Ripping Retail: Random packs from Target …

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Join Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds as he rips into some random packs of cards from Target in this latest episode of Ripping Retail.

What will he find? Watch and find out …



How can you be a baseball guy and call Jaime Garcia Jamie? He was third in rookie of the year voting last year. Jaime. like Hi-may.

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When that little green light goes on the brain works one way and the mouth works another …

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Don Davis

Mr Olds

I havent bought packs for years. We have a guy who sits on the floor of the local targets, and fingers each and every pack. We have a name for him (Touchy Feely). This guy is so good he can read a serial number, like braile to a blind man. After rapes the boxes for the hits , he proceeds to the local shops and trys to sell all the hits. I am sure he has clones in your are also. Just takes the fun out of collecting.

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Seth Auld

retail cards suck there is no point in buying them the best things i have ever gotten is a chris leak rookie auto and a joe namath mini #ed to 25

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You got quite a few RC in Topps Football at least.

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Matthew Gilman

Also fun to to pick up random packs

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Tom Waldron

First I think with retail the wordS “you just never know” is the mantra for retail
I for one have to disagree retail has gotten better at least a lot more have Guarenteed hit per blaster and retail auto’s only like Bowman.. I have had some really good luck and -you never know goes along with sleeper blasters that are quite the bargain. I mean I hit a sweet SHAQ WHITE AUTO out of 06 Turkey red retail box also a JETER & A-Rod jersy fom Gypsy-queen. I think the new “value-packs like Bowman/Platinum & Gypsy have provided decent hits and for the price they fit nicely in my budget.Like I said you just never know. I think an article about retail hits would be very intresting just to see the whole picture nationwide.
Thanks again for the rippin retail I’m off to Wal-mart …..again
jus saying…

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