2016 Rittenhouse WNBA Basketball Cards Come with Breanna Stewart, Morgan Tuck Autographs

2016 Rittenhouse WNBA Logo

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

2016 Rittenhouse WNBA basketball cards coincide with the league’s 20th anniversary. As with other Rittenhouse WNBA sets, don’t expect to find cards in the traditional pack format. Rather, it sticks with the limited edition factory set mold.

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If You Want to Finish Your Set of Ghostbusters Trading Cards, You’ll Want to Buy Non-Sport Update

NSU June-July 2016 Ghostbusters

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Going for the full 2016 Cryptozoic Ghostbusters master set? Unless you hit the secondary market, you’re going to want to buy the June/July issue of Non-Sport Update.

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Top 20 X-Men Trading Cards


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Whether it’s comics or the blockbuster movies, X-Men trading cards cover a lot of ground. And over the years, the franchise has produced some impressive — and valuable — pieces. Sets based on the early films came with large autograph rosters, featuring some highly desirable signatures. Other sets have some extremely tough inserts. No matter the case, here’s a look at the 20 most valuable X-Men trading cards.

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2016 Panini NFL Stickers Stick with Tradition

2016 Panini NFL Stickers

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

2016 Panini NFL Stickers stick with tradition. Highlighted by a large checklist and simple structure, it’s a product that targets young football fans and potential future card collectors.

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2015-16 Leaf Metal Hockey Pre-Production Proofs preview

2015-16 Leaf Metal Hockey Pre-Production Proofs Patrick

By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Hockey Editor

The process of creating cards includes a proofing stage where a manufacturer has to take a look at what it is about to unleash upon the hobby. In the case of Leaf Trading Cards, it has decided to take its proofs from its most recent hockey release and give collectors a shot at owning them with a very limited product called 2015-16 Leaf Metal Hockey Pre-Production Proofs.

Each blank-backed pre-production proof card from 2015-16 Leaf Metal Hockey has been slabbed inside of a holder from Beckett Grading Services and every pack is going to contain three one-of-one cards. While they are not signed like the cards appearing in the regular set, they do provide an interesting alternative for both player collectors and prospectors alike due to the presence of many junior stars from the Canadian Hockey League like Matthew Tkachuk, Nolan Patrick, and Joseph Veleno, along with Leaf mainstays Jack Eichel and Jesse Puljujarvi. Read More…

2016 Panini Classics Football Variation Short Prints Gallery, Checklist


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Much like an old set, 2016 Panini Classics Football has plenty of quirks and variations. However, unlike the past where a lot of these were created accidentally, here they’re intentional to add a chase element. While most are labeled on the front and fall under the modern parallel category, there are 40 2016 Panini Classic Football variation short prints that offer alternate photos.

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2016 Topps Pro Debut Variations Gallery, Checklist

2016 Topps Pro Debut Variations Header

By Ryan Cracknell

The 2016 Topps Pro Debut variations don’t have a lot of sizzle. There isn’t much to them other than an alternate photo and the added chase element. That said, they’re not your average base cards either.

Just ten players are included on the 2016 Topps Pro Debut variations checklist. They represent some of the top prospects in minor league baseball. Brendan Rodgers, Alex Bregman and Andrew Benintendi are among those in the set.

See Also: 2016 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Checklist

Pro Debut has included variation short prints for several years now. And while they don’t have the same level of intrigue as their MLB counterparts in flagship Topps baseball, you probably don’t want to miss them. And because Pro Debut is usually printed in relatively small numbers, over time many of these can become tough to find on the secondary market.

A gallery of the 2016 Topps Pro Debut varations is listed below.

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PSA 10 Wayne Gretzky rookie card up for auction once again

Gretzky rookie card PSA 10

By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Hockey Editor

The Wayne Gretzky rookie card from the 1979-80 O-Pee-Chee Hockey set has long been considered one of the hobby’s most celebrated and iconic cards and finding a high-grade copy can be a challenge for even the most advanced collectors – even if they have deep pockets.

Now, collectors have a chance to own the only PSA 10 graded version of the card as it has been put on the block by Goldin Auctions. This card is expected to establish a new record when the company’s 2016 Premium Live Auction draws to a close on August 4 at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City.

“The fact that just one card has achieved this perfect grading is remarkable. With the recent surge in interest among serious collectors for high-grade examples of rookie cards, we expect this Gretzky card to establish a new benchmark,” said Ken Goldin, Founder of Goldin Auctions. “The average sales for a PSA 9 Gretzky’s has increased 600% in the past five years. If this card were to see a similar increase, it might become hockey’s first $500,000 trading card.” Read More…

Now This Is an Impressive Collection of 1950s Baseball Autographs

Whos Who In Baseball Williams

It’s a magical feeling when you pull an autograph of a superstar or Hall of Famer from a pack of cards. It’s something else entirely when you actually meet those stars and get their signature. That’s where the signatures in an impressive collection of baseball autographs from the 1950s being sold by Beckett Auctions came from.

Spread across three lots, the entire collection encompasses more than 250 signatures on cards and a baseball. And as nice as those are, the premier piece is a book signed by more than 150 players including many Hall of Famers.

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Who Is the 2016 Bowman Lucky Autograph Redemption?

2016 Bowman Lucky Redemption Card

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

In a roundabout way, Trevor Story has made his way onto the 2016 Bowman Baseball checklist. He doesn’t have any regular or prospect cards in the product but the Rockies rookie has been named the 2016 Bowman Lucky Autograph redemption.

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Michael Jordan 1992 USA Dream Team Jersey Sells for $60K

Michael Jordan Dream Team

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

We can swoon about the great Bulls, Lakers and Celtics dynasties, but the greatest basketball team to ever assemble is the 1992 USA Dream Team. Sorry, Tune Squad. Loaded with Hall of Famers and Christian Laettner, the roster featured the best players from one of the sport’s greatest eras. And of those players, one stands above them all — his Airness. One of the ultimate Olympic pieces, a game-worn Michael Jordan 1992 USA Dream Team jersey, has sold for more than $60,000.

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2016 Topps UFC Top of the Class Box Busters

2016 Topps UFC Top of the Class Hobby Box

Join Beckett Media’s Matt Bible and Eric Norton as they open some 2016 Topps UFC Top of the Class.

Want to win a box of your own? Watch the video to find out how to enter.

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2016 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Prime Slime TV Preview Set Spoofs Orange Is the New Black, More

2016 GPK S2 Preview Orange Is the New Black

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Topps continues to position Garbage Pail Kids as more and more of a pop culture critique. The 2016 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Prime Slime TV Preview set spoofs five shows while warming up collectors to the idea of full 2016 GPK Series 2 set, which takes a television theme.

While the main Series 2 release follows a traditional route of packs and boxes, the preview set is an online exclusive at the Topps website.

Orange Is the New Black, American Ninja Warrior and Undercover Boss are among the five shows spoofed in the release.

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2016 Topps Archives Baseball Checklist


The 2016 Topps Archives Baseball checklist mixes modern and nostalgia in more ways than one. Few baseball products in this era freely blend current and retired players like Archives. And when it comes to the past, it’s not just the same 20-or-so legends we’re used to seeing. Archives brings in some of the more popular players who were never likely going to make the Hall of Fame. They were good, but you’d be hard pressed to call a lot of these players legends.

This concept carries over into the Fan Favorites Autographs, which make up the bulk of the set’s signed cards.

All of the designs in 2016 Topps Archives Baseball are recycled from the past, further adding to the set’s familiarity. The base set uses a few different looks, as do the autographs. Most of the inserts bring back themes from decades ago.

Like Major League a couple of years ago, the 2016 Topps Archives Baseball checklist has the first Bull Durham cards since the movie’s original release. This includes both basic inserts using the 1988 Topps Baseball design and autographs. The list of signers has several high-profile names like Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.

The full 2016 Topps Archives Baseball checklist is below.

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What’s More Important, the Cards or Who Makes Them?


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor | Commentary

A lot of us have our favorite brands of cards that we’re loyal to. Often it’s a theme that grabs us. Flagship Topps has its set builders, National Treasures has the Rookie Patch Autographs, Upper Deck Hockey has Young Guns and Bowman covers the baseball prospects. Loyalty can also stem from other factors like design, content, configuration and even habit.

At the Rookie Premiere last week, 2016 Panini Origins Football was one of the company’s upcoming products being teased.. And it looks awfully familiar. From the images that were shown, it looks very Topps Inception-esque.

With Panini the only company making football cards this year, it’s a release like this that makes you wonder if that brand loyalty can transfer from one manufacturer to another.

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David Wright Signs Exclusive Autograph Deal with Steiner Sports

David Wright Signed Photo Steiner

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Steiner Sports has added another New York-based athlete to their roster of exclusive athletes. Mets captain, David Wright, has signed an autograph deal with the memorabilia company.

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Ken Griffey Jr Dual Bobblehead Giveaway Showcases Best of Both Worlds

Ken Griffey Jr 2016 Cincinnati Reds Mariners Dual Bobblehead

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Much of Ken Griffey’s success on the field came as a member of the Seattle Mariners. But he also notched several of his career marks wearing a Cincinnati Reds uniform. With Junior heading to the Hall of Fame in a couple of months, the Reds honored his time with both clubs in the form of a Ken Griffey Jr. dual bobblehead giveaway at their May 21 game.

Sorry, White Sox fans. His brief stint in Chicago has been ignored.

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Marketplace Buzz – III

Hot Products

2016 Bowman Baseball

2016 Score Football

2016 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Football

2016 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball

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2015-16 Panini Clear Vision Basketball Variations Gallery


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

2015-16 Panini Clear Vision Basketball variations come in two forms. First up are select rookies who are pictured with two different photos. The same approach is used for the Rookie Revision subset that showcases some of the top players of the past 20 years in the early parts of their careers.

For the most part, the two versions are easy to spot as virtually all of the variations have players in different colored uniforms.

That said, there doesn’t appear at first glance that there’s a clear pattern to differentiate between the two.

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On the Field at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere


By David Lee
Editor, Beckett Football

This year’s NFLPA Rookie Premiere Presented by Panini is in the books, but it was a rousing success by several accounts.

More than 40 rookies attended this year’s event in Los Angeles. Yesterday, the group took over the L.A. Coliseum where the L.A. Rams will call home until they build their new stadium. Many different stations were set up to capture portrait and action shots of the rookies wearing their NFL uniforms for the first time. They ran, juked and jumped, threw and caught for the cameras.

At other stations, rookies signed more autographs, created sketch cards, posed for a crazy bobble-head Instagram app, answered rapid-fire questions live on Facebook, and plenty other fun stuff. Check out all image gallery below from Saturday, and also go to our Facebook page here for field-view videos. We will have more coverage, including Q&As with Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Derrick Henry, Paxton Lynch and several other top rookies in the August issue of Beckett Football.

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Secrets Revealed at NFLPA Rookie Premiere


By David Lee
Editor, Beckett Football

The NFLPA and Panini operate the event with impressive fluidity, ushering around the players from station to station and organizing seemingly countless autographed assets that will be used throughout 2016 products. The event is enormous for acquiring the assets that will be used of the rookies throughout the year.

Rookies signed for 2016 football products such as Immaculate Collection Collegiate, National Treasures Collegiate, Black Gold Collegiate, Prestige, Elite, Origins and others. This included plenty of on-card autographs, acetate panels, stickers, different metal panels and eye blacks.

Here are a few cool things I caught a glimpse of and what they will be used for.

There were many different types of on-card autographs from Immaculate Collection Collegiate and National Treasures Collegiate. These included regular autographs and patch autographs. The photos below show Jared Goff, Christian Hackenberg and Ezekiel Elliot.

IMG_2911 IMG_2913 IMG_2894  IMG_2916

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Bartolo Colon Home Run Commemorated with Limited Edition Bobble Stomach

Bartolo Colon Bobble Stomach

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

It’s officially getting weird. First, Bartolo Colon hit a home run. Then Topps sold almost 9,000 cards commemorating it. Now Forever Collectibles is making a Bartolo Colon bobblehead. But it’s not only his head that bobbles. His stomach does too.

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2016 Topps Walking Dead Season 5 Trading Cards Info


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

2016 Topps Walking Dead Season 5 trading cards mark the biggest licensing change on this side of the hobby in some time. For the past five years, Cryptozoic has been making cards for the show. It was one of their earliest licenses. But this set marks a new beginning of sorts for Rick, Darryl, Carol and company.

Similar to a lot of recent Star Wars and Doctor Who sets from Topps, each box of 2016 Topps Walking Dead Season 5 has a pair of premium inserts from a list that includes autographs, costume and sketch cards.

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2016 Topps WWE Canadian Blasters Might Be One of the Best Deals Out There — If You Can Find One

2016 Topps WWE Canadian Blaster

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

The hobby sees a good number of exclusives over the course of the year. Whether it’s special configurations or an entire product, it’s a good marketing tactic to get people to head to different places to buy their cards. One place that doesn’t see a lot of exclusives (outside of hockey), is Canada. And it’s understandable. We don’t have the same sort of population up here and hockey is the clear-cut favorite sport. 2016 Topps WWE Candian blasters are the exception, and a notable one at that.

As a long-time wrestling card collector, I honestly can’t think of a time where a product has offered as good of odds for the price. Available to Canadian hobby shops, I got mine at a local store for about the same price as a standard blaster I’d find at Walmart or Toys “R” Us. While it usually takes a lot of luck to get something notable out of one of those, it’s more reasonable with the special 2016 Topps WWE boxes.

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2016 Panini Unparalleled Football Cards Take a Metaphorical Road, Not a Literal One

2016 Panini Unparalleled Football Header

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

2016 Panini Unparalleled Football has parallels and lots of them. The brand, which is making its debut, looks to be aiming more at the fact that it’s intended to be something different from other sets in the company’s pigskin portfolio. Although there is still plenty of flashy, it’s like a slightly toned down version of 2015-16 Panini Revolution Basketball with a more hit-friendly configuration.

Each eight-pack hobby box has an autograph and two memorabilia cards.

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The $478,000 1952 Topps Willie Mays and 14 Other Big Heritage Auctions Vintage Baseball Sales

1952 Topps Willie Mays PSA 9 Lg

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

At this point, to say that the high-end vintage market is hot would be redundant. Records for blue-chip cards continue to fall. Among the latest — a PSA 9 1952 Topps Willie Mays. It sold for $478,000 during Heritage Auctions’ May 12-14 Sports Catalog Auction.

It was one of six vintage baseball card lots that hit six figures. A pair of 1952 Topps Mickey Mantles were also sold for big prices. The first was an SGC 84 copy that hit $215,000 including the buyer’s premium. A PSA 6 1952 Mantle sold for $107,550. In between those prices was a PSA 8 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle rookie card that went for $167,300.

Among the early rarities were a PSA 2 1916 Famous & Barr Co. Babe Ruth ($89,625) and SGC 60 1902-11 Sporting Life Honus Wagner ($83,650).

Below is a breakdown of the top 15 vintage baseball card sales from the Heritage Auctions sale.

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2016 Fanatics Authentic Under Wraps Series 1 Autographed Baseballs Come with Blessing of MLB, MLBPA

2016 Fanatics Authentics Under Wraps Series 1 Box

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Autographed baseballs have been packaged blindly like baseball cards for years. At first glance, 2016 Fanatics Authentic Under Wraps Series 1 is another in a line of such products. However, it comes with the blessing of both Major League Baseball and the Player’s Association, the first to do so. This adds another layer of authenticity and backing to both the product and the signed balls that come with it.

Each box of 2016 Fanatics Authentic Under Wraps Series 1 comes with one autographed baseball covered under one of several themes.

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2016 Donruss Football Goes Back to 1987, a Galaxy Far, Far Away and All Points in Between


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Nostalgia runs deep in 2016 Donruss Football. Like other recent Donruss sets, it has a foot firmly in the past — even in areas where Donruss hasn’t necessarily gone in football. Dominators, Fans of the Game and The Rookies are just some of the names from the brand’s past making a comeback. The base set is large and the inserts plentiful. Each hobby box comes with both an autograph and a memorabilia card.

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2016 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Checklist


The 2016 Topps Pro Debut Baseball checklist offers a minor league spin on the year’s flagship line. It’s not complicated and the checklist isn’t overly long.

2016 Topps Pro Debut Baseball starts with a moderate 200-card base set. Excluding parallels, there are less than ten total sets of inserts, relics and autographs combined. Among them is Fragments of the Farm, pieces of memorabilia that come direct from the clubs. These offer a variety of different items like a Jobu bobblehead, stock ticket, foam hand and more.

The full 2016 Topps Pro Debut Baseball is below including inserts and parallels.

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These Two Photos Show a Big Difference Between On-Card and Sticker Autographs

Sharbino Header

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor | Commentary

Up until about ten or 15 years ago, we didn’t have the distinction between on-card and sticker autographs. For better or worse, signatures on labels have become commonplace in the hobby.

Both have their pros and cons. On-card autographs give signers more freedom and space. They have a personal touch since you know that the athlete or celebrity held them. But they require a lot more planning as the cards need to be printed off in advance. Hard-signed cards are also prone to damage if not handled properly.

On the flipside, stickers allow card companies to have a stash on hand. This makes it easier to include players in more products and mix things up on multi-signature cards. But labels lack that connection a lot of collectors crave and put a premium on. Aesthetically, stickers can be anywhere from hardly noticeable to a major turnoff. It depends on the card’s structure and overall design.

Today, on-card autographs are treated as a premium. Even the card companies highlight their presence in marketing materials.

Whether you’re a fan or not, stickers are likely to be around for the foreseeable future. But a couple of recent photos show what a huge difference an on-card autograph and a label can make.

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2016-17 McFarlane NBA 29 Features Karl-Anthony Towns, Kristaps Porzingis Debuts

McFarlane NBA 29 Header

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editors

The 2016-17 McFarlane NBA 29 lineup features the usual mix of debut pieces and returning players. The six-figure release is split right down the middle with three players getting their first SportsPicks. The remaining three are getting their second figures.

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5 Julio Urias Cards Worth Watching

2013 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs Julio Urias Header

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

The Los Angeles (and Brooklyn) Dodgers have a long history of great pitchers. From Koufax to Kershaw and all points in between, many superstars have taken the mound wearing a Dodgers cap. It’s still way too early to see where Julio Urias is going to end up, but his dominance in the minors is garnering plenty of attention and talk of a possible call-up to the majors in the near future. And when that happens, Julio Urias rookie cards will come into play.

In the meantime, the young pitcher already has cards in a handful of sets dating back to 2013.

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Here’s a Genius Tool to Tell You What Size Top Loaders and Magnetic Holders You Need

BCW Card Gauge

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Sports cards are like people — they come in all shapes and sizes. Picking clothes is usually pretty easy since we know what size we need. Cards are a little more complicated. They don’t tell us how big they are, at least not directly.

So when it comes to getting out the appropriate top loaders and magnetic holders, some trial and error might ensue. And if you don’t have a card shop nearby where you can run out and try them all, you might have some sweet, albeit massive, card sitting in a make-shift case or out in the open on your desk. Neither situation is ideal.

Finally, someone has come up with a simple tool that makes it dead simple to figure out exactly how thick a card is and what the corresponding top loader and magnetic holder is.

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And the 2015 Topps Tribute Mystery Redemption Autograph Is…

2015 Topps Tribute Mystery Redemption Autograph Francisco Lindor

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

…Francisco Lindor.

Topps has confirmed that the second-year Cleveland Indians shortstop gets a retroactive rookie autograph from the high-end product.

And from the looks of it, not a lot of them are out there.

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Do Brawls Belong on Baseball Cards?


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor | Commentary

Less than 24 hours after the fact, Rougned Odor versus Jose Bautista is already one of the most famous baseball fights in history. The jury’s still out on whether it will supplant Nolan Ryan teaching Robin Ventura a lesson back in 1993, but the visual of Odor’s fist connecting with Bautista’s face is a one that’s tough to forget. Plus there’s the history that comes with the backstory of the Bautista batflip against the Rangers in the 2015 postseason.

It didn’t take long for people call on Topps to add the moment to their ongoing 2016 Topps Now Baseball set that creates cards the day after an event happens. I freely admit I’d buy one. And I have a hunch that I’d be far from the only one. Given the nature of the event and the buzz such a card would create, it’d stand a good chance of leaving Bartolo Colon’s home run card in the dust as far as print runs go.

Instead, the Topps Now offerings for Sunday’s games highlight Carlos Beltran, Danny Valencia and Kendrys Morales and their notable home runs.

Despite the obvious demand for an Odor-Bautista base-brawl card (at least in my Twitter feed), it never happened. It begs the question, should we be putting scraps and unsavory behavior on cards, no matter how in the moment they are?

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