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Topps answers eTopps cancellation questions

When Topps announced it was canceling its eTopps program last week, the brief statement left more questions than answers for collectors.

Update: Topps ends eTopps in all sports

Topps has announced that it will no longer make eTopps cards for football.

Tim Tebow tops latest eTopps offering

Love him or hate him, NFL fans cannot stop talking about Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

Bryce Harper headlines this week’s eTopps MiLB cards

The first eTopps Minor League card of the most-watched Class AA player on the planet, Washington Nationals prospect Bryce Harper, was launched as an initial public offering today as part of the online portfolio trading card program.

eTopps starts it MILB campaign with one of the hottest prospects

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Contributing Editor Minor League baseball players are back on eTopps cards this week. Topps kicks off the series off with two of the most talked about prospects in the game. The week’s allocation include Los Angeles Angels farmhand Mike Trout and Minnesota Twins infield prospect Miguel Sano. Trout’s cards are limited […]