Box Busters Preview: In The Game’s Forever Rivals

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Check out the video to see what Beckett Hockey Editor Susan Lulgjuraj pulls out of In The Game’s Forever Rivals.



Looks like a pretty strong product to me. I’m not overly enthralled by the design of the memorabilia cards although they hold a nice sized swatch, but I think the auto cards have a real nice look to them, with plenty of room for a nice autograph;

P.S. – It’s pronounced “GEE” like the sound in “geek” , not “guy”….

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Bob Stanley

HIRE A NEW DESIGNER ALREADY. The base cards in this set are the worst ever designed, or up there with some of the other crappy Panini stuff out there. No passion for changing design in this company, just keep pumping out the same crud for the past 10 years. Pass.

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