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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Week 15: Monday Morning Collector

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Football Editor

With just two weeks left in the regular season, the playoff picture got a bit murkier for some teams. But many football fans have been doing a little bit more than watching the standings.

Several players stood out in this weekend’s football games from superstars to rookies to those who live in the shadows. With a number of players charging toward records, football fans still have some interest in the NFL even if their team was bounced out of their fantasy football league.

There is a new category with Defensive Player of the Week. It might be a one-week shot, but it might carry on. These players deserve more credit.

Veteran of the Week
Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings – It’s hard not to go with Peterson every week at this point. As he inches toward 2,000 yards – and possibly the single-season rushing mark – Peterson shines on the field. He would be having a great season by any standards, but considering his offseason knee surgery makes many marvel at his success.

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Award Season: The Best of 2011-12 Hockey Cards

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Hockey Editor

All the hockey products for 2011-12 season are out. Collectors have ripped hundreds of packs, watched countless video and scoured the Internet for cards.

There’s just one thing left to do – decide on the best products of the year.

It’s time to give out card awards for 2011-12 hockey season. With dozens of products this year, some of the choices may be tough. Remember, there are no wrong answers.

Some of the award categories are listed below, so let your voices be heard.

Once you’re done with the polls, hit the comments for opinions and the answers to the rest of the ballot. They could appear in the next Beckett Hockey issue (Please leave your hometown and name).

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First look: 2013 Topps Archives baseball cards

By Chris Olds | Beckett Baseball Editor

Topps is opening up its archives once again.

The company offered the first looks and basic information about its 2013 Topps Archives baseball card set on Friday, and the second consecutive release for the retro-styled product will arrive on May 29.

The brand is one that includes today’s players on past designs from Topps’ 60-plus year history in the baseball card market along with autographs of fan favorites from the recent past — also featuring photography and designs from past decades.

And for 2013? Some of the designs will be from past Topps releases in other sports, too.

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Box Busters: Sereal’s KHL Trading Cards

YouTube Preview Image

Beckett Hockey Editor Susan Lulgjuraj opened the newest line of KHL Trading Cards. The cards include many NHL stars who are playing overseas because they are locked out from the NHL.

Check out this special international Box Busters of KHL cards.

For those looking to get boxes of KHL cards, check out Sereal’s official eBay store.

The video is a little long, but there were 50 packs – 50 PACKS! – in the box.

UPDATE: Topps to make Olympic cards in 2014 now official

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Topps plans to continue making Olympic trading at least through the next two Olympic Games, according to a published report.

The Sports Business Daily caught up with Topps CEO Ryan O’Hara, who said the cards would continue with the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and 2016 Summer Olympic at the Rio Games.

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National Hockey Card Day to return in 2013

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Hockey Editor

National Hockey Card Day is coming back in 2013.

NHC will be held on Feb. 9 in Canada and Feb. 16 in United States, Upper Deck announced Thursday.

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Sidney Crosby sharing the cardboard spotlight

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Hockey Editor

Sid the Kid has had many, many autographed hockey cards – 670 to be exact.

That number is a little misleading because more than half are numbered to 25 or less, making many Sidney Crosby autographs rare.

Even rarer than the 100 or so 1-of-1 autos are the amount of autograph cards Crosby has signed with another player. Throughout Crosby’s career, the Pittsburgh Penguins star just didn’t really do it, usually casting his signature – and his signature only – on cards.

However, Crosby has shared spaced on cardboard lately as his cards have popped up with autographs from another player, no, an icon.

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Leaf signs Damian Lillard as first hoops exclusive

Leaf Trading Cards announced on Thursday that it has signed Portland Trail Blazers rookie Damian Lillard to an exclusive multi-year autograph and memorabilia deal that will cover both trading cards and memorabilia.

Through 22 games, the Weber State product is averaging 18.9 points, 6.4 assists and 3.4 rebounds a game for the Blazers, who are last in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference.

“There was no question that Damian Lillard was the right guy,” said Leaf CEO Brian Gray, noting that the rookie is Leaf’s first exclusive for basketball. “From Day 1, he showed a command of the court and exuberance for the game. This makes Damian the perfect ambassador to represent the excitement that Leaf brings to the trading card market.”

The Carrollton, Texas-based company will include Lillard in future multi-sport and basketball releases.

Cleveland’s Josh Gordon debuts in 2012 Absolute Football

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Football Editor

Panini America will be releasing a number of football products in the coming month. It starts with 2012 Absolute – and the card shown above.

Cleveland Browns rookie Josh Gordon made his NFL trading card debut in Absolute.

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Free Price Wednesday: The Walking Dead

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

The Walking Dead’s first go-around on trading cards was a hit with collectors, selling out from the Cryptozoic warehouse. That’s the kind of success companies can’t ignore.

On Tuesday, Cryptozoic released The Walking Dead Trading Cards Season 2.

The set features scenes from episodes, bios and chase cards. But the most popular aspect of the first season of cards was the autographs.

As part of Free Price Wednesday, we’ll look at 2011 The Walking Dead Autographs.

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Buy or Sell: Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Football Editor

Many collectors tend to be buyers and sellers, tracking the hobby marketplace in an effort to build our personal collections to the max.

You pull a good card of a player who you share no personal connection with. But it’s a card you know could bring in cash to help you get what you want.

However, the key is knowing when to sell the card for maximum value. Buying and selling is a lot like the stock market. Buy low, sell high, and have a bit of luck on your side.

Collectors sitting on Nick Foles cards are pondering the buy-sell decision right now.

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Upper Deck’s 2012-13 Black Diamond Hockey is live

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Hockey Editor

With the NHL lockout in full swing, and games canceled through the end of the year, one of the few things keeping collectors going is the small doses of new product.

Panini had Classics Signatures come out last week with a focus on retired players.

This week, Upper Deck released 2012-13 Black Diamond. This product has no redemptions. Essentially, what you see is what you get.

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Week 14: Monday Morning Collector

This week features a list of players that haven’t received the nod this season.

It was also the toughest week to pick a Veteran award. Many players had great games this weekend, making it a very hard choice.

Veteran of the Week
Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers – The Panthers are all but dead this season. However, against one of the best teams, Newton came through reminding collectors why they chased his cards last season. He completed 23-of-35 passes for 287 yards and two touchdowns. He also added nine rushes for 116 yards and a touchdown in a 30-20 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

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Ronda Rousey headlines 2012 UFC Bloodlines

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

UFC made headlines last week by naming its first female champion.

Ronda Rousey was handed her belt on Dec. 6, and given her first UFC opponent. She will fight Liz Carmouche in UFC 157 this February in the first female fight for the country’s most top MMA league.

With Rousey’s success in Strikeforce and the Olympics (first American woman to medal in judo), it’s no surprise her cards are among the most popular in 2012 UFC Bloodlines.

UFC Bloodlines came out last week and MMA fans flocked to Rousey’s cards.

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First look: 2012 National Treasures Football

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Football Editor

Panini America is gearing up for its top football product with National Treasures.

The popular release – scheduled to come out in March – will include all of the top rookies from 2012, and a good mix of autographs from veterans and retired stars – something football collectors haven’t seem much of this card season.

“Panini America officials will play on the strength of a spectacular rookie class in hopes of making 2012 National Treasures Football the most powerful edition in the brand’s proud seven-year history,” the company wrote on its blog.

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Box Busters: 2012-13 Panini Classics Signatures Hockey

YouTube Preview Image

Beckett Hockey Editor Susan Lulgjuraj ripped open a box of 2012-13 Panini Classics Signatures Hockey. Watch the video to see what she pulled.

Box Busters: 2012 Prime Cuts baseball cards

YouTube Preview Image

Join Beckett Baseball‘s Brian Fleischer and Chris Olds as they rip into two boxes of 2012 Prime Cuts in this latest edition of Box Busters.

What will they find inside? Watch and find out …

Your Turn (Beckett Basketball 245): What do you think is the key to a good NBA product?

By Chris Olds | Beckett Basketball Editor

With some new basketball card lines, there has been some new interest in different cards — and in the case of 2012-13 Panini Prizm its Prizm parallels have been scorching.

This Kobe Bryant? It sold for $1,546 on eBay Thursday without a single piece of memorabilia or an autograph in sight.

That got us thinking … What is the key to a good NBA product these days?

We want to know, for the next issue of Beckett Basketball and its Your Turn page, what you think is the key to success with an NBA product.

Perhaps it’s the type of product or maybe it’s the player selection? Maybe it’s autographs? Maybe it’s scarcity? Or, perhaps it’s something else. We want to know what you think is most important.

Let us know in the comments below — along with your name and location — and a selection of the best responses will appear in the next issue.

Chris Olds is the editor of Beckett Basketball magazine. Have a comment, question or idea? Send an email to him at colds@beckett.com. Follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

Ripping Retail: A 2010 Press Pass 8 Seconds rodeo case

YouTube Preview Image

Join Beckett Sports Card Monthly‘s Chris Olds as he rips into a case — yep, case — of 2010 Press Pass 8 Seconds cards in this latest episode of Ripping Retail, which is in advance of the Other Sports issue of BSCM that will focus on more non-traditional card options for collectors.

What will he find? What did it cost him? Watch and find out …

Box Busters: 2012 Bowman Draft

YouTube Preview Image

Join Beckett Baseball‘s Brian Fleischer and Chris Olds as they rip into a pair of 2012 Bowman Draft boxes in this latest edition of Box Busters.

What will they find inside? Watch and find out …