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First look: 2011 Panini Plates & Patches Football

By Andrew Tolentino | Football Editor

Playing up the holiday-stocking-stuffer potential for its mid-December release, Panini America gifted the hobby with a 2011 Plates & Patches preview today.

Complete with new hard-signed, prime-memorabilia Rookie Cards and Signal Callers inserts, 2011-tweaked Plates & Patches hits shelves on Dec. 14 — which leaves plenty of time for Santa to get  his act together.

The brand’s namesake is upheld by a breadth of 1/1 printing plates (in autographed, prime-memorabilia and combined forms) and a plethora of rare patches. But the on-average guarantees are important, too.

Headlined by Rookie and quarterback clout, hit-centric 10-card boxes abide the following formula:

  • One on-card, prime-memorabilia Rookie Card
  • Two additional autographs (numbered to 499 or less)
  • Two memorabilia cards (numbered to 299 or less)

Dan Marino featured in the quarterback-commemorating Signal Callers insert set.

Mark Ingram appearing on a limited-to-499-or-less, hard-signed, prime-memorabilia Rookie Card.

2011 Plates & Patches also comes with a good deal of Prime Jersey NFL Shield pulls.

Panini honors honorable players in this autographed, prime-memorabilia insert.

Among other legendaries, Sammy Baugh is showcased in Gridiron Cuts.

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Great looking cards!!!!! I love the odds on pulling great cards out of this product, all products should follow this formula. The Shield cards are awesome and they make it pretty reasonable as far as the odds of finding one.

Posted September 14, 2011 at 3:38 pm | Permalink

Did someone drop a dime on me….You could hope perhaps with such sweet possible patches
and a high price tag we could get more thana Dime’s worth of Jersey MEM ,PATCH or SWATCH.
This is why I just won’t invest in anyone’s product that MINIMIZES my dollars.
But on the average most mid range products give 4 hits 2 mem 2 auto’s –You’re gonna get the Dime dropped on you and even in Gold Standard. Do we care it’s Numbered to 5 nooooo. Myabe if it’s playoff used or tru-game used (topps are you listining here.) If size really does matter better and I think it does…. give us a quarter or half dollar for my Benjamins….Another thing why is that sweet patch of Peyton Manning coverd up yuck!!!! open that box a lilttl it’a a patch logo that’s annoying why do comany’s insist on doing that.
just saying

Posted September 14, 2011 at 8:02 pm | Permalink

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