Box Busters: 2012 Topps Supreme football cards

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Join Beckett Football‘s Dan Hitt and Chris Olds as they rip into boxes of 2012 Topps Supreme  in this latest edition of Box Busters.

What will they find inside? Watch and find out …

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  1. Ryan R
    Posted Monday March 4th, 2013 at 04:48 PM | Permalink

    I think they are really nice looking, more so than last year. With that said I will buy singles of it but I’d never buy a pack at that price, you pretty much need to hit a luck, griffin, or wilson to come out on top.

  2. Matthew Hood
    Posted Monday March 4th, 2013 at 05:24 PM | Permalink

    Cards look nice, but definitely not worth it. $100 and only got a jumbo mem? Lame!

  3. afff
    Posted Tuesday March 5th, 2013 at 01:00 PM | Permalink

    i have to agree that they are nice looking but there is no way i would be spending 100 on a pack

  4. kris
    Posted Tuesday March 5th, 2013 at 03:33 PM | Permalink

    ouch. i wouldnt have paid $100 for both those packs combined. they are nice cards though

  5. gb5hof
    Posted Thursday March 7th, 2013 at 01:27 PM | Permalink

    Looks like the recycled the backs from Strata. What a waste of $100.

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