Recovering Brock Lesnar Returns Press Pass Fusion Autos

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Collectors holding 2009 Press Pass Fusion redemption cards for Brock Lesnar autographs can take comfort – and, perhaps, a great deal of surprise – in knowing that the current UFC heavyweight champion already returned all of his signatures, just a week after the product went live.

Even more remarkably, the cards arrived at Press Pass headquarters less than two weeks after Lesnar underwent surgery for a bacterial infection in his intestinal tract. Lesnar continues to recover from a highly publicized illness initially thought to be potentially career-ending.

“We were recently informed by Lesnar’s representation that he had returned home from the hospital to continue recuperating, and that the cards would be signed shortly,” said Nick Matijevich, Press Pass Director of Product Development. “Obviously, in light of the health scare he had, we let them know that this was a secondary concern for us at the moment, and that our main interest was that Lesnar make a full and speedy recovery.

“Returning from the Thanksgiving holiday, we were pleasantly surprised to find that all of his cards had been returned, and he had taken the time to sign some red ink variations for us.”

Lesnar’s signatures for Press Pass Fusion mark his first on-card autographs and just the second time in his WWE/NFL/UFC career that he’s signed certified autographs for a trading card manufacturer.

His three autographed cards in 2009 Topps UFC – including two that are numbered to 25, are valued at $450, $600 and $700, respectively.

“In light of the success he’s experienced at every level of his career and his high level of fitness, it’s only a matter of time before he’s back in the cage dominating his opponents,” Matijevich said. “We could not be happier with his inclusion in our first foray into the multi-sport category, and we know that collectors will be ecstatic about the opportunity to pull his first on-card autographs and variations.”

— Tracy Hackler


  1. Posted Monday November 30th, 2009 at 07:40 PM | Permalink

    The price people are paying for his autos are astronomical. I’m a Brock fan and hope to see him back in the cage kicking arse and talking crazy sometime in 2010.

  2. marco
    Posted Tuesday December 1st, 2009 at 08:52 AM | Permalink

    this guy is not normal. he will be back.

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