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eric387387 doesn't have any friends yet.
Member Since:
Dec. 24, 2000
Last Login:
Jan. 28, 2015


My Stats

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# of Haves: 29,352 # of Posts: 442
# for Sale: 15,427 My Rank: Jr. Member
# for Trade: 19,720

Trade Detail

eric387387 is a Preferred Trader of 12 members.

Feedback Score: 4.96
Trader Rating Score: 695
Total Number of Trades: 767

Trade Preferences

  • Player - Tom Brady, Mike Trout
  • Teams - Angels RC's - Trout, Skaggs, Cron, Cowart, Hunter Green, Kole Calhoun, Sean Newcomb, Chris Ellis, Joe Gatto, etc.
  • Brands - Bowman Chrome & Draft