One Ruthian redemption card arrives from Topps

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You know how we all love redemption cards? Well, for one collector, Stacy, there was one redemption card’s arrival yesterday that was worth documenting.

It’s a little something from 2013 Topps — and we’re likely to be seeing the card and hearing more from her soon right here in Dallas.


Cool video except for one thing. The whole video is out of focus! Kind of hard to enjoy the card in it’s entire glory when everything looks hazy.

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That’s cool, must be nice to receive the 1/1 auto shown on the redemption card Topps promised instead of a replacement….

Posted August 29, 2013 at 1:17 pm | Permalink

Keep the card it sounds like you really like it. One of my friends hit a cut Babe Ruth numbered 3/3 and he sold it. Unless you need the money same it for the kids. Thats just my two cents

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It’s a double rainbow!!

That’s a nice cut auto!

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Congrats! that’s what this hobby is all about! I hope you keep it and enjoy this.

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Jason K

Keep that card! You’ll likely never pull anything like it again.

Congratulations :)

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anyone have a guess as to how much they think its worth?

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It would have been nice if she held things more then 1 inch away from the camera so things would focus. and she takes the time to put a glove on one hand then picks it up with the other hand! lol

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