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Oyo Sportstoys skates into the hockey market

The minifigures will feature The Original Six teams first and will expand from there.

Even Chicago Cubs fans can build a winner with Oyo Sportstoys Field Sets

New Oyo MLB Field Sets that, along with some extra building blocks, will let kids build their own teams on the field — and even the stadium to go with it.

Oyo SportsToys heads to The National with projects for kids, free limited-edition figures

Oyo SportsToys hopes it can build a little fun into the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Oyo Sportstoys adds football to its lineup

Oyo Sportstoys started its business on the diamond, but the company is expanding to the gridiron.

Oyo Sportstoys readies for rookie season in MLB

Sometimes the ideas come from out of nowhere, but for Tom Skripps it came after building a spaceship from a certain popular building-block brand and a subsequent trip to Fenway Park to see his Boston Red Sox play.