2015-16 Topps Bundesliga Chrome Soccer First Look

2015-16 Topps Bundesliga Chrome Header

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Depending on who you talk to, most will agree that either baseball or football is America’s game. But when it comes to the global sports stage, soccer is king. North American collectors have a growing number of options when it comes to soccer cards, but there are several others distributed in other parts of the world. 2015-16 Topps Bundesliga Chrome is one such release.

Distributed by Topps’ European arm, it targets primarily Europe and Asia. This means collectors in North America might have to do a little searching for it.

The release includes a pair of autographs or memorabilia cards per hobby box. This is up from one in last year’s set.

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Top 20 James Bond Trading Cards of All-Time

James Bond Logo

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

James Bond trading cards have a rich history in the hobby. As far as franchises go, it ranks right up there with Star Wars and Star Trek. That history dates back to a few sets from the 1960s that are about as basic as can be. However it’s the modern hobby where things get fancy and the most valuable James Bond trading cards emerge.

Since they landed the license in 2002, Rittenhouse Archives has gone deep into the movie franchise’s past to produce more than 20 sets. Most of these have autographs, which have become a major selling point. Virtually all of the major actors from the movies who is still alive has signed cards for at least one set. This includes four of the six actors to take on the lead role: Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore and George Lazenby. Only Sean Connery, a notoriously tough signature in any capacity, and Timothy Dalton have yet to sign cards.

With so many signers, there are lots of James Bond trading cards that carry significant values. And it’s not just autographs. Here’s a countdown of the 20 James Bond cards you can expect to pay the most for.

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2015-16 Upper Deck Young Guns Gallery


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

With the arrival of 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey comes another batch of Young Guns rookie cards. Even in the slowest of seasons, these are, traditionally, some of the most popular rookies of the season.

This isn’t the slowest of seasons and the 2015-16 Upper Deck Young Guns are anything but average.

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Box Busters: 2015 Firefly The Verse

YouTube Preview Image

Join Beckett non-sports and gaming analyst Matt Bible and Eric Norton as they open 2015 Firefly The Verse.

Leave a comment below and you could win an unopened box. A winner will be selected on November 20. Good luck!

Monday Morning Collector: NFL Week 9

Week 9 Brown

Every Monday morning throughout the NFL season, we’ll select our rookie, veteran and breakout players of the week and provide a run down on why collectors should take notice. Here are our selections for NFL Week 9.

By Justin Grunert and Dan Hitt

Veteran of the Week:

Antonio Brown, WR, Steelers

(17 receptions, 284 yards receiving)

Antonio Brown had a career day and set a couple of franchise records in Sunday’s 38-35 win over the Oakland Raiders. His receptions and yards receiving are the best single game performance in Steelers history. While he didn’t score any touchdowns Brown did help set his team up for scores numerous times. His final catch of the day was a 57-yard catch to set up the game-winning field goal. His catches and yards are both good enough for to be in the top ten all time as well. Antonio Brown has been on collectors radars for the last year, showing up on the Beckett Football Hot List several times. His cards have seen huge jumps in value and there doesn’t appear to be any sign of those numbers softening anytime soon. There is still plenty of room for his cards to grow though and if he can keep playing at an elite level there is reason to believe that those values can rise.

Cards to Grab:

2010 Exquisite Collection AU RC/65 ($150)

2010 Playoff Contenders AU RC ($100)

2010 Playoff National Treasures AU RC/99 ($200) Read More »

Pete Rose finally get a Topps autograph card — but it’s not in an MLB set


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

It has been a while since a Pete Rose autograph has been particularly noteworthy. But since his ban from MLB, he hasn’t had a signed card produced with the league’s blessing. That means that the all-time hits leader hasn’t played much of a role in any Topps products in close to 25 years.

But that’s about to change. Pete Rose is getting his first Topps autograph cards in 2015 Topps WWE Undisputed, the card maker’s first high-end wrestling set. Read More »

2015 Upper Deck Marvel Dossier combines cards and dog tags


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

2015 Upper Deck Marvel Dossier is kind of like a trading card product with a surprise inside every pack. Think a box of Cracker Jacks or an old-school box of cereal.

Every pack is going to give you a trio of cards as well as a collectible dog tag.

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1952 Topps Mickey Mantle PSA 8 nets record $486,100 in eBay auction

1952 Topps Mickey Mantle PSA 8 PWCC-Nov-2015

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Update: The final bid was $486,100, which sets a new high for a PSA 8 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle sold at public auction.

Continuing with the trend of blockbuster prices for high-end Mickey Mantle cards, a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle graded PSA 8 NM-MT has topped $460,000 in an eBay auction. The card has already broken records.

With the auction set to close later tonight at about 9:30PM EST (6:30PM PST), there’s a chance it could go past $475,000 or even $500,000. Read More »

How do early Connor McDavid sales stack up against other top Upper Deck Young Guns?


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Injured or not, the 2015-16 Upper Deck Connor McDavid Young Guns rookie card is drawing tons of attention. Pre-sale prices went as high as $250. Even in the wake of him getting hurt, they were still moving at $225 or so.

If you’ve followed hockey, you’ve heard the story. It’s more likely that he’s going to be great than he is going to be really good. A flop isn’t even part of the equation. Parallels have been drawn to Sidney Crosby and even Wayne Gretzky. That Oilers jersey certainly helps that connection.

The hype surrounding McDavid and his cards has brought in a lot of people who might not collect a lot of hockey in an “average” year. He’s probably brought in more than a few who don’t collect hockey cards at all.

Before going down with a broken clavicle, McDavid was doing a good job living up to the hype. He was starting to build some momentum and racking up the points. And while it’s disappointing to see anyone get hurt, let’s not forget that in most parts of North America, he’s still just a kid. At just 18 years, he’s got a lot of years left ahead of him. And the potential is astronomical.

But let’s look past potential. Instead, let’s compare McDavid’s first NHL rookie card with some recent sales of Upper Deck Young Guns from other top players. From the NHL’s elite to rare versions of hockey’s younger stars, they’ve all logged at least a year or two already. Some have put together Hall of Fame careers.

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2016 Topps MLS Soccer First Look


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

2016 Topps MLS marks the fourth consecutive year of a flagship set for the league from the New York-based card maker. Like a lot of flagship products, the focus is broader. To help encourage set building and casual collectors, the checklist is larger and the cost of entry is lower than a lot of other soccer products.

At the same time, there are multiple hits in every hobby box. Each has a pair of autographs plus one jumbo relic.

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Do fantasy sports make you want to collect cards of someone on your team?

Fantasy Football

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

About 15 years ago I played a lot of Strat-O-Matic Baseball. A lot.

It’s closer to a board game than fantasy sports, but there are some parallels. You pick players you think have a high probability for success. You play against others. There’s plenty of luck involved as well.

When I was big into Strat-O-Matic, the friends and co-workers I played with formed a pseudo league. It was all very loose and for fun but one of bi-products was the fact that I found myself showing more interest in collecting the players that were on my roster.

Something similar is starting to stir within now that we’re half way through the NFL season and I find myself with a vested interest in some players week after week.

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2015 Topps World Series Champions Box Set cancelled


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Before the World Series started, Topps announced plans for a World Series Champions box set. Plans changed. It can now be filed under “sets that were in the works but never came to be” as it has been cancelled.

But if you are a Kansas City Royals fan or World Series historian, it’s not like there won’t be any cards to celebrate their victory.

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Will Connor McDavid’s Young Guns card be impacted by injury?


By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Hockey Editor | Commentary

On Wednesday night, Edmonton Oilers rookie Connor McDavid went down with a broken left clavicle during his team’s victory over the Philadelphia Flyers. It was a major blow to the young phenom and his club, but there is little doubt that it could not have come at a worse time for both Upper Deck and card dealers alike.

Pegged as a generational talent and the centerpiece of the Young Guns subset in 2015-16 Upper Deck Series One Hockey, the buzz on McDavid’s first NHL and NHLPA-licensed trading card had been growing to a feverish pitch in the weeks and months leading up to Thursday’s release date. Sales for this product are expected to be incredibly strong as the first overall selection in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft had a fantastic start to his professional career and was named the league’s Rookie of the Month for October.

Several dealers were pre-selling the Young Guns card online at unprecedented prices and many buyers may be wondering if they may have overpaid for the card. The news is not all bad, though, as the Oilers have reported that McDavid’s surgery was successful. However, there is no specific timeline for his return and it is estimated to be in months rather than weeks.

What could all of this mean for the hobby? Read on after the jump to find out. Read More »

NFL Mid-Season Awards: MVP, ROY, POY

We are already through Week 8 of the NFL season, and already we have seen some incredible performances, breakout players and huge disappointments.  We present our picks for mid-season MVP, Players of the (Mid) Year and Rookies of the (Mid) Year. Comment below with your choices.

By David Lee
Editor, Beckett Football

Tom Brady, QB, Patriots


Twenty touchdowns to just one interception. Apparently the psi of a football isn’t the sole determining factor of where you want to throw it. Just a few months ago everyone thought Tom Brady wasn’t even going to play in the first four games. Heck, he didn’t even know for sure. But he has been spectacular, and the Patriots continue to roll along undefeated. He’s the best in the game at the most important position on the best team.

Right now Brady narrowly edges Philip Rivers for first in yards per game. His 115.8 QB rating is nearly flawless and his best among starting quarterbacks. Ever since his fourth Super Bowl title, the most action on his cards has been with his lower-end options. When a basic Bowman RC tops out at around $80, you know that many collectors are scooping up whatever Brady cards they can still afford.

Offensive Player of the (Mid) Year
Devonta Freeman, RB, Falcons


It would be easy to pick Tom Brady for this award, considering the yardage and touchdowns alone. But a deeper look into what surprise newcomer Devonta Freeman has done in eight games (just six starts), shows an even more impressive feat. The second-year running back has already amassed more than 1,000 yards of total offense, including an NFL-best 709 rushing yards.

Freeman has reached the end one 10 total times—by far more than any other player. He’s on pace for one of the best offensive performances of all time. Very Marshall Faulk-esque. Of course, his cards were totally overlooked last year, but have since gained a ton of attention and Hot List appearances. His top options are 2014 Immaculate Collection #131 JSY AU RC, 2014 Panini Playbook #161 JSY AU RC and 2014 Panini Contenders #215A AU RC.

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2015 Topps Fire Baseball goes from prints to cards with a heavy metal twist

2015 Topps Fire Metallic Edition

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

After a couple of lines of wall art, 2015 Topps Fire Baseball is making the switch to traditionally sized cards. But they’re not on cardboard.

Rather, 2015 Topps Fire Baseball Metallic Edition comes printed on metal.

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2015 Leaf Ultimate Tennis includes a Roger Federer or Andy Murray autograph per case

2015 Leaf Ultimate Tennis

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

It has been a couple of years since tennis has had a full standalone set. 2015 Leaf Ultimate Tennis marks its return and with it comes a shift. Gone is the Ace Authentic brand and in is Leaf’s own line and style that has been used in baseball and football.

The all-autograph release comes with five autographs per box and the checklist features names from the present as well as the past.

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Want to wake up to Bob Uecker yelling in your ear?


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

The Milwaukee Brewers are giving fans a chance to start their day with a jolt of Bob Uecker. The team has announced plans for a Bob Uecker talking alarm clock giveaway next July.

Now every morning after they’re handed out, those who have one can wake up to the announcer telling them to, “Get up, get up, get outta bed!”

And that’s probably a whole lot better than the generic alarm clock screech or the default tone on your phone.

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2015 Panini National Treasures College ups the ante on multi-sport NCAA cards

2015 Panini National Treasures College Dansby Swanson

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Another one of the hobby’s elite super premium brands is going to school. 2015 Panini National Treasures College arrives not long after Immaculate makes its college debut.

Single-pack boxes of come with eight cards. Six of those are either autographs or memorabilia cards.

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Jameis Winston autographs are rarities in 2015 Leaf Metal and Ultimate Draft Baseball

2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Jameis Winston Silver

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Leaf has announced that the base Jameis Winston autographs in 2015 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball and 2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball are not only (“mega”) short prints, but their print runs as well.

2015 Leaf Ultimate Draft Jameis Winston Redemption

2015 Leaf Metal Draft Jameis Winston Redemption

The cards, both of which are redemptions, are limited to 50 copies each.

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Will Ferrell autographed patch card in 2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball

2015 Topps Dynasty Will Ferrell Autographed Logoman

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

First it was basic inserts and some tough autographs in 2015 Topps Archives Baseball. Then there were the rare insert variations. Now it’s Will Ferrell autographed patch cards in 2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball.

Topps revealed a lone autographed logoman patch through Instagram. In doing so, they’ve added a new layer to the product, even if it’s only a very limited number of cards.

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2015-16 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Basketball Variations Gallery


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

College hoops might be new to Contenders, but many of the major elements of 2015-16 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Basketball remain true to the brand. A big one is the College Ticket Autographs featuring autographs of 2015-16 NBA rookies. And when you have rookie autographs, the variations usually follow. 2015-16 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Basketball variations exist, but spotting them doesn’t appear to be easy.

A total of 46 players have College Ticket Autograph Variations. They’re definitely surfacing. But, at this point, collectors are still left to figure out what’s what.

In a lot of recent Contenders sets, there has been some sort of tip off as to whether a card is the base version or the variation. It’s still unclear if that’s the case here. And if there is a hint, it’s not readily apparent.

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Panini America brings David Robinson to San Antonio card store

YouTube Preview Image

By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Basketball Editor

Last season, Panini America held a contest where the trading card shop who accumulated the most wrappers from its NBA trading card products would win a makeover for their store and be able to host a party featuring a basketball legend.

Sports Cards Plus in San Antonio, Texas, won the contest due to the support of its loyal customers and store owner Charlie DiPietro went to great lengths in order to win. On October 26, Panini stopped by the renovated shop with Hall of Famer and local icon David Robinson to meet customers as part of its grand re-opening.

“First of all, the contest put on by Panini and the NBA was a terrific opportunity for any card shop and when I saw there was a $75,000.00 shop makeover, I decided I was going to give it a big try,” he said. “I ran all kinds of promotions here in the shop, including giving away a box of Flawless Basketball, a box of National Treasures, and a box of Paramount. I had three winners and what I did was invited customers to bring back their wrappers. They gave me $100.00 worth of wrappers, and they got one ticket for the drawing, and I had a terrific response. As you can see, we ended up winning the contest.

“The hobby shop makeover was a terrific opportunity,” DiPietro continued. “I didn’t expect to win, but I thought I would give it a shot. There are so many great shops in the United States that I didn’t envision myself winning, but I thought, who knows, maybe I can make the top 10 or something like that.” Read More »

Hobby Stars of the Week: Marchand, Allen, Hall


By Eric Norton | Beckett Analyst

It’s Tuesday and that means we run down the players that collectors should be making note of.

Brad Marchand, LW, Boston Bruins:
Marchand shared first billing in the NHL last week with four goals to go along with his two assists as he and the Bruins tallied three wins. Their week opened when the Coyotes came calling to Boston, but the boys from Beantown made quick work of the Desert Dogs ousting them in a 6-0 win that saw Marchand netting a goal and adding an assist (1-1-2) for good measure. Flordia played host in Boston’s next outing and Marchand continue to roll netting two more goals (2-0-2) in a 3-1 win. He closed the week with another goal and assist (1-1-2) in Tampa as the Bruins won 3-1 for the second time in as many games. Marchand is a fan favorite in Boston and that has carried over to cardboard well. In the Beckett Database he is listed on 647 cards and just 16 of them are rookies making the autographed versions of those highly sought after.

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2015-16 Panini Prestige Basketball lands as a Target exclusive

2015-16 Panini Prestige Basketball Base Kyrie Irving

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

2015-16 Panini Prestige Basketball has lots of action photography. It also has autographs and memorabilia cards to go with other inserts. On all accounts, it’s a standard release that sticks with other Prestige products over the years.

But it’s taking a page from some recent history, arriving as a Target exclusive for the second year in a row.

And, once again, there are several different configurations each with their own exclusives.

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2015 Topps Chrome Update Baseball arrives in special retail boxes

2015 Topps Chrome Update Kris Bryant Rookie Debut

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

For the third consecutive year, Topps has given Update Baseball a Chrome spin. Like the past couple of sets, 2015 Topps Chrome Update Baseball is only available at retail. And you won’t find traditional packs waiting on hanger pegs. Rather, they’re exclusive to special 2015 Topps Update Holiday Mega boxes.

Each Mega Box has two four-card 2015 Topps Chrome Update packs plus five 2015 Topps Update Baseball retail packs.

Besides the new cards, there’s one thing that collectors will notice about the 2015 Topps Chrome Update Baseball cards — they’re all done like Pulsar Refractors. They have a dotted background similar to the look of what’s normally reserved for parallels.

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Beckett Media announces 2015 Fall Expo plans

Beckett Media Logo

This weekend, collectors from all over the world are congregating at the Fall 2015 Sportcard & Memorabilia Expo at Toronto’s International Centre and Beckett Media will be in attendance as well with plenty of books, magazines, and opportunities for card grading.

In addition to the Beckett Covers cards that were announced last week, collectors visiting Beckett Media in the corporate area have a great opportunity to pick up the newest December issues of Beckett Hockey, Beckett Basketball, and Beckett Sports Card Monthly before they are available in stores. In addition to the magazines listed above, collectors can also pick up the latest issues of Beckett Baseball and Beckett Football. All magazines will be on sale for $10 US/$12 CDN.

The chase for the Beckett Covers cards will be intense and those obtaining all four cards that are available on the floor will be able to receive an addition five-cards from the set, which pay tribute to hockey players that changed the game.

Those looking to submit their cards Beckett Grading Services for Raw Card Review or Graded Card Review are able to do so at the booth. We will have both modern and vintage graders on hand to evaluate your cards and dealers can start to submit their orders before the show opens on Friday morning.

For more information on pricing for grading, books, and magazines, please read on after the jump. Read More »

2015-16 Artifacts Honoured Members kick off a three-year set of hockey’s immortals

2015-16 Upper Deck Artifacts Honoured Members Mario Lemieux

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Every once in a while a set comes along that captures your attention. As far as early hockey sets go, 2015-16 Artifacts Honoured Members fits that bill. It’s attractive, tough to find, has a strong checklist and features all autographs and memorabilia.

And it’s going to continue for a couple more years.

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Most valuable Stephen Curry rookie cards, ranked

2009-10 Playoff National Treasures Stephen Curry Rookie Card

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Stephen Curry rookie cards are much more valuable than they used to be. An NBA Championship and a knack for exciting plays will do that. A squeaky clean image, high-profile lineage, an infectious smile and a press conference-stealing young daughter all contribute to the overall package as well.

After a steady rise for a couple of years, Stephen Curry cards skyrocketed in 2014-15 when he helped lead the Golden State Warriors to the NBA’s promised land.

Stephen Curry rookie cards came out in 2009-10. This is the year Panini gained exclusive NBA basketball card rights. However, the outgoing licensees, Topps and Upper Deck, were each able to produce a few sets before their deals ran out.

With 27 total, there’s a fair bit of variety when it comes to Stephen Curry rookie cards. Some are basic and, relatively, affordable. Others use autographs and rarity to make them worth hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. A couple are further bolstered by the brands that they come from.

With so many choice, what Stephen Curry rookie cards are worth the most? Let’s count them down.

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2015 Topps Fire Baseball Update Series prints have more modern designs, new players


By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Fire continues to burn with a new group of Topps online exclusives. The 2015 Topps Fire Baseball Update Series prints add pieces of 14 new players.

Like the earlier line of prints as well as the Topps Fire Football line, each is highlighted by the distinct look of renowned digital artist, Tyson Beck.

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2015-16 Upper Deck Star Rookies Hockey Box Set Details

Upper Deck Star Rookies Box Set Connor McDavid

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Want to know the signs of a strong rookie class? They get their own box set. 2015-16 Upper Deck Star Rookies Hockey isn’t the first time the card maker has produced a first-year factory set, but it’s not an annual thing either.

This particular release takes a no-frills approach and configuration.

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Monday Morning Collector: NFL Week 8

Every Monday morning throughout the NFL season, we’ll select our rookie, veteran and breakout players of the week and provide a run down on why collectors should take notice. Here are our selections for NFL Week 8.

Week 8 winston2

By Justin Grunert and Dan Hitt


Rookie of the Week:

Jameis Winston, QB, Buccaneers

(177 yards passing, 1 touchdown passing, 1 touchdown rushing)

Jameis Winston didn’t have his best performance of the year as far as statistics go, but perhaps delivered his best overall performance as a quarterback leading the Bucs to a very tough road win in Atlanta. Winston’s cards are still selling at a very high level with many of the most collected brands still to be released over the next three months or so. Some collectors will take a wait-and-see approach to Winston’s cards for now, but there are quality cards currently live that should hold up well all season long.


Cards to grab:

2012 Topps Under Armour High School All-America Autos #UAJW/259 ($100)

2015 Bowman Chrome Rookie Autographs Refractors #RCRAJW ($150)

2015 Panini Playbook JSY/199 RC #62 SP ($N/A)



Veteran of the Week:

Drew Brees, QB, Saints

(511 yards passing, 7 touchdown, 140.5 QB rating)

Drew Brees and the Saints logged their third straight win on Sunday, but it took an historic effort by Brees, and an overtime field goal, to get it done. He set a personal record with 511 yards through the air and tied the NFL record with seven touchdown passes. With the undefeated Carolina Panthers ahead of them in the division standings, the Saints may be playing for a wide card position at best. Don’t expect Drew Brees cards to suddenly get hot, but many of his best 2001 Rookie Cards can be found near LO column book prices with a little searching. And with the occasional incredible performances like this, Brees may have sealed his future in Canton.


Cards to Grab:

2001 Bowman Chrome #144 RC/1999 ($100)

2011 SPx #101B/G JSY AU/250 RC ($300)

2011 Topps Chrome #229 RC/999 ($200)



Breakout Player of the Week:

Charcandrick West, RB, Chiefs

(97 yards rushing, 1 touchdown, 4.9 yard average)

An undrafted free agent who joined the Chiefs last season, Charcandrick West is making the most of the opportunity given him after starter Jamaal Charles went down with a season ending injury. West broke out last week with a 110-yard rushing performance against the Steelers and proved again this week that he can really play. However, we’ll have to wait another month or so for West’s first cards to hit the market since he’s been overlooked thus far from every manufacturer.


Cards to Grab:


Box Busters: 2015-16 Upper Deck Buybacks Giveaway

YouTube Preview Image

Join Beckett Hockey‘s Eric Norton and Dan Hitt as they rip into boxes of 2015-16 Upper Deck Buybacks in this latest edition of Box Busters.

What will they find inside? Watch and find out …

To enter to win the Patrick Roy auto comment below and let us know what you think about Upper Deck Buybacks. A winner will be selected at random next Monday, November 9th.

Upper Deck Fall Expo promotional pack to feature autos, parallels, and more

Upper Deck Fall Expo promotional pack Bernier

By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Hockey Editor

With only a few days left until the 2015 Fall Sportcard & Memorabilia Expo in Toronto, Upper Deck has released final details about its checklist for its redemption program held exclusively at the show from November 6 to 8. Collectors that come to the company’s corporate booth to break open specific boxes of 2015-16 NHL trading cards will receive a two-card Upper Deck Fall Expo promotional pack which is set to contain limited parallels, autographs, and more.

As a bonus, the first 300 collectors in line and breaking boxes each day will also receive one of six different limited Connor McDavid NHLPA Rookie Showcase Moments cards. There will also be a program specific to case breakers.

What cards can collectors expect to see as part of the Upper Deck redemption program at the Expo? Find out after the jump. Read More »

Halloween Box Busters: 2015 Walking Dead Season 4 Dog Tags

YouTube Preview Image

Join Beckett non-sports and gaming analyst Matt Bible and Eric Norton as they open 2015 Walking Dead Season 4 Dog Tags.

Also, congratulations to Kyle Edwards for correctly predicting Matt’s Halloween costume. You have won the 2015 Avengers Age of Ultron Deadpool 1/1 sketch. You will be contacted via email.