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First Look: Cryptozoic DC Comics Super-Villains

00000 By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Media In the DC Comics universe, it seems that for every super hero, there is a super villain waiting in the wings to create havoc. Whether they are robbing a bank or committing some elaborate and crazy prank, many of these mayhem makers have gained a huge following among […]

Cryptozoic ends direct consumer sales

00000 By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Media Earlier this week, Cryptozoic Entertainment implemented changes to the way their cards are sold and distributed by eliminating direct to consumer sales for the company’s trading card releases and their binders through its online store. The decision was made following requests from retailers to drive the purchases of […]

First Look: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

00000 By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Media The second installment of Peter Jackson’s three-part film adaptation of the J. R. R. Tolkien classic, The Hobbit, was a box office smash back in 2013 and Cryptozoic is bringing all of its adventure and excitement to trading card collectors on May 13. Coming out nearly a year […]

Cryptozoic to replace stamped Katie Cassidy autos

Cryptozoic Entertainment announced Sunday that it will be replacing autographed cards of Katie Cassidy from its 2014 Supernatural Seasons 1-3 set that appear to have been “signed” with a rubber stamp.

Cryptozoic releases Downton Abbey trading cards

Cryptozoic released trading cards for the first two seasons today.

Cryptozoic previews Breaking Bad autograph cards

Cryptozoic previewed several of the autograph cards it has received so far with actors such as Giancarlo Esposito and Betsy Brandt.

Cryptozoic signs Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman for Sons of Anarchy trading card set

Cryptozoic recently announced it got Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman to sign a three-set deal.

When should movie trading cards be released?

Movie and TV show trading cards can be challenging to put together.

Cryptozoic changes autograph announcement policy

Cryptozoic is changing the way it makes its autographs announcements.

Cryptozoic picks up Supernatural, Arrow, Scandal and Adventure Time licenses

Cryptozoic Entertainment announced four new licenses this weekend at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show.

Cryptozoic to release Downton Abbey trading cards

Cryptozoic is releasing Downton Abbey trading cards in late October.

Female comic characters get the focus in upcoming releases

And over the next several weeks, the women in the two big comic companies are getting their own place in the trading card world.

Cryptozoic working on The Walking Dead Season 3 – coming in two parts

Cryptozoic is working on the next edition of The Walking Dead.

Cryptozoic peeks autographs for Psych trading cards

The Cryptozoic team is getting ready for the release by teasing us with images of the autographs.

Box Busters: The Walking Dead Comic Trading Card Set 2

00000Watch as Beckett Sports Card Monthly’s Susan Lulgjuraj opens a box of Cryptozoic’s The Walking Dead Comic trading card set 2.

Cryptzoic restructures distribution of non-sports trading cards

Cryptozoic has announced a restructuring to the way it distributes trading cards.

Cryptozoic lands The Hobbit license

Cryptozoic has captured a trading card license for The Hobbit trilogy.

Cryptozoic gets $300k Kickstarter campaign funded

00000 By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor Even card companies need a little help from time-to-time. Cryptozoic Entertainment, which has created trading cards and deck-building games, started a Kickstarter campaign to build a multiplayer online trading card game HEX. The company asked for $300,000 to get the venture going – and it […]

First look: The Walking Dead Comic Trading Cards 2

Cryptozoic will release the second edition of The Walking Dead Comic Trading Cards on June 5.

Cryptozoic announces five new licenses

ryptozoic Entertainment had exciting news for television fans over the weekend.

Fringe trading cards arrive this week

Fringe fans have something to look forward to from Cryptozoic.