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Upper Deck to release USA Football set

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Football Editor

The International Bowl is becoming a tradition. It’s an annual competition pulling in football players under the age of 19 from across dozens of countries.

USA Football assembles its own team to compete against the International Federation of American Football, which is comprised of 64 countries.

This is a place many people look for breakout players, a chance to see the start of a future star.

The fourth annual International Bowl will be held Feb. 5 in Austin, Texas.

And players for United States will have cards coming out on Dec. 18 with the releases of 2012 Upper Deck USA Football.

“It’s a super-limited product with the best football prospects in the country,” Upper Deck wrote in an email.

While some players on the checklist are unknowns to many football fans, many of these guys are some of the best recruits in the country.

However, it also contains several college freshman such as the University of Georgia’s Todd Gurley, who led the Bulldogs with 1,288 rushing yards and 16 touchdowns on 199 carries in 13 games this year.

The 19-and-under team – many of those playing in the International Bowl – will be featured on autograph and memorabilia subsets in UD’s USA Football.

Past sets include players such as Jaxon Shipley (University of Texas wide receiver) and George Atkinson III (Notre Dame running back).

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Buster Brown

The top two games in the High School All -Star circuit are Army All-American and Under Armour Bowls.
Upper Deck has signed on for the 2**-3** player bowl. There are never 4**-5** players playing in this
bowl. Typical Upper Deck trying to get in on something they know nothing about since they will NEVER get an NFL license back. Are people really that stupid to buy a product like this that the article states has many “unknowns” on the checklist. Todd Gurley was not even ranked in the Top 40 of all running back recruits thus the reason he was in this game. He is just 1 in 100 that happened to be a significantly player than the experts thought. Just go away Upper Deck no one likes or wants to be around you anymore!!!!!

Posted December 5, 2012 at 1:03 pm | Permalink

Funny how Buster says its a 2 to 3 star game, as the checklist features players like gurley 5 star qb and dual sport star Jameis winston, Se’von pittman 4 star d end on rivals and part of urban meyers big signing class, 4 star rb/wr daje johnson, 5 star dt malcom brown under armour all american game, 4 star lb noor davis who also won the high school butkus award and played in the under armour all american game, 4 star de ifeadi odenigbo who also played in the under armour all american game. Also in the insert checklist is tarean folston who is a top recruit in this years class. So please don’t say this is a two to 3 star game when there are many all americans and top recruits that played for the usa u19 team this year, and if you dont like upper deck don’t buy it.

Also Susan could you please pass to topps the idea to make a box set for the public to buy, instead of just 3 card give away packs for the under armour all american featuring action photos of the players playing in the game. Leaf has done it for the army game, so I think topps should do it as well for the under armour game. thank you

Posted December 5, 2012 at 6:57 pm | Permalink

Team USA does a great job identifying top players who aren’t all recruiting site darlings but the best football players. They actually hold tryouts to separate the players from the hype. Also among past teams: David Wilson (Va. Tech, NY Giants RB), Tyrann Mathieu (LSU, DB), Jordan Lynch (Northern Illinois, QB), Jordan Poyer (Oregon State, CB), Oday Aboushi (Virginia, LT), Brian Winters (Kent State, LT), Jack Mewhort (Ohio State, LT), Adam Shead (Oklahoma, OG), Joe Bergeron (Texas, RB), Kenny Williams (Texas Tech, RB), Kevin Hogan (Stanford, QB), Alex Carter (Stanford, DB), Stephon Tuitt (Notre Dame, DT), Devin Funchess (Michigan, TE).

The World Team hasn’t been too shabby either with Jessie Williams (Alabama, DT) and Bjeorn Werner (Florida State, DT) among its past players.

Posted December 6, 2012 at 9:52 am | Permalink
Buster Brown

jacaf you clearly made my point that the Team USA set is total crap if the only skill position guys you can come up with in the history of the game is a fumbling NY Giants RB, a bunch of linemen and a Northern Illinois QB.

X – My point is Upper Deck jumps into something and is going to try and fool people with their typical subpar crap.
The guys you listed may be 4 or 5 star on your scale but they are primarily linemen and defensive players and virtually no skill position players like Andrew Luck, Adrian Peterson, Reggie Bush, Suh, Jarvis Jones(#1 on Kipers big board for 2013) etc from the Army game and current college guys like Jeff Driskell (Florida) Clowney (South Carolina0 etc.

Upper Deck please go away you have had your day!!!

Posted December 6, 2012 at 12:47 pm | Permalink

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