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collector57 doesn't have any friends yet.
Member Since:
Jun. 28, 2004
Last Login:
Feb. 13, 2015


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# of Haves: 1 # of Posts: 727
# for Sale: 0 My Rank: Member
# for Trade: 1

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collector57 is a Preferred Trader of 14 members.

Feedback Score: 5
Trader Rating Score: 428
Total Number of Trades: 428

Trade Preferences

  • Player - Andrew Luck, Doug Martin, Alshon Jeffery, Russell Wilson, Gordon Beckham, Albert Almora, Anthony Rizzo, Matt Forte, and anyone else that might catch my eye
  • Teams - Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Cubs
  • Sports - Baseball and Football
  • Eras - Current
  • Brands - All Major

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