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BGS Diary: Vintage, booklets, Dr. Beckett & more

Posted on Thursday November 27th, 2014 – 12:02 AM Author: chrisolds

For the last few months, I’ve submitted five cards a month to Beckett Grading Services to finally get some of the cards I like into slabs. Here is the batch of five cards I got back from BGS for November.

First Look: 2015 Topps WWE Chrome wrestling

Posted on Wednesday November 26th, 2014 – 09:41 AM Author: chrisolds

WrestleMania 31 is set for late March, but the Topps hopes to steal the show not long afterward.

Top 5: Sting wrestling cards to own

Posted on Sunday November 23rd, 2014 – 09:50 PM Author: chrisolds

He’s been a professional wrestler on the national stage for more than 25 years but there was one thing that Sting had never done until Sunday night at Survivor Series.

BGS Diary Predictor: What will he submit?

Posted on Thursday November 13th, 2014 – 08:27 AM Author: chrisolds

Of the 10 cards listed below, five are headed to BGS today for his next BGS Diary. Can you predict which ones they will be?

Beckett 20 Questions … on autographs

Posted on Tuesday November 11th, 2014 – 04:12 PM Author: chrisolds

Here is our latest batch of 20 Questions — tell us what you think with the questions below and raise a few of your own at the end if you’d like.

Show Recap: Toronto Expo Edition

Posted on Monday November 10th, 2014 – 08:49 PM Author: Stephen Laroche

By Stephen Laroche | Beckett Hockey Editor Another successful Sportcard & Memorabilia Expo came to a close Sunday evening and thousands of hockey collectors from all over have gone home after three days of hunting for cards and collectibles at the International Centre in Toronto. Beckett Media was once again on hand for this semi-annual […]

Wrestler CM Punk to write Thor comic book

Posted on Monday November 10th, 2014 – 05:36 PM Author: chrisolds

He’s becoming a comic book writer — and he’s taking a crack at Thor in its Annual No. 1, which is set to arrive in February, as a guest scribe.

First Look: Trish Stratus’ BSCM cover

Posted on Monday October 27th, 2014 – 07:22 PM Author: chrisolds

It’s a milestone for her, a collectable for you — one you can get signed if you attend an upcoming card show.

Trish Stratus to sign for Beckett at Expo

Posted on Tuesday October 21st, 2014 – 12:12 PM Author: chrisolds

WWE Hall of Famer and seven-time women’s champion Trish Stratus will sign copies of the December issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly at the Beckett Media booth during an evening session one day only at the upcoming Toronto Sportcard and Memorabilia Expo.

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is The Queen of WrestleMania, a mom — and a “collector nerd” too

Posted on Friday September 26th, 2014 – 02:15 PM Author: chrisolds

Trish Stratus is a self-professed “collector nerd” who has long collected many things along with her husband, Ron.

Collect Call: Talking Topps cards, autos and even a missing tooth with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus

Posted on Thursday September 25th, 2014 – 06:35 PM Author: chrisolds

Join Beckett Sports Card Monthly’s Chris Olds as he talks about wrestling, autographs, the Topps WWE Road to WrestleMania cards, memorabilia and even a missing tooth with the Queen of WrestleMania, Trish Stratus, in this edition of Collect Call.

You want our rare cards? We want to see your SuperCollector submissions & your deadline is Dec. 8

Posted on Friday September 19th, 2014 – 02:19 PM Author: chrisolds

By Chris Olds | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor We pulled a pretty sweet 1/1 Craig Kimbrel Relic booklet out of Triple Threads and a rare rookie parallel of Teddy Bridgewater out of Rookies & Stars (/5) and we want them to be yours. Two collectors will get their hands on them if they submit their […]

AT THE NATIONAL: A post-show mega-gallery

Posted on Monday August 13th, 2012 – 09:49 PM Author: chrisolds

It’s just a small glimpse at much of what was seen at the show.

FIRST LOOK: 2012 Topps Heritage WWE

Posted on Friday August 10th, 2012 – 04:05 PM Author: chrisolds

After a four-year rest, the Topps Heritage WWE line is back for another run at the world championship.

Box Busters: 2012 TRISTAR TNA TENacious

Posted on Thursday August 9th, 2012 – 12:16 PM Author: chrisolds

Join Beckett Media’s Chris Olds and Bryan Hornbeck as they rip into a pair of 2012 TRISTAR TNA TENacious wrestling boxes in this latest edition of Box Busters.

AT THE NATIONAL: Your Beckett starter kit

Posted on Wednesday August 1st, 2012 – 01:31 PM Author: chrisolds

If you’re heading to the National Sports Collectors Convention this weekend, here are all of our past stories written leading up to the event all in one place.

The Fleer Jericho mystery: A bad cut? A prank?

Posted on Friday July 6th, 2012 – 12:34 PM Author: chrisolds

Sometimes, memorabilia cards can go wrong — and this Chris Jericho card from Fleer shows a potential example of how that can happen.

First Look: 2012 TRISTAR TNA TENacious

Posted on Thursday July 5th, 2012 – 12:07 PM Author: chrisolds

TRISTAR’s newest TNA IMPACT Wrestling card set will make its debut on Aug. 1 at the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Are you a SuperCollector? We want your info!

Posted on Tuesday June 19th, 2012 – 12:20 PM Author: chrisolds

We’re going to dedicate an entire issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly to SuperCollectors soon — and we want to see your collections.

First look: 2012 Topps WWE

Posted on Wednesday June 13th, 2012 – 03:31 PM Author: chrisolds

Topps is back in the wresting ring again.

Will you take the $10 Card Shop Challenge?

Posted on Tuesday June 12th, 2012 – 05:41 PM Author: chrisolds

It’s time for another version of the $10 Card Shop Challenge Are you ready? The deadline is Friday, June 15 …

How did your dad pass the trading card torch?

Posted on Monday June 11th, 2012 – 04:59 PM Author: Admin

With Father’s Day coming up, we’d like to invite collectors to share their dad-related hobby memories

Olds’ Hobby Mailday: May 25 edition

Posted on Friday May 25th, 2012 – 10:50 AM Author: chrisolds

Join Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds for a mailday video … just for fun.

TRISTAR will open retail store in Las Vegas

Posted on Sunday April 22nd, 2012 – 12:16 PM Author: chrisolds

TRISTAR is hoping a new venture in Vegas is a jackpot.

WWE legend Chief Jay Strongbow dies at 83

Posted on Tuesday April 3rd, 2012 – 04:07 PM Author: chrisolds

WWE Hall of Famer Chief Jay Strongbow, a colorful and decorated performer during his nearly 50-year-career in professional wrestling died on Tuesday. He was 83.

First look: 2012 Upper Deck All-Time Greats Sports Edition

Posted on Friday March 30th, 2012 – 01:24 PM Author: Susan Lulgjuraj

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Contributing Editor The best of the best. The greatest athletes of generations are making their way into an Upper Deck set featuring men and women at the top of their games. Upper Deck was very select in picking the athletes to appear in 2012 All-Time Great Sports Edition. Just 20 superstars […]

Hobby Challenge: Make fun of your collection

Posted on Tuesday February 21st, 2012 – 10:37 AM Author: Admin

  ———————————————————————— By Andrew Tolentino | Hockey Editor Why so serious? Poking around our hockey forums yesterday afternoon, I stumbled across a thread entitled “HILARIOUS hockey cards! Post em here!” Member tha penguin opened the online floodgates and encouraged fellow collectors to join in on the fun by posting scans of their favorite funny cards […]

Your Turn: What’s your favorite autograph?

Posted on Tuesday February 14th, 2012 – 12:47 PM Author: chrisolds

What’s your favorite autograph (and why)?

Box Busters: 2012 TRISTAR TNA Reflexxions

Posted on Friday January 27th, 2012 – 01:04 PM Author: chrisolds

Join Beckett Media’s Chris Olds and Bryan Hornbeck as they rip into a pair of 2012 TRISTAR TNA Reflexxions boxes in this latest edition of Box Busters.

Other options for doggone 2012 Allen & Ginter

Posted on Wednesday January 11th, 2012 – 01:56 PM Author: chrisolds

Topps may have left some collectors howling on Wednesday when it teased one of the insert sets in its soon-to-be-announced 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball card set.

Ripping Retail: 2011 Topps WWE Classic

Posted on Tuesday January 10th, 2012 – 10:03 PM Author: chrisolds

Join Chris Olds as he rips into 10 retail packs of the newest wrestling card set from Topps, 2011 WWE Classic, in this latest installment of ripping retail.

First look: 2012 TRISTAR TNA Impact Reflexxions

Posted on Wednesday January 4th, 2012 – 11:27 AM Author: chrisolds

Set to arrive on Jan. 25, TNA Impact Wrestling Reflexxions, will include three autographs, one event-used ring mat autograph or one memorabilia card, one Premium Reflexxions card and two parallels numbered to 40 or less in every 20-pack hobby box.

Your Turn (BSCM): What’s your favorite type of game-used memorabilia card?

Posted on Wednesday December 21st, 2011 – 12:03 PM Author: chrisolds

We’re not wanting a dream list or a who’s who of sports legends. We simply want to know … What types of game-used memorabilia would you like to see more of (in any sport)?

Numbers crunching: Memorabilia cards have made their mark on hobby

Posted on Tuesday December 20th, 2011 – 07:59 PM Author: chrisolds

We took the time to do some digging in the Beckett database to crunch the numbers and discover a bit more about memorabilia cards. The statistics? Well, they are quite telling.

Random Question II: What single card would you want to own as a perfect BGS 10?

Posted on Wednesday November 16th, 2011 – 10:28 AM Author: chrisolds

What one card would you want as a perfect BGS 10?