And in this corner: Ringside Boxing Round Two

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By Andrew Tolentino | BSCM Editor

Last year, Creative Cardboard Concepts (mostly comprised of the makers of In The Game) ended a 15-year drought for stand-alone boxing products with its Ringside Boxing Round One  release. This year, the multi-faceted collectibles company will follow up in true Rocky-esque fashion.

The manufacturer revealed today that Ringside Boxing Round Two will be available on Aug. 3, punched up with the following box formula:

  • Three base cards
  • Three Turkey Red cards
  • One (hard-signed) autograph card
  • One memorabilia or Ringside Seat card

Composed of five different subsets, including a limited-to-nine gold parallel and 1/1 Onyx version, the 100-card base set are set to supplement the box hits (pun partially intended). Mecca Turkey Red cards — featuring the likes of Shane Mosely and Evander Holyfield, among others — come in base form, as well as limited gold and one-of-a-kind Onyx variations.

Like last year’s release,  there is a silver (and gold) lining to many of the insert sets. These especially alluring pulls include:  Single, Double, Triple and Quad Memorabilia, Decades, For Your Country, Hometown Hero and King Size Memorabilia.

Among the product’s most coveted cards are cut signatures, Ringside Seat authentic fight tickets, 1/1 Ringside Boxing Logos and a massive array of autographs in both silver and gold. The one-per-case K.O. falls in the form of a hand-numbered, limited-to-10 Muhammad Ali case topper.

Stay tuned to for more details, images and checklist information on Ringside Boxing Round Two.


Carey Alt

the autograph checklist is even weaker than round 1.

Posted July 6, 2011 at 4:08 pm | Permalink
The Fighter

same design as round 1? boring. with the exception of holyfield, a bunch of no name boxers. i hope this stuff isn’t more than $60 a box

Posted July 7, 2011 at 3:15 am | Permalink

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