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1948 Bowman Baseball Box Tops $520,000 and More Big Vintage Box Prices from Attic Find

Posted on Friday June 16th, 2017 – 12:03 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Details on a near-complete box of 1948 Bowman Baseball cards selling for more than $520,000 and highlights of other sale prices from the same attic find.

The “Original” T206 Honus Wagner Sells for Over $609,000

Posted on Monday June 12th, 2017 – 09:33 AM Author: Ryan Cracknell

The first T206 Honus Wagner baseball card to be featured in mainstream media sold for more than $609,000 in SCP Auctions’ 2017 Spring Premier Auction.

1916 M101-5 Blank Back Babe Ruth Tops $550,000

Posted on Tuesday May 16th, 2017 – 01:53 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Details on a 1916 M101-5 Blank Back Babe Ruth selling for $552,000 through Heritage Auctions in May, 2017.

1916 Standard Biscuit Babe Ruth Baseball Card Sells for $288,000

Posted on Friday February 24th, 2017 – 06:26 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Details on a rare 1916 Standard Biscuit Babe Ruth baseball card selling for well over $200,000 in February, 2016 through Heritage Auctions.

20 Cards Top $50,000 in Heritage Auctions Sale

Posted on Friday November 18th, 2016 – 03:00 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Details on the top 25 sports card sales at the Heritage Auctions 2016 November Sports Collectibles Catalog Auction including a million-dollar 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle.

T206 Was the “Hot New Release” the Last Time the Chicago Cubs Were World Series Champs

Posted on Saturday October 29th, 2016 – 12:55 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Dig into a detailed gallery of T206 Baseball cards featuring the 1908 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs.

Here’s a Pennant from the Last Time the Chicago Cubs Won the World Series

Posted on Thursday October 27th, 2016 – 04:08 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

See what a 1908 Chicago Cubs World Champions pennant looks like. One is being sold by Heritage Auctions.

World Record $3.12 Million for T206 Honus Wagner Baseball Card

Posted on Saturday October 1st, 2016 – 10:30 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Details on the world record sale of the T206 Honus Wagner in October, 2016. Dubbed the Jumbo Wagner, the card was sold for $3.185 million.2

Babe Ruth, Pete Rose Rookie Cards Top $700,000 and Other Huge Heritage Auctions Card Sales

Posted on Monday August 29th, 2016 – 12:26 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Over 30 sports cards sold for more than $50,000 at Heritage Auctions’ August 2016 sale. A 1916 M101-5 Babe Ruth and 1963 Pete Rose rookie card topped $700,000.

1909 E90-1 American Caramel Joe Jackson Tops $667,000

Posted on Monday August 22nd, 2016 – 09:51 AM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Details on a 1909 E90-1 American Caramel Joe Jackson selling for more than $667,000 through SCP Auctions in August, 2016. The card is graded PSA 8.

Vintage Gordie Howe jersey offered by SCP Auctions nears $70,000 mark

Posted on Friday August 12th, 2016 – 09:50 PM Author: Stephen Laroche

By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Hockey Editor With a little over a week to go before the hammer comes down, the Detroit Red Wings jersey worn by Hockey Hall of Famer Gordie Howe during the late stages of his time with the club has edged toward $70,000.00 and SCP Auctions estimates that it could reach […]

PSA 10 Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card Sets Record Price for a Hockey Card

Posted on Friday August 5th, 2016 – 05:37 AM Author: Stephen Laroche

By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Hockey Editor A new record price for a hockey card has been established and it is only fitting that it is for the only 1979-80 O-Pee-Chee rookie card of the Great One, Wayne Gretzky. Last night, the intense bidding for the PSA 10 card reached its culmination and sold via […]

1963 Topps Pete Rose Rookie Card Approaching $150,000

Posted on Friday July 1st, 2016 – 12:27 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Details on a 1963 Topps Pete Rose rookie card graded PSA 9 with bids on eBay approaching $150,000 on eBay.

$40,000 and Counting for PSA 10 1975 Topps George Brett Rookie Card

Posted on Tuesday June 14th, 2016 – 01:17 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Details on a PSA 10 1975 George Brett rookie card selling for more than $40,000 on eBay.

Babe Ruth’s Dirty Mind Makes for an Interesting Photo

Posted on Thursday June 2nd, 2016 – 12:45 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

A candid shot of Babe Ruth holding his bat in an innuendo-filled pose is up for auction at Lelands. Bidding runs through June 17, 2016.

PSA 10 Wayne Gretzky rookie card up for auction once again

Posted on Thursday May 26th, 2016 – 04:46 PM Author: Stephen Laroche

By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Hockey Editor The Wayne Gretzky rookie card from the 1979-80 O-Pee-Chee Hockey set has long been considered one of the hobby’s most celebrated and iconic cards and finding a high-grade copy can be a challenge for even the most advanced collectors – even if they have deep pockets. Now, collectors […]

The $478,000 1952 Topps Willie Mays and 14 Other Big Heritage Auctions Vintage Baseball Sales

Posted on Thursday May 19th, 2016 – 01:45 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Top 15 vintage baseball card sales from Heritage Auctions’ May, 2016 Sports Catalog sale. A PSA 9 1952 Topps Willie Mays was the top sale at $478,000.

Original 1966 Topps Batman Art by Norman Saunders, Bob Powell Up for Auction

Posted on Monday May 9th, 2016 – 05:59 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Details on four pieces of original 1966 Topps Batman trading card art by Norman Saunders and Bob Powell being sold by Heritage Auctions in May, 2016.

Four 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth Cards Top a Combined $500,000

Posted on Monday April 18th, 2016 – 07:05 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Details on a 1933 Goudey Baseball set sale that netted more than $1.15 million by Heritage Auctions in April, 2016. Leading were four Babe Ruth cards, which sold for more than $500,000 combined.

1947 Jackie Robinson Bond Bread Baseball Cards Tough But Important Set

Posted on Friday April 15th, 2016 – 04:58 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

1947 Jackie Robinson Bond Bread features some of the first baseball cards of the Hall of Famer. Find out about the set and its historical significance.

1968 Topps Nolan Ryan Rookie Card at $25,000 and Counting

Posted on Tuesday April 12th, 2016 – 05:57 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

A PSA 9 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan rookie card has passed the $25,000 mark in an eBay auction with a couple of days left in bidding. See how prices stack up historically.

This Might Be One of the Cheapest T206 Honus Wagner Cards You’ll Ever See

Posted on Monday April 4th, 2016 – 05:52 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Details on an SGC 10 T206 Honus Wagner up for bid in the REA Spring 2016 Auction. Includes the history of the card, images and bidding information.

Remaining T206 Ty Cobb Lucky 7 Find Cards Listed on eBay

Posted on Monday March 21st, 2016 – 12:06 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

The three remaining T206 Ty Cobb Lucky 7 Find cards have found their way on to eBay. And the asking prices are big.

2016 Topps Heritage Baseball highlights 1967 Topps Discs and Stand-Ups sets that never were

Posted on Wednesday March 9th, 2016 – 03:15 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Details and checklists for 1968 Topps Giant Stand-Ups and 1967 Topps Discs, a pair of unreleased sets that inspired inserts in 2016 Topps Heritage Baseball.

New 1970-71 O-Pee-Chee Hockey All-Star variations uncovered

Posted on Sunday March 6th, 2016 – 11:15 PM Author: Stephen Laroche

By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Hockey Editor The 1970-71 O-Pee-Chee Hockey set has long been known to collectors for a variety of reasons, including its clean design, strong rookie card selection, and the first cards featuring members of the Buffalo Sabres and Vancouver Canucks. More advanced hobbyists, however, are well aware of some of its […]

T206 Ty Cobb stash proves that big baseball card finds are still out there

Posted on Thursday March 3rd, 2016 – 12:19 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

A stash of seven exceptionally rare T206 Ty Cobb cards was discovered by a family, a find that could be worth millions.

1967 Topps Baseball Errors and Variations

Posted on Tuesday March 1st, 2016 – 04:01 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Get the lowdown on the 1967 Topps Baseball errors and variations with a full gallery, checklist and specific error details.

1955 Topps Roberto Clemente rookie card tops $475,000

Posted on Monday February 29th, 2016 – 06:05 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

A 1955 Topps Robert Clemente rookie card has set a new record with a $478,000 sale. Graded PSA 9, the card was sold during Heritage Auctions’ 2016 Platinum Night sports event.

Most Valuable Sandy Koufax Baseball Cards

Posted on Wednesday December 30th, 2015 – 03:16 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

Countdown of the most valuable Sandy Koufax baseball cards. From his 1955 Topps rookie card to rare food-issues to modern autographs, there’s plenty of variety.

1968-69 Topps Test Basketball, one of the rarest sets in hoops history

Posted on Thursday November 26th, 2015 – 01:25 PM Author: Ryan Cracknell

1968-69 Topps Test Basketball is an extremely rare test issue featuring the first pro cards of several Hall of Famers. Get a full checklist, pics, price guide access and everything else you need to learn about the set.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose … sometimes you get Peanuts Lowrey

Posted on Thursday August 13th, 2015 – 03:26 PM Author: chrisolds

It’s no secret to most of us that the online world has changed how we collect our cardboard.

Box Busters Retro: 2012 Panini Cooperstown baseball

Posted on Monday August 10th, 2015 – 06:50 PM Author: chrisolds

Join Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds as he turns back the clock three years to rip a box of 2012 Panini Cooperstown in this latest Box Busters Retro video.

Mighty-affordable Micks: Five vintage Mickey Mantles that won’t break the bank

Posted on Friday August 7th, 2015 – 12:22 PM Author: chrisolds

Mickey Mantle is one of the most-popular baseball players ever, and his prices on key cards reflect that even as we approach the 20-year anniversary of his death.

Beckett 20 Questions on … vintage baseball cards

Posted on Thursday August 6th, 2015 – 11:42 AM Author: chrisolds

By Chris Olds | Beckett Baseball Editor Here is our latest batch of 20 Questions … all about vintage baseball cards. — — —

BGS Diary Predictor (Aug.): What will Olds submit?

Posted on Wednesday August 5th, 2015 – 10:31 AM Author: chrisolds

We recently introduced the BGS Diary and it seems like a few of you liked hearing about what — and why — Beckett Baseball Editor Chris Olds submitted what he did for grading.