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Jul. 18, 2009
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Jan. 29, 2015

true fan

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# of Haves: 142,799 # of Posts: 42
# for Sale: 92,240 My Rank: New Member
# for Trade: 92,239

Trade Detail

true fan is a Preferred Trader of 33 members.

Feedback Score: 4.9
Trader Rating Score: 40
Total Number of Trades: 44

Trade Preferences

  • Player - man crush on derek jeter :) YAZ from the red sox is my all time favorite ! larry bird in basketball ! emmitt smith in football ! and ray bourque in hockey ! I primarily sell but will consider all trade offers for my PC of HOF OR HOF worthy RC'S....also a seller of '70's '80's and '90's comic books !
  • Teams - red sox #1 patriots, celtics, bruins, and.. dallas cowboys
  • Sports - ALL!! but primary is baseball
  • Eras - ALL
  • Brands - ALL