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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Collectors should have fun with changing times

By Chris Olds | Beckett Baseball Editor | Commentary

Eight or so days ago, I woke up and had many phone, email and Twitter messages awaiting me, all hoping to know what I thought about the latest baseball news.

The headline? Nick Swisher signs with the Cleveland Indians.

Now, as many of you probably know as a regular reader, I’m a bit of a fan of the former Oakland Athletic turned former Chicago White Sox and now turned former New York Yankee. At my last count, which has been some time ago, I had eight game-used bats, three game-used jerseys, 30-something 1/1s and easily more than 100 certified autographs in my Swish Stash along with a few thousand cards.

I think my initial reaction was to read a few of the messages and then fall back asleep. After all, it was part of a holiday/vacation stretch for me where extra sleep might not even be worthy of a six-figure price — it’s more valuable than that.

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Beckett Baseball: Look back at 2012 via our covers

By Chris Olds | Beckett Baseball Editor

Once the holidays wind down, there will be one thing atop the to-do list for those of us involved with Beckett Baseball.

Our annual Awards Issue.

But before we get to The Best of 2012 — even with more 2012-branded baseball products apparently still to come — we opted for one extra fan vote that previews the collector portion of those awards. (You can see that later this week.)

We want you to pick our best cover for 2012 … after the jump.

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Beckett Sports Card Monthly: Take a look back at 2012 via our covers

By Chris Olds | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

With Beckett Sports Card Monthly, we intentionally take a step back away from the obvious — we leave that for the single-sport magazines — and instead delve into bigger topics that we feel are timed best to what’s going on, what’s coming up or what’s on the minds of collectors.

In short, it’s where we give readers a little more to read about your hobby each and every month.

Here’s a look back at its offerings of 2012 via its covers.

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Beckett Basketball: A look at 2012 via our covers

By Chris Olds | Beckett Basketball Editor

As 2012 winds down, we figured we’d take a few minutes to take a look back at 2012 via the covers of Beckett Basketball — a magazine that only published eight times this year but will be making the move back to monthly in 2013.

Heck, we’re already working on March’s issue.

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Week 17: Monday Morning Collector

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Football Editor

The final week of the regular season proved to be an exciting one with teams still fighting to get into the playoffs. It allowed for some spectacular play as well.

One of the biggest highlights came as NFL fans around the country watched to see if Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson could break the single-season rushing mark. He fell short by nine yards, but still had an impressive game that led the Vikings to a playoff berth.

Veteran of the Week:
Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings: He didn’t have the most rushing yards on the day (though it was close), however, Peterson’s offensive push got his team into the playoffs on Sunday. He ran for 199 yards and a touchdown on 34 carries, coming close to breaking Eric Dickerson’s record. Afterward, Peterson seemed to just be happy to play another week. He also caught a two-yard pass for a score in a 37-34 win over Green Bay.

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Adrian Peterson breaks 2,000 rushing yards

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Football Editor

One year ago today, Adrian Peterson had surgery to repair ligaments in his knee, and questions surrounded him of ‘Will he ever be the same? Can he come back?’

The Minnesota Vikings running back came back better than ever.

On Sunday, he broke 2,000 rushing yards becoming just the seventh player in NFL history to do it, and finishing the regular season with the second-best single-season record.

Peterson finished with 2,097, nine yards of breaking Eric Dickerson’s record.

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Box Busters: Wacky Packages Old School Series 4

Wacky Packages Old School is back with another series, poking fun at brands from the 1970s.

Check out the video to see what Beckett Editor Susan Lulgjuraj pulled. These boxes are only available at ShopTopps.com

Retro makes a comeback in football

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Football Editor

Collecting used to be much simpler.

We didn’t have to worry about autograph or memorabilia cards. Base cards dominated the hobby. There was no greater joy than pulling cards of your favorite players.

While that hobby era has faded, those simpler releases remain evocative, inspiring card companies to come out with a number of products in recent years bearing old names or using past designs.

But today’s retro cards have a broader focus than the cardboard classics of the 1800s and early to mid-1900s. Current products are now also being modeled after 1980s and 1990s cards, with companies trying to tap into the collectors’ childhood hobby habits, the sets we grew up on.

“Personally, I love the history of this hobby, its designs, its stories,” said ToppsClay Luraschi, director of product development. “I love that I can pick up a 1986 Jerry Rice card to this day and get instantly taken back to my youth.”

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Beckett by the Numbers: 2012-13 Limited

By Chris Olds | Beckett Basketball Editor

The auctions have ended, the numbers have been crunched. The ranges have been tabulated and the Online Price Guide has been posted.

The 2012-13 Limited basketball card set has arrived on Beckett.com with the favorites, autographs and memories in tow. Let’s take a look inside the numbers crunched by Beckett Basketball Senior Market Analyst Rob Springs – and see even more — after the jump.

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First look: 2012 Leaf Legends of Sport

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Bringing together an iconic group of athletes to sign for a product is an ambitious task, but one Leaf has taken on again.

In 2012 Legends of Sport, Leaf has assembled popular athletes and pop culture figures to fill out the set, including international baseball stars, Olympic athletes and even a former Vice Presidential hopeful.

The set includes more than 150 subjects.

Legends of Sport is scheduled to come out at the end of January and each box will contain three autograph cards.

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First look: 2012-13 Panini Gold Standard

By Chris Olds | Beckett Basketball Editor

Panini America hopes the third time’s the charm for this one as it unveiled the first looks at its 2012-13 Gold Standard basketball cards on Friday — the third installment of the high-end lustrous line.

Set to arrive in April, it will include 10 cards per box — four autographs, one memorabilia and one metal card guaranteed — while offering collectors another chance at the 24-karat gold cards that were the ticket for some collectors in the past two years. Besides those solid gold and gold bullion-enhanced cards, this year’s will include Black and Platinum parallels among the familiar offerings.

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Goldin Auctions donates money to Sandy Relief Fund


By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

People are suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy that hit the northeast in October.

Members of the hobby from shops to collectors to product developers were affected by the storm in small and big ways. Some lost power and heat. Others lost their homes and possessions.

Companies and individuals came out to help those in need, including Goldin Auctions located in southern New Jersey.

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Immaculate Reception press pass up for auction

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Football Editor

The Immaculate Reception is a moment in sports that fans won’t ever soon forget. Now, a collector will be able to own a special piece from that game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders.

Mike Silverstein, who covered the game for ABC Radio that day, is auctioning his locker room press pass signed by  Steelers Franco Harris, John “Frenchy” Fuqua and Joe Greene.

“I want to share this piece of history with someone else, especially if some good can come out of this and can help an organization,” Silverstein told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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Press Pass previews 2013 Total Memorabilia

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Just in time for the start of the racing season, Press Pass is putting out one of its top products. Press Pass Total Memorabilia is back with plenty of autographs, fire suits and race-used tires for collectors.

Total Memorabilia comes out in February, just in time for the Daytona 500.

Total Memorabilia is a product collectors can load up on. There is a hit in every pack with five packs in each box. Every nine-card pack includes five cards from the 50-card base set, a numbered parallel, two inserts and an autographed or memorabilia card.

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Box Busters: 2012 Bowman Sterling baseball

YouTube Preview Image

Join Beckett Baseball‘s Chris Olds as he rips into a box of 2012 Bowman Sterling baseball cards in this Box Busters preview video.

What will he find inside? Watch and find out …

Panini partners with Heart of Dallas Bowl

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Football Editor

Panini America was named the official trading card and sports and entertainment collectibles partner for the Heart of Dallas Bowl, played New Year’s Day.

The game will feature college teams Purdue against Oklahoma State.

Panini will be promoting its NFL Sticker Collection Album at the event, especially at the Dallas Skills Clinic where Panini will award one football helmet grant to a Dallas-area Pop Warner program.

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Topps releases Wacky Packages Old School 4

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Nostalgia lovers enjoy new products with old designs. It gives them a chance to relive old memories.

Wacky Packages Old School 4 Stickers gives collectors that chance, again.

The old school brand parodies products from the 1970s, and uses the old Topps brand logo on each sticker. One of the parodies includes “XRay-O-Vac,” a radioactive battery, which clearly mocks the “Ray-O-Vac” brand batteries.

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Free Price Wednesday: 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

As snow falls in many places around the country today, this is a good moment to think of a warm-weather sport. In this edition of Free Price Wednesday, we’ll look at some 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft baseball cards.

There’s just about 100 days until Opening Day and less than two months until pitchers and catchers report to spring training. It’s getting so close, and we’re getting ready for it.

Bowman Chrome Draft is popular every year with prospectors. Of course, collectors want to see color.

However, non-prospectors are at a slight disadvantage when it comes to opening Bowman products. They’re geared to up-and-coming minor leaguers, the majority of whom do not make it. Sometimes you pull an autograph and think, “Who is this guy?” But often you wonder, “Will he ever make it?”

There’s no hard rule to say if a player will get to the big leagues or even do well once he is there. However, looking through the price guide could help collectors find players to watch.

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Week 16: Monday Morning Collector

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Football Editor

AH! The football season is almost over.

There is just one week left to the season and more records could possibly fall. However, this is also “junk time” for some teams that put in players who didn’t get a lot of playing time throughout the regular season.

Monday Morning Collector is back again (just a couple of days late due to the holiday).

Veteran of the Week
Jamaal Charles, RB, Kansas City Chiefs – This is the year of injured running backs having a resurgence. After injuring his knee last season, Charles has had a great 2012 for the Chiefs capping it off with a 226-yard, one-touchdown performance in a 20-13 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. That is the second time this year Charles broke the 200-yard mark.

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Guest column: Why kids should collect cards

A letter from 12-year-old Parker Stenseth of Fargo, N.D., recently arrived in my mailbox with a note attached to a story.

“This is an article I wrote about why kids should collect baseball cards. I would be thrilled if you read it. Also, if you could, please send me some feedback or advise. … I hope to read my articles in a magazine like you someday.”

Well, Parker, I figured why wait for some extra space to open up in a magazine when we can present it all right here for everyone to see on the holidays. Oh, and a couple of Beckett magazines should be arriving soon, too. — Chris Olds

Why kids should collect baseball cards

By Parker Stenseth | Commentary

Baseball card collecting is a hobby for all, but in recent years it has gone a little more toward adults than kids.

There are still many reasons kids should collect, though.

There are so many reasons kids should collect baseball cards that I won’t be able to address them all. Of them all, I feel the most important is that it helps you connect with others.

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Box Busters Preview: 2012 Panini Golden Age

YouTube Preview Image

Join Beckett Baseball‘s Chris Olds as he rips into a box of 2012 Panini Golden Age cards in this Box Busters preview video.

What will he find inside? Watch and find out …

Ripping Retail: An old wax conundrum

YouTube Preview Image

Join Beckett Baseball‘s Chris Olds as he discusses a problem with some older wax packs in this Ripping Retail video.

What will he find inside? Watch and find out …

First look: 2013 Topps Tier One baseball cards

By Chris Olds | Beckett Baseball Editor

Tier One is back for Year Three.

Topps released the first images and basic product information for this high-end brand on Friday, which will be back for a third season in 2013 after a bit of a revamp this year.

Set to arrive on July 13, Tier One will include two autographs and one Relic in every pack. The packs will include one On the Rise autograph and one from the following — a Tier One auto, a Crowd-pleaser, a dual or triple auto, an auto Relic or a cut. Every fourth pack will include a bonus Relic and there will be three of those per case. Each case also will guarantee a Tier One auto.

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Leaf acquires Ace Authentic tennis cards

By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Sports Card Monthly Editor

Tennis cards will have a new home.

Leaf Trading Cards announced the purchase of the trading card portion of Ace Authentic, the exclusive source for tennis cards.

Ace Authentic has produced cards since about 2005 and has had some of the world’s top players sign autograph and memorabilia deals including Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Caroline Wozniacki.

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First Look: 2013 Topps Big League Minis

By Chris Olds | Beckett Baseball Editor

Topps is getting into the game with the stars of the game.

The company announced Friday that it’s bringing MLB to the packaged vinyl figures area with 2013 Topps Big League Minis — a collection of 28 3-inch vinyl figures that are packaged like cards. The blindly wrapped collectibles niche has been one that has grown in the last few years via non-sports properties.

Set to arrive on June 12, Big League Minis will show players and will have chase variation figures as well. They will sell for about the same price as a pack based on factory cost, though a suggested retail price was not announced.

See a visual checklist of the figures … after the jump.

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