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My $123,750 Bud Selig autograph

One of my goals every time I set foot on the floor of a National Sports Collectors Convention is to find a single interesting item that could serve as a single memorable souvenir of the trip. It’s not that easy on a smaller budget or if you don’t have an organized want list, but I managed to do that in the final hours of the show.

The game may have its flaws, but baseball cards help tell the stories

I never knew Dick Baney’s story until I stopped to look at a card I had tucked away for years and decided to Google the name that I didn’t know.

Topps confirms Axl Rose, Yasiel Puig autographs will appear in Allen & Ginter baseball set

Topps Assistant Brand Manager for Baseball Jon Einalhori confirmed the inclusions in an interview on Wednesday for the September issue of Beckett Baseball.

Random sightings from The National …

One of the best things about the National Sports Collectors Convention are the surprises that one can find by merely walking the floor.