpg]
[Image: Image11-2.jpg]
[Image: Image12-1.jpg]
Here's my kids names, all Buckeyes lettermen. Took almost a year and a half to find the Mangold "D". Wound up with most of his name plate to get that one.
[Image: ReillyBrady.jpg]
[Image: Image-4.jpg]
Thanks for looking! Remeber, trade me your Buckeyes!
O! H!


Great stuff Gonzo!!! I love seeing it all put together like this!!!!  An amazing assortment of your favorite guys... well done!  emoticon
Ricky Williams 34 Wrote:emoticon

Great stuff Gonzo!!! I love seeing it all put together like this!!!! An amazing assortment of your favorite guys... well done! emoticon

Thank you very much! I still have to add serial number tags and dig out some others. Put my mail from Mik in the wrong box.
Lots holes to be filled in the Gholston autos too.
Man that looks awesome, well done, I've got a few more beanies for you, I've got a platium black jersey auto, an spx rookie, national treasurers jersey auto that you might like.
Nasty Collection! Best OSU pc i've seen yet. Keep up the good work.
Thanks guys. titan - I'm going to have to find some CJ's and Titans for you!
bout time u posted this, lazy @$$. 
WOW! One sweet OSU collection! Best I've ever seen...keep up the good work Smile
As a Buckeye Alum, I really have to congratulate you on a GREAT collection. I am envious!! You need to add some Ginns, Georges & Paces to that collection!
Awesome stuff Gonzo!! Keep it up!
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