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Why do you collect who you collect?

It’s a simple question with not-so-simple answers most of the time. Why do you collect who you collect?

Evolution of autographs: Which ones do you remember?

It’s the “early” autograph — the one where an athlete either hadn’t adopted a shorter version of an autograph or a rarer one where we don’t commonly see it on items signed in bulk.

Casting Moneyball — the movie

Columbia Pictures recently signed a writer and director for a possible adaptation of the best-selling baseball book Moneyball, which explores the unorthodox scouting and business procedures of the small-market Oakland A’s and General Manager Billy Beane. Who’s possibly in line to play Beane? Brad Pitt.

Fear Nick Swisher's Thunderbolt!

Nick Swisher didn’t have amazing numbers in his debut season with the Chicago White Sox, but that’s not stopping him from doing some work on the side. Check this out …