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Hey, Bull Durham fans… TRISTAR Obak has something for you

Steve Dalkowski was at one time regarded as the hardest-throwing pitcher ever, some saying he threw 110 miles an hour — at least that’s what the back of his newest baseball card says.

New TRISTAR TNA Wrestling set examines stars through eyes of media (updated)

A 10-card subset in the upcoming TRISTAR TNA Cross The Line set that hits stores later this month will include wrestling writers’ takes on a handful of stars in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

Is Billy Crystal hiding in your commons bin?

For me, one of the key moments when hitting a new card shop is finding the commons bin, the bargain bin.

It’s not that I’m looking for commons — it’s those bargains that matter, those cards that are more interesting than their lowly prices or those cards that just shouldn’t be there.