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Family’s love of collectibles turns into a family business

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Chuck Whisman’s home was filled with trading cards and memorabilia. Even his young daughters would comment on how their dining room table was completely hidden by the goods.

But everything has been moved into Whisman’s new card shop in Lancaster, Pa. – VSM Sports Card Outlet, which opened in August.

“The thought of just doing the shop is a little scary these days,” Whisman said. “You don’t see shops alone anymore.”

That’s why Whisman has turned his love of collectibles into a family business with him running the shop, his wife as an auctioneer for their other new company Wheatland Auctions and his young daughters offering up their brand of advice along the way.

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Topps adds Mexican National Team cards to upcoming Major League Soccer set


By Chris Olds | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Topps is adding some extra futbol into its next Major League Soccer release.

The exclusive licensee of MLS announced on Wednesday that its 2014 Topps MLS set will include players from the Mexican National Team, which is World Cup bound after downing New Zealand 4-2.

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Beckett 20 Questions on … Collecting USA


By Chris Olds | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

The Winter Olympics are less than 100 days away and those waiting for the arrival of the only fully licensed Olympic trading cards have an even shorter wait.

And that means the latest batch of athletes aspiring to become medal winners and household names will have their first autographs and trading cards — cards that may resonate well with non-collectors and generate cash for some savvy wheelers and dealers once things heat up this February in Sochi, Russia.

Topps2014 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team & Hopefuls arrives on Nov. 20 including some of the big names you likely know from past years and others you might not such as Amy Purdy, a member of the US Paralympic Snowboarding Team. Purdy, above and seen holding her upcoming Topps card, lost both of her legs below the knee at age 19. (Check out her story here.)

With all of the collecting potential to be found with the latest arrival sporting the Red, White and Blue, we figured the next Beckett Sports Card Monthly would be a good chance to examine a bit more about Collecting USA — the hot spots, the interesting cards and more from Olympic-focused sets and other releases that are of note or touch on the stars from all 50 states. As part of that, here’s the latest 20 Questions with a focus on Olympic cards of all types.

1. Which sports have you bought Team USA cards for? (select all that apply)

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2. Which past or present Winter Olympians' autos from the new Topps set interest you the most? (Pick your top five)

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See the rest of this month’s questions … after the jump.

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First look: 2014 Topps MLS

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Topps will add a focus on the World Cup with 2014 Topps MLS releases next year.

Each box of 2014 Topps MLS will contain 24 packs with 10 cards in each pack. There will also be three autographs and three relics in every box.

Topps MLS is scheduled to come out the week of March 12

Here’s a breakdown of the product:

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Companies reveal plans at GTS Distribution Open House

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

GTS Distribution hosted its Northeast Open House on Thursday, inviting dozens of dealers.

Several companies, including Panini America, Upper Deck and Wizards of the Coast presented news and upcoming products to the dealers at the Hilton in Newark, N.J.

Here’s a roundup of the news from the presentation.

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First look: 2013-14 Topps Premier Gold (English Premier League soccer cards)

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Topps is expanding its soccer product to the English Premier League.

In mid-December, Topps is scheduled to release a high-end soccer product with 2013-14 Topps Premier Gold. The hit-per-pack product will contain 10 packs with five cards in each pack – meaning every box will have 10 hits: five autographs and five memorabilia cards.

The EPL set will include past and present players.

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Topps announces Clint Dempsey as MLS Extra Time Redemption #3

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Topps announced MLS Extra Time Redemption #3 will be Clint Dempsey.

The Seattle Sounders striker returned to Major League Soccer this week after spending six years in the English Premier League. The MLS Extra Time Redemption cards will feature Dempsey’s autographs on the MLS Maestros design.

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Box Busters: 2013 Topps MLS soccer cards

YouTube Preview Image

Join Beckett Sports Card Monthly‘s Brian Fleischer and Chris Olds as they rip into boxes of 2013 Topps MLS soccer cards in this latest edition of Box Busters.

What will they find inside? Watch and find out …

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo signs for Sportkings

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Sports fans will be seeing an influx of Cristiano Ronaldo autographs – a long awaited card.

In The Game announced the international soccer star signed for Sportkings Series F, which will come out in late July. The signatures are on-card as well.

“This is a huge signing for ITG,” said Beckett senior market analyst Brian Fleischer. “Along with Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo is considered the best soccer player in the world. Besides his ability on the field, his collectability is intensified by having played for two of the most popular clubs in the world in Manchester United and Real Madrid. That, coupled with the scarcity of his certified autograph, makes this signing a sure fire winner for ITG.”

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Autograph tickets for the National Sports Collectors Convention go on sale today

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

The National Sports Collectors Convention is nearly two months away, and now is the time for collectors to get started with their planning.

Tickets for the massive autograph pavilion go on sale to the public today at 7 p.m. ET. This year’s show takes place July 31-August 4 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill.

There are a number of stars from many sports signing at the National.

Top stars include baseball’s Roger Clemens, Mike Piazza Cal Ripken Jr., Frank Thomas, Roberto Alomar and Chipper Jones; football’s Eric Dickerson and Frank Gifford; boxing’s Sugar Ray Leonard; hockey’s Bobby Hull and Tony Esposito; NBA rookie Damian Lillard and soccer star Mia Hamm.

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In The Game and Sport Kings merge into one company

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

In The Game, Inc., and Sport Kings LP are merging as one company.

The companies owned by Dr. Brian Price were kept separate, but they will now be one, Price announced today.

“By making this acquisition, I will be able to continue the production of the Sport Kings brand as the consolidation of the brand into the ITG family makes it easier to move forward with future releases,” Price said on his blog. “In the past websites, marketing and sales were kept separately causing confusion in the marketplace, this acquisition removes that confusion.”

Price will move forward with the Sportking series releasing Series F this summer before the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago.

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Beckett magazines now in the Google Play store

Beckett Media has launched a set of apps in the Google Play store for Android systems.

The apps will allow you to download each Beckett magazine issue with news, reviews, the latest price guides and more. Each issue in the Google Play store will cost $7.99.

The magazines include Beckett Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey and Sports Card Monthly.

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Beckett 20 Questions on … sports families

By Chris Olds | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

With Mother’s Day just passed and Father’s Day on the radar, we figured now might be the time for the latest Beckett 20 Questions.

Oh, and the upcoming Families Issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly had a bit to do with that, too, where we’ll explore the family ties that go along with sports and collecting and take a look at some of the notable fathers, sons, mothers and daughters who share cardboard with us all. (Need a player checklist or OPG? Click here for our new player directory to find it fast.)

Also, we’d like to know … who got you started into collecting? Tell us in the comments below — after you offer your take on the latest 20 Questions.

1. DId a family member get you into collecting?

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See the rest of the questions … after the jump.

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Topps, MLS announce exclusive trading card deal


By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Topps and Major League Soccer announced an exclusive license agreement on Monday.

The license is for trading cards, player stickers, sticker albums and other collectibles.

“Exclusive is definitely something that is important for us,” said Topps brand manager Jeff Heckman. “We look to grow the category certainly. That is something that is important to us.”

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First look: 2013 Topps Major League Soccer

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

As soccer grows in the United States, card companies are looking to tap into the market.

Topps has secured a licensed with Major League Soccer and will produce its first MLS cards this summer.

Each hobby box will have 24 packs with 10 cards in each pack. In addition, there will be two autographs and three relic cards in every box.

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Your Turn: What’s your favorite sports movie?

By Chris Olds | Beckett Sports Card Monthly

We’ve made our picks for our 20 favorite sports movies in the past, but for the next issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly — The Sports Movies Issue — we want to hear from you.

If you have pride in your Yankees film, if you have a field of dreams out back — or maybe just a sandlot — or if you just like the money shown to you (on DVD, of course), then we want to know about it.

Heck, if you collect items relating to your favorite film, even better … tell us about that, too.

Tell us, in a comment along with your name and location … What is your favorite sports movie … and why?

It can be any sport, any era … we want to know. Make a compelling case and you just might see your response in the next issue.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Baseball magazine. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an email to him at colds@beckett.com. Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

Beckett 20 Questions on … the hits


By Chris Olds | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

If there’s one thing that’s on the minds of collectors besides “What’s new?” and “What’s it worth?” it’s the old standby of the last 15 or so years.

“How many hits?”

While the use of autographs and memorabilia cards in products have revolutionized the hobby, what we call hits seems to meander in meaning from person to person. To some, it’s just those autos and mem cards. To others, it might include cards of other types. The hits have included everything from some star shortstop’s autograph to a piece of Superman’s cape — and seemingly everything else, too.

For the next issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly, we’re going to focus on “The Hits” — whatever they might be — and here is the latest batch of questions — some serious, some fun — that we’re curious about on the subject. Check them out … after the jump.

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Are you up for a new $10 Card Shop Challenge?


By Chris Olds | Beckett Baseball Editor

It’s time for another version of the $10 Card Shop Challenge …  Are you ready? The deadline is Friday, Jan. 25 …

Here is the back story — and the instructions are after the jump.

An after-work card shop visit long ago prompted a challenge to one of my Twitter followers, so I sent another message to the masses curious few who enjoy hearing not much from me 140 characters a time on my Twitter feed. I issued a collecting challenge. It’s time to do it again.

A few replied seeking details, but this time I’m taking it a step further as I want to see what many of you can come up with by hitting your local card shop. (If you don’t have an LCS, hit a retail store.) Call it the $10 Card Shop Challenge.

Should you choose to accept this mission, you will add something new to your collection — and maybe something more as I’m going to cough something up for the entry that you guys find to be the most interesting or impressive entry of the bunch.

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Beckett Sports Card Monthly: Take a look back at 2012 via our covers

By Chris Olds | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

With Beckett Sports Card Monthly, we intentionally take a step back away from the obvious — we leave that for the single-sport magazines — and instead delve into bigger topics that we feel are timed best to what’s going on, what’s coming up or what’s on the minds of collectors.

In short, it’s where we give readers a little more to read about your hobby each and every month.

Here’s a look back at its offerings of 2012 via its covers.

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First look: 2012 Leaf Legends of Sport

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Bringing together an iconic group of athletes to sign for a product is an ambitious task, but one Leaf has taken on again.

In 2012 Legends of Sport, Leaf has assembled popular athletes and pop culture figures to fill out the set, including international baseball stars, Olympic athletes and even a former Vice Presidential hopeful.

The set includes more than 150 subjects.

Legends of Sport is scheduled to come out at the end of January and each box will contain three autograph cards.

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