2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Adds Bounty, Ohtani Autographs

2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions has a little of this, some of that and a whole lot of in between. Like past installments of the brand, to call it eclectic may be a bit of an understatement. The various parts of the checklist cover various sports, history, nature and more.

2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

As for the types of cards, there’s plenty of variety there as well. At the box level, this includes three hits or premium inserts. These come in the form of autographs, relics, manufactured patch cards and lenticular inserts.

2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions also marks the first time for the brand to include an Upper Deck Bounty element that rewards collectors with exclusive cards for finishing specific parts of the checklist.

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Shohei Ohtani Autograph Card Guide and Gallery

Shohei Ohtani autographs (and Rookie Cards) have been a driving force in the hobby in 2018. Big demand from around the world has led to big card sales, bigger bounties, a rush on packs and boxes, and a general excitement among collectors of all sorts.

Shohei Ohtani Autograph Cards

When it comes to Shohei Ohtani autograph cards, collectors have lots to choose from already with more on the way. Topps, Panini and Leaf all have Shohei Ohtani autographs in their products. While there are lots of different cards to choose from, individually, most are available in relatively small numbers. Topps has an exclusive for MLB cards while Panini’s are licensed by the MLBPA. Topps also has an exclusive autographed memorabilia deal with the Japanese superstar.

Collectors can expect more additions to the Shohei Ohtani autograph card lineup in the months ahead as more sets come out.

In case you’re looking to keep tabs on what’s out there, here’s a gallery of the various Shohei Ohtani autographs released thus far so you know what to look for and where to find them.

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$430,000 Game-Used 1963 Sandy Koufax Jersey and 9 Other Big Sales from Goldin Auctions’ 2018 Spring Auction

A game-used jersey worn by Sandy Koufax in 1963 led Goldin Auctions’ 2018 Spring Auction, netting $429,625.

Sandy Koufax Game-Used 1963 Los Angeles Dodgers Jersey Front Goldin Auctions May-2018 600

More than 600 lots were sold, including plenty of other sports memorabilia, cards and entertainment artifacts.

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30 Teams | 30 Weeks : Team #26 Minnesota Twins

Team No. 26 in our 30 Teams | 30 Weeks countdown of legendary card lineups is the Minnesota Twins!

Depending on how you want to look at the history, the Minnesota Twins franchise has been playing Major League Baseball since 1901. The Washington Senators toiled their craft in the D.C. area for almost 60 years, mostly in mediocrity, until they were moved to Minnesota in 1960 and became the Twins. For our purposes, we only chose players who were on the Minnesota Twins and not the Senators.

The best stretch in Twins history was from the mid 1980s to 1991, a time in which they won two World Series Titles and had some of their most legendary players. It’s no surprise that our list is comprised of several players on those World Series-winning teams. Twins legends like Kirby Puckett, Bert Blyleven, and Harmon Killebrew were easy choices for the list, while other positions may have been a little more debatable. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!



2017-18 Panini National Treasures Basketball Checklist and Team Set Lists

Jump directly to the 2017-18 Panini National Treasures Baseball checklist and team set lists.

2017-18 Panini National Treasures Basketball isn’t necessarily breaking a lot of new ground. It doesn’t have to. For almost a decade, the brand has been responsible for many of basketball’s biggest Rookie Cards. This edition looks to keep a lot of the same super-premium pieces as the past: autographs, patches, more big names than most other sets and plenty of rarities.

2017-18 Panini National Treasures Basketball

It all comes with a lofty price tag. But National Treasures isn’t a line for the masses. Its elite nature is its intention and reality.

2017-18 Panini National Treasures Basketball boxes have ten cards. Eight of those are autographs or memorabilia. Another one is either another hit or a Printing Plate.

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2018 Topps Now WWE Resets Checklist for Second Series

2018 Topps Now WWE showcases big events as they happen. From title changes to pay-per-view showdowns, notable debuts and some returning surprises, it’s all fair game in the online-exclusive set.

Available only through the Topps website, usually for just 24 hours, this is a continuation of sorts for the print-on-demand line that debuted in 2016.

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The Old-School Way the First Bowman Chrome Shohei Ohtani Red Refractor Auto Sold

The first of five possible 2018 Bowman Chrome Shohei Ohtani Red Refractor Rookie Autographs, numbered to 5, has sold. As in, bought and paid for sold, not bid up to an unrealistic price on eBay and ‘sold.’

And even in this connected online hobby world, this big sale came about old-school with card shows, phone calls and knowing the right people.

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Upper Deck’s “Once-In-A-Lifetime” Black Panther Memorabilia

Earlier this week, we previewed Upper Deck’s Black Panther Trading Cards. We have received more information on the series’ memorabilia cards.

Upper Deck reps tell us they’re really focused on the memorabilia inserts for their latest Marvel series. The company says it’s been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the full production-used Black Panther suit from the film.

Memorabilia cards will be awarded by redemption and will be found in three sizes: 5 x 7, 3 x 5, and standard 2.5 x 3.5. Complete costume pieces will be found included on these cards such as a tooth from Black Panther’s necklace and a full finger from Black Panther’s costume, perhaps giving collectors the unique opportunity to say ‘pull my finger…card’.


Upper Deck says “this is possibly the best entertainment memorabilia we have ever done and we’re super excited about it.” The company has released many memorable Marvel memorabilia cards so this is really saying something.

2018 Panini Certified Football Highlights Autographs, Memorabilia, Adds Micro Etch

2018 Panini Certified Football uses foil as a shiny backdrop for a variety of cards including autographs and memorabilia cards. One of the sport’s longest-running brands, the set brings back some familiar elements as well as adding some different twists.

2018 Panini Certified Football

Each ten-pack hobby box comes with four total hits including one autographed memorabilia card.

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2018 Panini Immaculate Collegiate Football Details

2018 Panini Immaculate Collegiate Football brings some premium content to an early-season release. Focusing exclusively on the college game, autographs and relics dominate the content. It’s the Immaculate way.

2018 Panini Immaculate Collegiate Football

In each six-card box of 2018 Panini Immaculate Collegiate Football, there’s five total hits plus one regular base card or parallel.

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“Jack of All Trades” Creator Talks About the Hobby

Jack of All Trades, a new documentary, shares the story of the boom and bust of collecting sports cards during the late 1980s and into the early 1990s. The film recounts the father-son relationship of Jack Stone and his son Stu, told via a documentary about the craziest days of collecting. Jack Stone, owner of Sluggers, would eventually open 11 baseball card shops around the Toronto, Ontario area. His son Stu was hooked in the Hobby as a kid and would even put some of his best cards away in boxes with the idea that they would be worth a fortune someday.

Stu’s father sensed a bubble was about to burst in the early 1990s and sold off all of his store assets and shockingly disappeared from his family. Stu shares his story as to what happened during this time period and how the baseball card hobby has changed since then. Twenty-five years later, Stu is on a mission to find his father and to tell the story of what happened to the Hobby that he loved so much as a kid.

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2017-18 SP Authentic Hockey Checklist and Team Set Lists

Jump directly to the 2017-18 SP Authentic Hockey checklist and team set lists.

2017-18 SP Authentic Hockey continues with the tradition of an autograph-heavy checklist and broad appeal. Future Watch Autographs are once again one of the keys with at least one of the signed Rookie Cards in every hobby box.

2017-18 SP Authentic Hockey

The Upper Deck Bounty program, which began in 2016-17 SP Authentic Hockey, gets another installment.

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Visual Guide to the 2018 Bowman Baseball Rainbow

A big part of the appeal of the modern Bowman brand are the parallels. They’re home to lots of color on several levels. The 2018 Bowman Baseball parallel rainbow is definitely no different — especially if you’re chasing prospects.

2018 Bowman combines both regular Bowman and Bowman Chrome elements for the Prospects (veterans are Bowman-only in the main part of the set). Both have their own sets of colors.

And then there are the Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs (and Rookie Autographs), which are cornerstones to the set. These have another bunch of colors.

If you put them all together for Prospect that have autographs, that can mean more than 50 different cards and parallels to chase if you take everything into account including Printing Plates.

While it sounds daunting, it’s really not. Especially when you’ve got this handy visual guide that breaks it all down.

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Mookie Betts Rookie Card Countdown


Although he has been a key piece for the Boston Red Sox since his debut in 2014, it wasn’t until a couple of years later that Mookie Betts broke out both on the field and in the hobby. And as he excels in all areas of the game — while playing for one of baseball’s most high-profile teams — Mookie Betts rookie cards and other key cards in his portfolio are gaining more attention.

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Shohei Ohtani Rookie Card Guide and Other Key MLB Cards

Heading into the 2018 season, there’s plenty of attention surrounding the Shohei Ohtani Rookie Card and autograph lineup.

He’s one of the most hyped players to arrive in the majors in some time. Ohtani also arrives with a large fanbase thanks to his years as a superstar in Japan beforehand. So collectors in Japan are already very familiar with Shohei Ohtani cards.

Now it’s time for major league cards.

Shohei Ohtani Rookie Card Feature

By the time his rookie season with the Los Angeles Angels comes to a close, collectors will have a lot of Shohei Ohtani Rookie Cards, inserts and autographs to choose from. Right now, the selection is limited, but the cards are out there.

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2018 Topps Premier League Platinum Soccer Brightens Things Up with Refreshed Line

Topps Platinum is back. The brand has been on a bit of a break following Topps’ exit from the NFL market (for physical cards). 2018 Topps Premier League Platinum Soccer brings with it the same foil emphasis that set the line out during its earlier days.

2018 Topps Premier League Platinum Soccer

Hobby boxes come packaged in a mini box format. A master box has a dozen packs, which are divided into a pair of six-pack mini boxes.

In addition to autographs and memorabilia cards, the checklist also has some inserts and a handful of parallels.

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2017 Panini National Treasures Football Box Busters

Join Paul Wirth and Eric Norton as they open some 2017 Panini National Treasures Football.

2017 Panini National Treasures Football Hobby Box

What will they find? Watch and find out.

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2018 Donruss Optic Baseball Aims for the Rainbow

2018 Donruss Optic Baseball takes a lot from the year’s main Donruss set. But there’s a big different this time around — it’s done with chromium.

That means plenty of shine and lots of color.

2018 Donruss Optic Baseball

Besides that, autographs are also central to the checklist with a pair of signed cards in every 2018 Donruss Optic Baseball hobby box.

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Rick and Morty Season 1 Autographs List Taking Shape

Rick and Morty trading cards are on the way from Cryptozoic. While quite a bit is known about what can be expected, the full checklist hasn’t been revealed as some pieces are still falling into place. But it’s taking shape.

Including some of the set’s signatures.

Several 2018 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty Season 1 have been confirmed. Among them are the voice actors for a couple of central stars as well as some memorable guests.

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2018 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Autograph Short Prints

The 2018 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Autograph short prints have been announced.

Although many of the set’s cards aren’t serial numbered, not all are available in equal numbers. Some are in much shorter supply than others.

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Finding $30,000 Treasure in 2017 National Treasures Baseball in the Form of a Ruth-Gehrig Cut Signature

A common hope in card collecting is the dream to “pay for my kids’ college” with this. History has shown that this isn’t usually the case except in the savviest of instances.

For Steve Tingwall, a find in a box of 2017 Panini National Treasures Baseball won’t pay for all of his daughter’s education but it’s going to take care of a large chunk.

Tingwall, owner of Columbia Hobby in Vancouver, Washington, was opening some 2017 Panini National Treasures Baseball when he came across the find of a lifetime — a one-of-one Legends Dual Cuts Booklet with Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

“A week prior to pulling this card, my wife and I were discussing our concern with what it was going to cost to send my daughter to college because she’s a junior in high school right now,” Tingwall said. “Knowing the school she wants to go to and knowing weren’t going to have a way to pay for it. Now all of a sudden we pull this.”

It’s a card he expects he’ll end up selling for about $30,000, enough to cover at least a year’s tuition at his daughter’s first choice of schools.

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2018 Upper Deck Black Panther Trading Cards Head to Wakanda – See the Checklist

2018 Upper Deck Black Panther brings the Marvel film to trading cards with a mix of autographs, memorabilia and several other inserts – like “Vibranium” metal cards.

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Local Card Shop of the Week: AZ Sports Cards

John Gola started collecting as a kid in Michigan in the 70’s but moved away from the Hobby when he graduated from high school and moved to Phoenix. John obtained his general contracting license in 1980 and began building his contracting business, which is still operating 38 years later. In 1993, while visiting his future in-laws, he visited a local general store and found a sale on 1993 Leaf cards, which contained the likes of Mike Piazza and Frank Thomas. He bought the entire stock and his love for the Hobby was reignited. After spending many years wanting to get more involved in the Hobby, an opportunity to own his own card shop presented itself when AZ Sports Cards became available. In March, John celebrated his 2nd anniversary as owner of AZ Sports Cards.

Local Card Shop of the Week is brought to you by Southern Hobby, who has been serving the collecting community for nearly 30 years.

JS – Thanks for taking the time to speak with me John. Could you tell me about how you got started in the card shop business?


JG – I have been collecting for about 25 years. I would visit a local card store a couple times a week to open boxes and socialize with many of the customers. After watching the Sports Card business, I knew this was for me. When AZ Sports Cards became available I was able to make a deal to take over this great shop!


JS – Your location in Phoenix AZ not only puts you right in the heart of Diamondbacks country, but you are also in the thick of several Spring Training teams. The season is now under way but can you tell me a little about Spring Training in your area and what the shop tries to do to get involved?


JG – Spring Training each year is just a very special time of year here in Arizona, as the atmosphere is electric. We are just down the road from Camelback Ranch, which is the home for the LA Dodgers & Chicago White Sox. We especially enjoy seeing our regular spring training visitors each year and they drop in to the store before and after the games.


JS – I’ve seen Flash Sales, In-Store Raffles and Breaking available on your website. Can you tell us about those and any other type of promotions or activities do you have at your store?


JG – We have just started the flash sales again and along with in-store breaks, it gives the customers the feel of an “event” in the store. We also have a regular Raffle drawing every three months, as we give our customers one free raffle ticket for every $10.00 spent, and also offer “Double Tickets” on Tuesdays. We give away about 30 items ranging from boxes of Sports Cards, signed jerseys and other memorabilia. It’s a great way to give something back to our customers.


JS – What have been some changes you have seen within the shop over the last couple of years since you first opened in 2016?


JG – A larger interest in Baseball, Basketball & Hockey mostly. The rookie crop has really sparked more interests into these sports and because the previous owner didn’t sell much of Basketball or Hockey, this is something we are trying to promote to let other collectors know that we now carry a full line of these products.


JS – You are located in Phoenix, so you are near some major franchises in sports like the Suns, D’Backs, Coyotes, and Cardinals. What do you see requested most from your collector base? Is there a sport or team that is more popular than others?


JG – We have a great fan base here in Arizona and the Cardinals Stadium and Coyotes Arena are just a few miles from the store. Most of the interest of our collectors is for the Diamondbacks and Cardinals, but the Suns & Coyotes both seem to have a bright future.


JS – With the mention of the Coyotes above, let’s discuss hockey for a moment. The demand seems to be rising for hockey products. Some people see it as a smaller market but I think some of that can be attributed to the amount of shops that actually sell hockey. How are hockey products viewed locally?


JG – We started carrying more hockey products when we took over the shop and the interest has increased. We still need to get the word out that we carry a large selection of hockey products from inexpensive Hockey Tins to high end products such as “The Cup” Hockey by Upper Deck.


JS – Across the sports landscape, if you had to name just one player that is the most widely collected in your market at this time, who would it be?


JG – Definitely Shohei Ohtani, the phenom from the Angels. He has really sparked an interest this season. We hope he can continue his success. He has already set a few records in his first month with the Angels.


JS – We’ve touched on changes in the shop itself. You have been collecting since the 70’s, so what have been some things you have seen over time with products? What are some things that you never thought we would have in the Hobby?


JG – There are many more new products releasing each month. When hobbyists started collecting in the old days there were only a few products to choose from. Now with Non-Sports, Pokémon, Celebrity products, Star Wars, Movie, Wrestling & Racing cards there is something for everyone.


JS – When it comes to the changes you are seeing in the products, what are some things you think the card companies are really getting right at the moment?


JG – Our customers really enjoy the low numbered Patch cards & Autograph cards of their favorite player(s). Most notably the resurgence of On-Card Autographs. In the past, most of the material used in these patch cards were a single-color material. They really enjoy when there are multi-colored patches with stitching or team logos.


JS – In contrast, what are some things you hear from your customer base that they would like to see offered or presented differently to collectors?


JG – Redemption Programs: We understand that the card companies face a huge challenge with each product trying to obtain the necessary amounts of autograph cards that are needed. Some companies insert a redemption card showing the player and card that is owed. Customers would need to go online and submit the redemption code and when the athlete was able to sign these cards the card companies would send this to the collector at that time. This can take months or years in some cases. Another company offers point cards in lieu of Redemption cards. This allows you to collect points and add up until such time you wish to redeem them. The higher the card value, more points would be needed to pick any players available on their website at any given time. The more points you collect the better the card selections are.


JS – You recently hosted The Fat Packs Podcast in your shop during Spring Training. During one of the podcasts, listeners found out about your mascot, Cactus Jack. For those who didn’t catch that on the show, tell us about Mr. Cactus.


JG – Cactus Jack was an idea by one of our customers, He had purchased this Mascot Costume for his son Josh and when Josh puts on the outfit, he really gets into character. He will stand out on the street in front the shop and wave at people and greet them as they drive into the center. When Paul & Eric were interviewing Cactus Jack, it was the highlight of the day!


JS – If you could give one piece of advice to a potential shop owner, a new owner or even a seasoned owner that is looking for help, what would that be?


JG – Keep it fun! This is a great business and I enjoy it most when our customers are having fun and enjoying their experience. We have a high-top table where you can sit on bar stools in the center of the shop and people can rip packs. When we complete our remodel, we will include power and charging stations for your phone or laptop.


JS – In closing, is there anything going on in store during the next few weeks or months that you want to tell us about?


JG – We would like to do more in-store breaks of Card Boxes, Cases or Memorabilia boxes. Our future plans are to have one or two in-store breaks each week. Customers can suggest breaks of any product they choose and once the slots are filled, we will video these breaks and post on our website/Facebook.

AZ Sports Cards

10045 W Camelback Rd, Ste 104

Phoenix Arizona 85037-5070


John Gola


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Closed

Tuesday-Friday 10am to 6pm

Saturday – 9am to 6pm

Sunday – 11am to 4pm


Facebook – @azsportscards

Twitter – @AZSportscards

Instagram – @az_sportscards

Email – info@azsportscards.com

Website – www.azsportscards.com

And the 2017 Select Football XRC Redemptions and Mystery Autograph Redemptions Are…

With the 2018 NFL Draft in the books, the 2017 Select Football XRC Redemptions, as well as the companion 2017 Select Mystery Autograph Redemptions, now have names to go with the numbers.

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Ozzie Albies Rookie Card Guide

Given his hot start in 2018, there should be no surprise that Ozzie Albies Rookie Card interest has seen a significant bump. While much of the preseason talk around the Braves surrounded the imminent arrival of Ronald Acuna and whether Dansby Swanson could rebound from a disappointing rookie season, Albies has been a pleasant surprise.

And a big one at that.

Ozzie Albies Rookie Cards

Through the first month, Albies has been one of the top hitters in all of baseball. As in, Triple Crown type numbers. Granted, it’s still very early in the season and any sort of dry spell at the plate with see a significant numbers drop. And it is Albies’ first full season in the majors.

But something’s happening with Atlanta’s youth movement that could pay off in a hurry. And from the looks of it, Ozzie Albies is primed to be in the thick of it.

Although he has cards dating back to 2015, Ozzie Albies Rookie Cards are in 2018 base sets. These will continue to release throughout the year. On top of those, there are lots of inserts, autographs and other cards to keep collectors busy. Here’s a breakdown of the Ozzie Albies Rookie Cards that are out there as well as a few other early highlights.

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30 Teams | 30 Weeks: Team #27 Los Angeles Angels

The Los Angeles Angels check in at No. 27 on our list of legendary card lineups. The Angels formerly known as the California Angels, Anaheim Angels, and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, have been around since 1961. They’ve won 9 AL West titles, but their greatest triumph came in a year in which they were the Wild Card team in the AL. The 2002 season will live long in the memory of Angels fans, as the team took home their first World Series title. The “Rally Monkey” and team legends like Troy Percival, Tim Salmon, Troy Glaus, and more helped secure that title. Those players made our list (but, sadly, the Rally Monkey didn’t) along with some other greats who spent time in Anaheim.


Check out the list and let us know what you think!

2018 Topps Mars Attacks Wacky Packages Checklist, Details

2018 Topps Mars Attacks Wacky Packages mashup two of the card maker’s most iconic brands. It comes in the form of a ten-card mini set available on the Topps website.

2018 Topps Mars Attacks Wacky Packages A

As with the Wacky Packages tradition, cards make gags from popular products. Only this time, they all come with an other worldly source.

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2018 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: Oh, the Horror-ible Spoofs Horror and Sci-Fi

2018 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: Oh, the Horror-ible returns to pop culture for the second time this year. However, rather than the all-encompassing approach We Hate the ’80s took, this one is more refined. Oh, the Horror-ible goes straight to horror and Sci-fi.

2018 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: Oh, the Horror-ible

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2018 Panini Instant Draft Night Football Gives Picks First Cards with New Teams

Technology is changing a lot of things in the world. Over the past couple of years, sports cards can be created and sold within minutes. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the first NFL cards of the 2018 draft picks with their new teams are already here.

2018 Panini Instant Draft Night cards capture the top picks and put them with their new teams. For the players who at the draft in Dallas, it also means images from the podium, holding up their jerseys.

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11 2018 NFL Draft Picks for Collectors to Watch

If you’re a hardcore football fan, you’ve probably got a master list of all the best players available in the 2018 NFL Draft. Barring a Ryan Leaf-ian disaster, you can tell who has the best chance at a Hall of Fame career versus who is going to struggling to catch on with a team beyond the practice roster.

But for some, football starts in September when the first NFL game is played. Rookies mean little unless they’re wearing your team’s colors. Then they get all the love.

And when it comes to football cards, sometimes it takes a little time on the bench and waiting to emerge as a hobby superstar. If your last name is Garoppolo, it can take years.

Over the course of the 2018 NFL Draft, you’re going to hear a lot of names. But, to be frank, most of them aren’t going to amount to much when it comes to hobby love. The fact is, quarterbacks get most of the love among collectors with running backs and receivers joining them. Yes, there are exceptions. But they’re just that — exceptions.

With that in mind, here are 11 names you’re likely to hear about in the months ahead as football gears up for the 2018 season and the cards follow. Read More…

20-Year Reunion: Revisiting the 1998 NFL Draft, the Year that Changed Football Cards Forever

By David Lee

“Peyton Manning, Ryan Leaf—both have potential to be stars for a long, long time,” ESPN’s Chris Berman said just a few seconds after the 1998 NFL Draft officially got underway.

The two prized quarterback prospects were a toss-up for most experts and NFL evaluators. Manning had the experience and maturity, while Leaf had the physical skills and seemingly bigger potential. The one thing everyone agreed on: they were going to be the top two picks.

Leaf’s agent, Leigh Steinberg, revealed in his book The Agent that Leaf didn’t want to play for the Colts. He wanted San Diego.

“The Colts leaned toward choosing Ryan. Many scouts also saw him as a better prospect than Peyton Manning,” Steinberg also wrote in the book.

While Manning and Leaf will forever be linked, their careers couldn’t have gone in more opposite directions. Manning rewrote the record books, and Leaf never even reached 4,000 yards passing during his 25-game career.

It’s been said that life turns on small things. That’s certainly true with the 1998 NFL Draft and the entire rookie class from 20 years ago. So many things just fell into place. Looking back two decades later, it turned out to be one of the most impactful rookie classes to ever enter the NFL. That year was also one of the most pivotal the football card industry has ever seen, ushering in landmark sets and innovations that changed how we collect.

Let’s revisit the booms, busts, undeniable legends, and hobby advancements that made 1998 unforgettable. Read More…

2017-18 O-Pee-Chee Platinum Hockey Box Busters

Join Al Muir and Eric Norton as they open some 2017-18 O-Pee-Chee Platinum Hockey.

What will they find? Watch and find out.

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2018 Topps WWE Checklist Showcases Wrestling’s Superstars

2018 Topps WWE trading cards don’t shake up the flagship. Rather, it centers on the superstars of Smackdown, Raw and NXT. The base set is straightforward with a variety of inserts to compliment it.

2018 Topps WWE

Hobby boxes stick with the promise of one autograph plus an additional signed card, memorabilia card or manufactured relic.

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2018 Bowman Chrome Autographs and Prospect Breakdown

The 2018 Bowman Chrome autographs bring about a (mostly) new crop of up-and-coming players with some of their first MLB autograph cards. And for many, these cards will become a cornerstone of all of their baseball cards.

As the hobby evolves, Bowman Chrome autographs have become some of the most important — and coveted — cards in baseball. If you take a traditional take, they’re not Rookie Cards. But that doesn’t stop them from being treated similar to them. The 2018 Bowman Chrome autographs will become benchmarks for many players against which other cards are measured.

2018 Bowman Chrome Autographs - Shohei Ohtani

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2018 Panini Elements Football Features Metal and More

2018 Panini Elements Football takes parts of the periodic table as inspiration for various types of cards. Much of the comes through with metal replacing traditional cardboard as the foundation.

Each box comes with four total cards. At least two are autographs to go with one memorabilia card.

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