2017 Cryptozoic Supergirl Season 1 Trading Cards Take Flight

2017 Cryptozoic Supergirl Season 1 trading cards mark the first time the hero has starred in her own set the 1984 film. And no offense to Helen Slater and the rest of the movie’s cast but that movie was terrible in many ways. And those cards weren’t much better.

This new set of Supergirl trading cards is all about the television show starring Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers (and her cape-wearing alter ego).

Following much the same template as many of Cryptozoic’s other sets, 2017 Supergirl Season 1 trading cards come with both an autograph and a memorabilia card in each box.

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2018 Topps US Winter Olympic Team Trading Cards Celebrate Lindsey Vonn

2018 Topps US Winter Olympic Team trading cards offer collectors a glimpse of what to expect when the American athletes descend on PyeongChang, South Korea in February. In addition to the autographs and memorabilia cards that have become a regular part of Topps’ Olympic sets, this release pays special attention to Lindsey Vonn.

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Jackie Robinson’s First Contracts Being Sold at Auction, Appraised at $36 Million

When it comes to sports memorabilia, any athlete’s contract is a special piece. But, let’s face it, some take on greater historical significance than others. Such is the case with Jackie Robinson’s first contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Not only did it mark the debut of one of the game’s greatest players but it broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball.

Now the original copy of Jackie Robinson’s first contracts with both the Dodgers and Montreal Royals are being sold through Goldin Auctions. While the final price tag won’t be known until the auction closes on November 16, it will be several times more than the $5,000 that Robinson was paid in 1947.

The pair of documents could fetch more than $30 million.

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Here’s What a 1986-87 Fleer Basketball Box Break Looks Like

With a current going rate upwards of $75,000, there likely won’t be many more 1986-87 Fleer Basketball box breaks happening going forward. And while some of us lament missed opportunities from 30 years ago, we can still look on in awe at how the set has exploded over the years.

Vintage Breaks did a group break of 1986-87 Fleer Basketball with ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

This is what they found.

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2017-18 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Basketball Checklist Gives an Early Look at Latest Rookies

By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Basketball Editor

With a new configuration that boasts an autograph in every pack on average, 2017-18 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Basketball is going to burst on the scene just before the new NBA season begins.

Collectors can once again expect some early cardboard from the latest draft picks and the Class of 2017 is loaded up with some prime prospects that includes one of the most heavily-hyped young stars today, Lonzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers. Read More…

2016-17 Panini Preferred Basketball Checklist Driven by On-Card Autographs and Booklets


By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Basketball Editor

Collectors have come to love the booklet card in recent years and hoops enthusiasts will soon discover that there is no better place to find them than the release of 2016-17 Panini Preferred Basketball.

Each box of Preferred will be loaded up with two hard-signed autographs along with a pair of the coveted booklet cards. Essentially, there are two packs inside each box and they have one of each type of card inside. Read More…

2017 Topps Mars Attacks: The Revenge! Trading Cards Strike in Factory Set Form – See the Checklist


You’d think one day the Martians would learn. But they keep coming back, even after 55 years. 2017 Topps Mars Attacks: The Revenge! brings back the iconic trading card franchise as a premium factory set.

Each box set of the hobby-only product has a full base set, a bunch of parallels, a sketch card and an additional premium insert.

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2017 Donruss Certified Cuts Football Has Cut Signatures Galore

2017 Donruss Certified Cuts Football focuses heavily on the cut signature theme. And it’s not just greats from the past. Current stars and rookies also have autograph cards in the product done with a cut style.

Twelve-pack 2017 Donruss Certified Cuts Football hobby boxes come with a pair of autograph cards plus two additional signed or memorabilia cards. Each case, which has a dozen boxes, includes two cut signatures.

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Panini creates special set for 2017 Basketball Hall of Fame inductees

By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Basketball Editor

In what has become an annual tradition, Panini America will be giving out a special set of cards this weekend featuring members of the 2017 class of inductees for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Available only at the Hall of Fame Reunion & Awards Dinner in Springfield this Saturday, the 12-card pack featuring Tracy McGrady, Rebecca Lobo, and nine other new members will be handed out as part of the gift bags given to attendees. As an additional bonus, there will also be a manufactured patch card created exclusively for the event.

“I love the fact we are able to capture the entire class,” said Panini’s Marketing Manager, Scott Prusha. “The process takes time, we have cards for the finalist to sign at the Final Four when they are announced. Then from there, we create the contributors and the set comes together. It’s unique in that some of the Hall of Famers don’t have a lot of cards, if any at all, so this might end up being their Rookie Card!” Read More…

Batman: The Animated Series and Its Trading Card Legacy

Batman: The Animated Series Trading Cards

Batman has seen many incarnations over the years. And it’s not just in comic books but in movies and television as well. When it comes to the best Batman cartoon, it’s hard to argue against Batman: The Animated Series. Its noir vision, smart stories and colorful characters have made it an iconic take on the Dark Knight. Comics and toys are the natural collectibles for the show, but Batman: The Animated Series trading cards are also out there.

Here’s a look at what you can collect.

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2017 Panini Unparalleled Football Box Busters

Join Beckett Media’s Eric Norton and Paul Wirth as they open some 2017 Panini Unparalleled Football.

What will they find? Watch and find out.

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2017 Topps Now MLS Soccer Checklist and Everything You Need to Know

Topps Now is back in MLS for a second season. 2017 Topps Now MLS Soccer sees the print-on-demand line continue, telling the story of the season as it plays out.

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2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2 Trading Cards Offer Episode-by-Episode Recaps, Add Costume Cards

2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2 5

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

2016 Topps Now Preacher Season 2 trading cards are sticking with the same general concept as Season 1 — delivering small batches of new limited editioncards each week after every episode.

But there’s a new wrinkle this time around — costume cards.

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2017 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Baseball Has Top Picks, International Signings and an Autograph Per Pack

2017 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Baseball

2017 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Baseball sees the venerable brand return to the diamond as a standalone release after taking 2016 off. Centered largely on this year’s draft class, international signings and other prospects, hobby packs promise an autograph per pack.

The product also highlights past and current players shown from their college days.

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2017 Panini Nobility Soccer Spotlights the Sport’s Retired Stars – Checklist Is Up

2017 Panini Nobility Soccer has its eyes aimed primarily at the past. The debuting brand focuses largely on retired stars from around the world.

Boxes are a quick break with two packs. However, each is on the large side with 20 cards including an autograph and an assortment of inserts, parallels and more.

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2017 Panini Impeccable Football Offers High-End Autographs, Memorabilia and Metal

2017 Panini Impeccable Football is the follow-up to last season’s well-received brand debut. With that early success, not a lot has changed as far as overall focus goes. Premium autographs, premium memorabilia and precious metal cards garner much of the product’s attention.

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2017 Panini Immaculate Baseball Box Busters

Join Beckett Media’s Paul Wirth and Eric Norton as they open some 2017 Panini Immaculate Baseball.

What will they find? Watch and find out.

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Ultimate Aaron Judge Autographs Gallery and Reference Guide


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

A fire has been lit in the hobby in 2017. One could point to several reasons, but it won’t take long for the conversation to go to Aaron Judge autographs and Rookie Cards.

With each home run he hits and record he breaks, it just adds to the mania. There’s more to it than just Judge’s home run total. It’s the amount of power he’s demonstrating. It’s about his ability to hit for average. It’s about his patience and poise at the plate. It’s about how he’s making a case to not only be the Rookie of the Year, but the American League MVP. It’s about a Yankees superstar being born before our eyes — arguably the first in the instant-access digital age.

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No, the New Topps Star Wars Trading Cards Didn’t Spoil The Last Jedi

September 1st brought a massive wave of new merchandise for the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Among the products is the set of 2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi trading cards.

With the movie not scheduled to hit the big screen until December 15, not a lot is known about the movie other than a couple of trailers, some very general merchandise and a few encyclopedias worth of speculation.

But several websites started sounding the alarm that the Journey to The Last Jedi trading cards spoiled the story and how things will play out.

They don’t.

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2017 Leaf Metal Sports Heroes Crosses the Spectrum, Includes McGregor, Mayweather or Messi Autograph Per Case

2017 Leaf Metal Sports Heroes is all-autographs, covering athletes from several sports. That means that mainstream Hall of Famers like Ken Griffey Jr. and Barry Sanders are mixed in with stars from sports that have more of a niche hobby reach. Floyd Mayweather are some that fall under this category.

2017 Leaf Metal Sports Heroes is also the first set to include certified autograph cards from Lance Armstrong.

Each box comes with five cards, all autographs.

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Awesome Inserts: 1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey

1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey isn’t a big set, but it’s a landmark one as far as modern baseball cards go. This is the first insert set for the sport to include swatches from game-used jerseys.

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Gleyber Torres Signs Exclusive Autographed Memorabilia with Topps

Topps has added another young baseball star to its roster of autographed memorabilia exclusives. Yankees prospect Gleyber Torres has signed a deal with Topps Authentics.

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2017-18 Upper Deck MVP Hockey Box Busters

Join Beckett Media’s Eric Norton and Paul Wirth as they open some 2017-18 Upper Deck MVP Hockey.

What will they find? Watch and find out.

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2017 Leaf Valiant Football Sees Line Return with Lots of Color and a Graded Card Per Box

2017 Leaf Valiant Football Field Generals Mitch Trubisky Autograph

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

After taking a couple of years off, Valiant is back on the gridiron. 2017 Leaf Valiant Football sticks with the colorful designs and all-autograph structure used in the past but the configuration has one notable change. In addition to three regular autographs, each box also comes with a BGS-graded card that’s a 9.5 or better.

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Goldin Auctions Hosting Auction to Support Red Cross and Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Goldin Auctions is holding a special auction to raise funds for Red Cross Hurricane Harvey efforts.

Until September 8, they’re accepting memorabilia and collectible consignments for their Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Auction. All  proceeds from bids and buyer’s premiums will be given to the American Red Cross.

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2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi Trading Cards Lay Groundwork for Episode VIII – Checklist and Retail Exclusives Posted


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi trading cards set the stage for the eighth film in the saga’s main timeline. While collectors can expect some early elements from The Last Jedi, the focus is more on putting together the puzzle of the many characters and events influencing the story.

Each hobby box promises at least one autograph plus one additional premium insert such as sketch cards and new Plastic Emblem cards.

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2017 Panini Absolute Football Checklist Mixes Memorabilia and More

2017 Panini Absolute Football goes beyond the usual jersey swatches when it comes to memorabilia. If it can be worn or used and is visible on the field, there’s a good chance it’s somewhere on the checklist.

Not surprisingly, the product’s configuration is focused heavily on memorabilia and autographs. Each three-pack 2017 Panini Absolute Football box has at least three signed cards and two with swatches or game gear. At least one of the hits comes in the form of a Rookie Premiere Material Autograph.

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2017 Topps WWE Women’s Division Trading Cards Set to Arrive as Walmart Exclusive – Get the Checklist and Details

2017 Topps WWE Women’s Division trading cards are heading direct to Walmart, a similar path as last year’s Divas Revolution release.

The product charts several generations of female pro wrestling stars and personalities as well as key storyline moments from the past couple of years.

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2017 Topps WWE NXT Shifts to a Full Hobby Release – Checklist Posted


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

2017 Topps WWE NXT is the second set of wrestling cards for WWE’s “farm system.” However, it’s the first to get a traditional hobby distribution following 2016’s online-exclusive release.

The checklist is a relatively simple one that includes one autograph in every hobby pack.

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2017 Panini Absolute Racing Comes with an Autograph or Memorabilia Card Per Pack

2017 Panini Absolute Racing Header

2017 Panini Absolute Racing shifts gears more towards the high-end of things. Each pack delivers either an autograph or memorabilia card. Other inserts, base cards and parallels are also part of the product, but much of the attention is on the hits.

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2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball Isn’t Transcendent But It’s Still Going to Cost You – Checklist and Team Set Lists Added

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

As the realm of super premium products continues to evolve, 2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball marks the brand’s debut in the sport. Like the 2015 football set that preceded it, the checklist consists exclusively of a variety of high-end autographs and memorabilia cards. But that’s what should be expected and demanded for a product that carries an initial price tag approaching $1,000 per box.

Each 2017 Topps Definitive Baseball box has a distinct mix of four autographed relics, a dual autograph, rookie autograph and a pair of patch cards.

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2017 Funko POP NFL Wave 4 Has Big Stars, Color Rush Exclusives

2017 Funko POP NFL Wave 4

No other sport has gotten such an extensive Funko POP! treatment as football. 2017 Funko POP NFL Wave 4 adds more more 20 new figures to the overall list, including a small number of exclusives and variations.

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2017 Topps Now Mayweather vs. McGregor Highlights Fight with On-Demand Cards, Autographs

2017 Topps Now Mayweather vs. McGregor is a small set of cards dedicated to the fight and its lead up. It also has some pricey autographs from the fight’s winner, Floyd Mayweather.

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Third Annual Superhero September

As the calendar turns from August to September we are prepping for our 3rd Annual Superhero September event which will begin on September 5th.  Just as in years past we will be giving away a vast majority of the artist sketches, relics, and autographs that we have pulled from various products during the last calendar year. If you haven’t joined the fun in previous years, here’s how it works. Each week we will offer up two daily prizes that will run on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and then we will end the week with a Friday grand prize. All you need to do is watch our Fat Packs Podcast Twitter feed for entry details for each giveaway. What’s up for grabs this year? Check out the gallery after the break.

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2018 Topps Heritage Baseball Takes It Back to the Summer of ’69

2018 Topps Heritage Baseball takes it back to an era of Neil Armstrong was taking one giant leap, Jimi Hendrix laying out his soul on the Woodstock stage and a young slugger named Reggie Jackson got his Rookie Card. The set imagines today’s players as though they were part of 1969 Topps Baseball.

As has been with the brand for years, 2018 Topps Heritage takes its inspiration from the past, making something entirely new in the process.

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