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Preview Gallery: 2014 Topps Dynasty baseball

Topps continues to tease what is its priciest single-card pack of baseball cards in the company’s history for a Nov. 19 release and here is a selection of new images released since the last time we checked in on the brand.

Your Turn: How does Topps Dynasty look so far?

The priciest single-card pack of baseball cards in Topps history is coming on Nov. 21 — and we want to know what you think.

First look: 2014 Topps Dynasty baseball cards

Presenting what it calls “the most carefully curated subject list in trading card history” and the “most-premium Topps product of all time”, Topps released the basic information and first looks at its latest high-end baseball card brand on Friday.

Topps teases upcoming high-end baseball card brand called Dynasty

Topps is going high-end once again with its baseball cards.