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Beckett Radio is back! Some of you will remember Beckett Media had a radio show in the past, but now we are bringing it back and it is better than ever! Hosts Derek Ficken and Justin Grunert will bring you up-to-date information of new release products, market reports on players, and many exciting interviews from guests around the trading card industry. Some individuals that have graced our show already are Tracy Hackler, Thomas Fish, Mike Berkus, Clay Luraschi, Chris Carlin, and that is just to name a few. We are the new radio leader for all your trading card needs in the industry! Our shows are posted every Thursday at 4pm CT and are available through iTunes via podcasting. Thanks for listening and welcome to Beckett Radio!

This week's Episode

This week, we bring on Mike Payne, Managing Editor of Specialty Interests Publications, to talk about Sy Berger and his unforunate passing at the age of 91. He has some great stories from when he sat down and talked with Mr. Berger in 2001. We also bring Justin Grunert back to give us an update of the NFL and the hobby impact right before the playoffs. If you have any questions or comments, email us at Follow us on Twitter for special giveaways, breaking news, and other entertainment.

Archived Episode

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Meet Your Hosts

Derek Ficken

Derek has been involved in the hobby ever since going to 7-11 and buying a pack of cards for his payment each time he mowed his parent's lawn. He is originally from Fremont, CA and moved to Dallas, TX in 1998. He still roots for the San Francisco 49ers, even if he catches flack for it at the Beckett office. He is an avid fan of all sports including Soccer and MMA. He previously worked for 100.3 JACK FM in Dallas and hopes to create a new avenue for Beckett Media in the form of radio. He has his own sports-talk radio show online that records every Saturday at

Justin Grunert

Justin Grunert has been collecting cards for over 20 years. He got his start in collecting when he was 9 years old and his grandfather took him to a card show. He has been hooked in the hobby ever since. Justin loves watching all sports, espcecially baseball. He was born in small town Wisconsin but has moved all over the country. He has been in Texas for over 17 years and has a wife and 4 dogs. Justin is currently the analyst for Hockey, Racing, Wrestling, and Golf.

Future Guests & Topics

12/25/14 & 1/1/15 - NO SHOW DUE TO HOLIDAYS

Last Shows

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