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Aug. 27, 2003
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Mar. 29, 2015


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  • Player - MLB- Ozzie Smith, Stan Musial, Lou Brock, Yadier Molina, Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome, George Brett, Don Mattingly, K. Griffey, Jr., Frank Thomas, Rickey Henderson NASCAR-Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne, Kyle Busch, T. Bayne, D. Patrick, M. Ambrose NFL- DeAngelo Williams, Armanti Edwards, Muhsin Muhammad, Brett Favre, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Reggie White, Drew Bledsoe (PATs)
  • Teams - MLB - STL Cardinals, Cleveland Indians NASCAR - Hendrick Motorsports NFL - Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers, NE Patriots
  • Sports - MLB, NASCAR, NFL
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