Are YOU a Supercollector? We want YOU in Beckett Sports Card Monthly …

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*** NOTE *** We run Supercollector entries every month in our magazines. Send yours today!

By Chris Olds | BSCM Editor

We’re going to dedicate an upcoming issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly to showcasing SuperCollectors — and we want to see your collections.

We’ll pick the most interesting and most outrageous collections for the magazine, but first we need to hear about your stash.

You don’t have to have the most-expensive collection on the block but it needs to be unique — downright crazy — in some way that it stands out.

Here are your instructions …

Send in an email to the following information:

1. Name, age, your email address, your location (city, state) and who/what you collect.

2. Statistics about your collection (total cards, number of 1/1s, number of autographs, number of game-used cards or items, etc.)

3. Tell us why you should be picked. Sell us on what makes your collection the best — and how/why it started.

4. Send us LINKS to images that we can examine or use with your item. (Bad images won’t help your case … and 900 MB attachments won’t either!)

5. Be patient. We have a group of baseball entries from awhile back to go through as well. We WILL be in touch if you are selected or we need more information.

6. Act fast … we want YOUR info NOW!

Above is a sample of a SuperCollector who recently appeared in the magazine. See what information he presented if you’re struggling. (Click for a closer look if you need it.)



Name: Jason B
Age: 26
Location: Warner Robins, GA
Collect: Detroit Pistons

Collection Statistics: I’ve been collecting cards since I was 8 and within the last two years decided to limit my collecting to my home town Pistons (originally from Southeast Michigan). Within that time, I’ve gone from about 300 different Pistons cards to over 3,000 different Pistons cards with 60+ still incoming. This also wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for major help from toddap79 (Beckett user) who sent me many Pistons cards he didn’t want anymore, 3,000+. I needed 1,300+ of them (AU, GU, inserts, RC). According to my Organize right now, and this doesn’t include some recent extras I have to put in tonight:

Total Pistons PC (including incoming): 3,062 (all different, no duplicates)
Memorabilia cards: 201
Autograph Cards: 85
Serial Numbered: 413
Rookies: 276
1/1 – 1

The type of Pistons cards I collect are if they are in Pistons jerseys, if the card says the player plays for the Pistons, if the player is in a USA or other Olympic jersey the year they played for the Pistons, or if the card says the player was traded to the Pistons.

This does not contain pictures of every card I have, it is in fact about 400 cards short as I haven’t had the time recently, but this gives you an idea: Pistons PC

One reason I think I should be selected is because there aren’t many team collectors out there. According to Beckett, not including 1/1’s as it would be nearly impossible, though I do still collect them too, I still have 12,923 more cards I’m chasing. But that does mean that I have 19.16% of all non-1/1 Pistons cards. I do have duplicates, but I use them for trade. Also, the user toddap79 said he is making another care package for me and I wouldn’t doubt there will be another few hundred cards in it that I may need. No, I do not have anything close to what Mr. Dybus has, but my cards range from $0.05 cards to $100 cards. If it has Pistons on it in any way, I collect it.

FROM MOD: Good post. This is the kind of stuff we’re looking for either in a post here or in an email to Thanks.

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Ron McLaughlin

I think I should be considered a Supercollector because, while my collection of Ottawa Senators cards is only numbering around 3800 at the moment, I collect pretty much ANYTHING Senators! Currently in my collection, which I began in 1998 as a reward for cleaning my life up, I have 3 signed pucks (Havlat, Hossa, Yashin), along with an assortment of odds and ends, like McFarlane figures (Alfredsson, Heatley) miniature Stanley Cups, coffe mugs, shot glasses, etc. I even have a Beckett Hockey Monthly from Sept. ’94 with Radek Bonk on the cover!
However, as anybody who is familar with me from the Beckett Trade Boards can tell you, the absolute Gem of my collection is without a doubt, my 1911-12 C55 #13 Alex Currie RC, which is actually used as my avatar!
Sadly, at the moment, I can not include any pictures of my collection, as I’m in dire need of a new digital camera, so that my picture quality is greatly improved!

Here is a small breakdown of my collection:
Total Items: 3802 (Not including incoming)
RC’s: 320
Memorabilia: 125
Serial #’d: 407
Mini-Jerseys: 1 (Alfredsson)
Signed Pucks: 3 (Havlat, Marian Hossa, Yashin)

Thanks for your consideration!

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Leon Ritz

Name: Leon Ritz
Age: 35
Location: Licking, MO
Collection: Tyson Jackson

I would like to be considered for the supercollector issue. I know my Tyson Jackson PC is no where near the size of some out there as i have only been collecting again for about 6 months. In November of last year into December I spent roughly a month in the hospital with not much to do but read the forums on and look at cards on the net. When i got home from the hospital i was basically restricted to my couch with nothing todo for another month so I started making my list of what I wanted to do when I was able to return to work. One of the things on that listwas to get back into collecting again and I was amazed at how far football cards had come in the time since I collected. The first card I saw that really grabbed me was a Topps Finest Tyson Jackson auto patch and I was Hooked, since that card i have tried to get just about every Tyson Jackson I could get my hands on, anything from base rookies to 1/1’s. I’ll leave you with a link to my Tyson Jackson PC all cards are in sub albums by brand and sorted in those albums.

The Stats

Total Number Of Tyson Jackson Cards: 219
Memorabilia: 110
Autos: 96
Serial Numbered: 181
Rookies: 21
1/1’s: 14

Thank You for considering me and if nothing else at least maybe you will enjoy looking at the scans

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Alex Tressler

I was just finishing up all my stats for my Lafell collection when I came across this. He has a total of 795 diffrent cards and I’m closing in on 600 :)

Once I finish with my tally and uploading the rest of the pics to my photobucket (that’s taking FOREVER) I will email the info.

BTW this all started while I was deployed in Afghanistan (US Army 10 years and still going strong)

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Chris Rarey

Name: Chris Rarey
Age: 28
Location: Renton, Washington
Collect: Seattle Seahawks

I humbly present my Seattle Seahawks collection for your consideration. My collection is unique in the fact that I will collect not only Seahawks cards, but also every player that has ever been signed by the Seahawks for any length of time. By collecting this way, I believe I have one of the most diverse Seahawks collections out there. My story started in 2004. I was just getting back into the hobby when a great member of a forum sent me a Seneca Wallace Ultimate collection RC auto numbered to 25. Since then I have built a rather large collection with over 150 players represented. Here are the stats:

Total cards- 8900 or so scanned, with more coming
Autos: 917
Jersey cards: 497
Jersey/autos: 104
1/1’s: 142
Rookie cards: 3438

Many Signed 8×10’s
An authentic on field helmet signed by Branch, Burleson, Obomanu, and Tatupu.
4 mini helmets signed by Josh Brown, DJ Hackett, Darryl Tapp, Kelly Jennings and Mack Strong.
Seahawks roadsign signed by Marcus Trufant.
A football signed by 9 Seahawks.

My photobucket is broken down by position/player. Some of my player collection achievements include:
One copy of every Travis Lulay card made (non including 1/1’s)
One copy of every Red Bryant card made (non including 1/1’s)
Almost half of the availiable 1/1’s for Darryl Tapp
Almost half of the print run for 2006 Leaf Limited Darryl Tapp Monikers autos
Near player completion of Leroy Hill, Ben Obomanu, and a few others.

Here is my photobucket link:

Grab some popcorn, cause you will be there for awhile!

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I sent in my e-mail and it kicked back as undeliverable due to the mailbox being full. Please let me know when the mailbox has room so I can resubmit my application. Thanks!

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1) Name, age, your email address, your location (city, state) and who/what you collect.

Arturo Arellano
21 years old
Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
I collect anything Mexican-born related to baseball.

2. Statistics about your collection (total cards, number of 1/1s, number of autographs, number of game-used cards o items, etc.)

* Edgar Gonzalez collection – the 1/1’s: 105/109 (96.33%) Have 6 1/1s out of 25

4 GU jerseys and 3 autographed bats (2 issued to him). One of those jerseys is the most precious item I have: A GU jersey from the 2006 WBC and it is signed by the complete Mexican team.

* Jorge Cantu collection: 448 / 645 (69.46%) until 2011

– the 1/1’s: 396/413 (95.88%) until 2011

52 1/1s

* Total Mexican collection: 2,942 different cards (at least one card of everyone who had one produced) not counting cards of players who didn’t arrive to MLB. Including 7 1/1’s besides the ones of Edgar Gonzalez and Jorge Cantu

* Autographs in plain items: 111 / 113

* Autographs in baseballs: 80 / 113

3. Tell us why you should be picked. Sell us on what makes your collection the best — and how/why it started

I would like to be picked as a super collector because of the trend of my collection. In value, maybe my collection is not as impressive as collections about the usual star players or popular teams, but I think my collection is unique in its kind. There are very few collectors south of the border, but that doesn’t mean the hobby can’t grow here, there’s just a lack of culture about it. With the proper exposure and marketing of it, I think this hobby could expand to a big market.

It started when I first bought baseball cards packs at retail stores. I liked baseball because my dad was a big fan, not something very common in a country where soccer is the most popular sport by far. Almost automatically I started sorting the Mexican players aside from the rest. The stack of Mexicans started growing until now that I have 7 different binders and almost 3,000 different cards. I noticed I couldn’t be a player collector of all the 113 Mexicans to play in MLB so I decided to focus on just a couple to try to complete them, so I chose Edgar Gonzalez, Jorge Cantu and Luis Cruz. I still buy from the other players but not as a much as those three.

4. Send us LINKS to images that we can examine or use with your item. (Bad images won’t help your case … and 900 MB attachments won’t either!)

Edgar Gonzalez memorabilia and links to cards:

Mexican players autographs collection:

Mexico in the WBC:

Memorabilia in my baseball house:

Jorge Cantu collection sorted by years:

Several Mexicans cards and items:

Thank you very much for the opportunity

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Brandon Lucas

Name: Brandon Lucas
Age: 29
Location: Lafayette, IN
Collect: Kerry Collins

Total Number Of different Kerry Collins Cards: 1118
Total Number of Kerry Collins Cards: 3,357
Memorabilia: 79
Autos: 36
1/1′s: 7
Team Signed Football: 1
Signed Football: 1
Signed Mini Helmets: 6 different
Signed Lithograph: 1
Signed 8X10: 1
Signed Cleat: 1
Absolute Signing Bonus: 2 different

At the time I started to collect cards Kerry Collins was still at Penn State. I had always been a fan of the Nittany Lions, and wanted to collect a player that was going to be drafted. When Collins was drafted by the Panthers I had made my mind up to collect him. He has been my favorite player since then. I have amassed quite a collection, mostly from buying but have made several trades to acquire some of my items. I am starting to get back into the swing of things and getting caught up to number of cards produced but still quite a bit away. I really wish that maybe Upper Deck and Press Pass might make some new cards of his but its probably a wish that won’t come true even though he was a great college QB. I hope this is enough to get me into the supercollector magazine. I have also been deemed a supercollector on

You can also get ahold of me on beckett and sportscardforum under the user ID CollinsFanatic. I do not check my email too often.

Thank you for your consideration.

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michael stepper

name: Michael Stepper
age: 31
location: Oskaloosa, IA
Collection: Ken Griffey, JR

according to beckett I have
1083 different cards (which has grown from under 200 thanks to trading here)
73 mem cards
52 autos
117 serial numbered cards
and 6 different rc’s

other mem/collectibles i have are
painted home plate
UD retro lunch box
reds and mariners(which wasn’t released) commemorative 400hr bears
Autographed Bambino Bear, ball, bat, batting helmet
about a dozen or so mariners, reds and all star jerseys
several action figures and ornaments, collectible gold cards and a mini plate and mini bat

While i’ve seen and know of collections bigger and better than mine I feel I still fit the “supercollector” status. I started when my mom bought me the 89 upper deck RC for christmas one year and didn’t really have a clue who he was.. then I got to see him play on a daily basis and it was over from there. started to take my collection seriously about 5 years ago and it’s grown tremendously since then. while I don’t have any 1/1’s i feel you’d be hard pressed to find another collector with as much griffey material who hasn’t been collecting for 20 years or spent a ridiculous amount of money. otherwise i nominate magicpapa as a fellow beckett member who’s is second to none.

here’s a link to my photobucket with all my mem/auto’s scanned in

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I cant send an email because your Email storage is full it says :(

Posted June 5, 2011 at 5:08 am | Permalink

Should be fixed now.

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Joseph Budd AKA Raider Card Addict, 37 years old,, Rapid City, South Dakota, anything and everything of the Raiders, Oakland and Los Angeles.
Collection consists of about 60,000 total items, including 204 autographs, 814 Jersey cards, 12 1/1 issues plus Jerry Porter die stamp set. Collection also includes motorcycles, helicopters, popcorn machine, race cars, planes, trucks, 8 glass plaques from Playoff Absolute Mem. Cards range from 1960’s Oakland Raiders decal to most recent pickup of Topps Supreme 3/7 Jumbo Jersey issue.
I have been a fan for the Raiders dating back to 1976, but started collecting in earnest in 1986, starting out with the topps football set. I completed the first Raiders team set, plus 1000 yard club card, and aside from a short break during the baseball strike, kept going strong until 1999. About this time I decided to reduce my collecting to just Raiders, and started disbursing a 1.2 million card collection, to focus on Raiders items. Since then I have bought out two other collectors, ranging from oldies like Jim Otto’s two rookie cards in 1961, to rare items, like the AH-64 Apache Helicopter, to trying to collect all the jumbo war room Michael Bush’s numbered to 25…presently, I have 13 of them. To date, I presently have started buying singles, as due to buying lots, I also have about 50,000 doubles of Raiders…and a lot of extra team sets to work with.
Presently about half my collection can be found on my facebook page, at in the photos section. In the next couple days, I will probably be uploading some of the more expensive items, including a 3/5 Marcus Allen with six pieces, a four piece National Treasure card with jersey pieces, a complete set of the NFL Legends autos from 1999 and other goodies.

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email sent – thanks!

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name: Paul Meunier
age: 35
location: New Bedford, Ma.
Collection: Jose Canseco

Thank you Chris for pointing this thread out to me in an email. I would like to throw my Canseco super collection into the mix!

Beckett statistics
160 GU’ed
46 Auto’s
300-400 oddball unchecklisted cards
2 auto’s obtained IP in 2009 (was great to finally be face to face with Jose after all these years)

I have been collecting Canseco stuff since 1988.. many years before the internet and on the wrong coast as far as dealers having his regional cards in stock. gave up collecting in 1995 as I got into my later teens but found myself looking on Ebay in early 2000 with amazement at how the hobby had changed and picking up the occasional auto or GU’ed of the era. in 2007 I finally decided to pickup where I left off and collect full time again. Using many of the popular trading sites along with the Beckett checklist online I added hundreds of cards to my collection quickly. In the last year or so I have really added some quality rarer cards to my PC with the pinnacle being the red crusade to complete that rainbow. currently my collection is displayed online on two seperate sites. contains all of the scans of my collection as of my 2007 re-entry into the hobby. I also use a Photobucket site to store all of the scans of my recent pickups from the last year and a half or so. Those can be viewed at this link:

future plans call for my own domain and a complete overhaul with every card rescanned singly as well as continuing to pickup quality cards for my collection as time and money allow.

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1. David Aguero, 36,, San Antonio Texas and I collect Rb Chris Henry.

2. Statistics about your collection
809 cards total I have 438
303 Memorabilia cards I have 168
37 rc cards I have 37. I think there is a prestige rc but I have never seen it.
390 Autos I have 186
705 Serialed numbered cards I have 366
I curently have 36 1/1’s of Chris Henry. I also have an autographed Ball, 8×10, and mini helmet.

3. I started collecting Chris Henry after I saw him play a few Games at Arizona. When I heard that the titans got him I was hoping he would be the Next Eddie George. While that did not happen I still wanted to collect him and continued. While he is considered a scrub by most I keep hoping he will one day go to a team that will utilize him. As my collection grows I have noticed that its becoming harder and harder to find any cards of Chris. Mostly due to them not being listed on ebay and other sites. Im hoping I can get selected for I can get the word out to other collectors who may be able to help me build on.

4. I have 2 links photobucket:
and a youtube video link:

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Justin Wanamaker

Sent my stats via email hope to be considered for my Dolphins collection

Posted June 18, 2011 at 8:57 am | Permalink
Jason Johnston

email sent for my Prado Collection. thanks!

Posted June 27, 2011 at 10:40 pm | Permalink
Aaron Allaby

Sent email for my Brett Hull collection

Posted June 29, 2011 at 9:44 pm | Permalink

Just sent my application in for my Curtis Joseph collection.

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Jack Bruder

1. Name, age, your email address, your location (city, state) and who/what you collect.
Jack Bruder, 33 (jtbruds9 beckett member ID)
2. Statistics about your collection (total cards, number of 1/1s, number of autographs, number of game-used cards or items, etc.)


Over 5000 different flyers cards in my organize(10000 more in multiples not listed)
95 different game used/memorabilia cards ( im not fan of of these type of cards)
278 different pack pulled certified autogrpahed cards
499 different autographed 8x10s
610 autographed IP or TTM autographed cards
253 autographed pucks
105 autographed IP or TTM index cards
83 autographed flyers lineup cards
70 autographed flyers player post cards
44 different autographed 16x20s
15 autographed sticks
28 autogrphed mini helmets
7 autographed jerseys
8 autographed flyers Hall of Fame posters
Stanley cup winning teams signed lithograph
2010 team signed winter classic 16×20
over 200 other additonal misc. flyer autos on magazine pages and programs
Many other misc flyer items including over 42 bobbleheads, multiple mcfarlane figures, starting lineups and a ton of posters and magazines

3. Tell us why you should be picked. Sell us on what makes your collection the best — and how/why it started.

I started collecting the Philadelphia Flyers back in 1987 when my mom took me to a local sporting goods store that a freind of the family owned that was having Ron Hextall do an appearance, my favorite player at the time. The freind of the family took my mom, myself and one of my freinds to the front of the line where we had the chance to meet Mr. Hextall. He chatted with us for about 5 minutes and autographed a hockey stick (that I still have to this day) given to me by the store owner and after that I was hooked. I went from being someone who would watch the flyers cause my parents had them on to someone who could not get enough of watching the flyers play hockey. After that night of meeting Ron Hextall my parents found themeselves taking me all over town to different events to meet flyers players and get there autographs and it never stopped even when I became old enough to take myself and it continues to this day. My collection has to continue to grow since that night. I think I should be picked to be a supercollector by beckett because of my passion for flyers hockey. I am a seson ticket holder and still go to every flyers signing I hear about. I have been a fan of the flyers since I was a kid and never gave up on them even through some of those awful teams of the early 90s. My collection continues to grow every week and I am always on the lookout for flyers items I dont already own. My number one collecting goal is to own an individual autographed item of any player who has laced them up for the Orange and Black. Nothing would make me happier to see the flyers raise the Stanley Cup again. It would be a honor to be picked by beckett as a supercollector.

4. Send us LINKS to images that we can examine or use with your item. (Bad images won’t help your case … and 900 MB attachments won’t either!)

Here is the link to my photobucket that has the majority of my autographed items. All of my cards a listed in my beckett organize under Jtbruds9\

Posted July 4, 2011 at 4:49 am | Permalink

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your time and consideration.

User name: JPLEAZME
Name: Joshua Palmer
Age: 31
Location: Santa Barbara & San Diego, CA
Collect: Jordan Farmar
Collection Statistics: I started collecting in 89. Gave it up at the end of my high school years. Collected for a short period in 99-01 after joining the Navy and moving to San Diego. I got addicted to the love of collecting again in April 2007. I fell in love with some of the new designs and autograph cards. My first chase set was Ultimate Collections 2006-07. I put together the base, legends, RC/AUTO, and Ultimate Signature sets. I went back and finished off some sets I started back in the early 90’s & my dream set of 1987 FLEER. Still looking for a better quality Jordan.
I wanted to start a player PC like I did when I was younger. Somebody that I can watch grow throughout their career. Somebody that was close to home and was not very expensive to collect. I am not able to collect every card out there nor am I able to buy the expensive RC/AUTOS or boxes that card manufacturers throw at us collectors. I decided to collect Jordan Farmar. I watched him play a couple games at UCLA & am familiar with him. He is also a LAKERS, which I am a huge fan of. Kobe is too expensive. I used to collect everything Lakers. Over the last few years, I have learned it is hard to buy wax. So I turned to the internet to fulfill my cardboard addiction. It has become extremely hard to find cards that I do not have already in my collection. My top FARMAR cards that are my pride & joy are SPA 2008-09 “VARSITY LETTERS FULLNAME” set. I am missing three “CITYNAME” Letters, which are all 1/1. I also have 3 of the Triple Threads 1/1 cards. And 2 of 3 SPX 2008-09 “Winning Material Trios auto/jerseys”.
I am serving in the Navy & am currently deployed to South America. Internet connectivity is not the best. Photobucket times out before the site loads. You can view my collection on the below link. I have about 18-20 cards that I have to scan & upload when I return from deployment. I am still searching for more from the middle of the ocean.
Total FARMAR PC: 263/633
Memorabilia cards: 99/238
Autograph Cards: 112/238
Serial Numbered: ?? (could not get my Beckett Organization to load. Stats are from before I deployed overseas)
Rookies: 23/33
1/1 – 10
Note: I have multiple copies of the lower print run cards. Duplicates are not counted for regarding mentioned statistics.

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craig cibrone

hi i would love to put my patrick roy collection in the super collection forum i have been collecting patrick roy for over 20 years i have over 15,000 cards of patrick roy game used and autographed mem id say the collection books over 200,000 easly would love to show it please let me know if you would be interested thanks

craig cibrone

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Ryan Holton

Hi, I have only been in the hobby since December 2010. I started trying to Super Collect Mikel LeShoure for about 4 Months. I do have few redemptions that have not come back yet but if need be I ccan go to the LCS and take some pics of them the ones I remember are:
2011 Topps Rising Rookies Dual Autographs #DALM Mikel Leshoure EXCH#{Rashard Mendenhall
2011 Topps Rising Rookies Triple Autographs Gold #TAILW Mark Ingram#{Mikel Leshoure#{Ryan Williams
2011 Topps Rising Rookies NFL Shield Patch Autographs #SRAPML Mikel Leshoure EXCH
2011 Topps Rising Rookies NFL Draft Autographs Red Ink #DRAML Mikel Leshoure
Also have a
2011 Upper Deck Printing Plates Black #215 Mikel Leshoure
2011 Donruss Elite New Breed Jersey Autographs Prime #25 Mikel Leshoure
2011 Donruss Elite Rookie NFL Shield Autographs #23 Mikel Leshoure
2011 Donruss Elite Status autograph #168 Mikel Leshoure
there are a few more can’t remember now if chosen I will go to the lcs and get pic of what I can, also will scan in everything incoming from the bay as soon as they come in.

Not 100% sure on these Numbers but they are an under estimate

Total Mikel LeShoure PC (including incoming):62 (all different, no duplicates)
Memorabilia cards: 5
Autograph Cards: 37
Serial Numbered: 37
Rookies: 4
1/1 – 1

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corrected e mail address–see above hope you received my lengthy comments on my golf collection

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Kevin Bull

Kevin Bull
Frederick, MD
Collect Laron Landry, Washington Redskins

398 total cards for 2007-2011
207 Autographs
106 GU cards (not counting manu. patches)
16 1/1’s
2008 Practice Used Jersey
2007 Game Used Gloves (autographed)
12 Auto Pictures
Signed Game Issued Jersey
Signed Authentic Jersey
Signed Full Sized Helmet INSCRIBED “To My #1 Fan”
3 signed mini-helmets
Signed Redskins Logo Football
2 Custom McFarlane Figures
1 Lego Landry
Artist sketch autographed
Autographed SI Magazine with Landry on the cover

YouTube Page has my entire collection

Photobucket has all memorabilia and cards

i never cared for football cards or memorabilia for the longest time. as a kid of course collection cards was just the cool thing to do and there werent autos or jersey cards. never even thought of memorabilia. Even as an adult i was just a fan. Huge skins fan but nothing to really show for it except for a couple of hats and t-shirts. Then around 2005 i stumbled into the hobby, and it didnt take long for it to get hardcore. Sean Taylor was my favorite player as i perferred defense to offense in the NFL. I dabbled a little bit in football cards first and then looked into memorabilia. Then we drafted Landry. Still a Taylor fan but was interested in Landry. Something just clicked and i started grabbing as many Landry cards that I could afford. Maybe it was his early rookie success, maybe it was the passing of Taylor, maybe I open up the flood gates for my fanhood and it exploded all over my house. There is a little under 900 different Laron Landry cards, and i have just under half of all of them, if you take out 1/1’s in the beckett database i have almost 2/3’s of his total collection. I have met him several times and he has signed multiple autos for me. I have taken a new appreciation for the game of football since getting into the hobby, Makes me feel even closer to the game. I try and get as many Redskins items that I can but always keep out an extra eye for Landry items. To your average person my collection is insane, too the beckett community and others in this hobby, its just another large collection. I dont feel that my stuff is any better or any less than another collectors. How mine stands apart in my opinion however is that its the Redskins. You dont see people throwing their Skins collection out for everyone to see. Its Steelers, Cowboys, Colts, Saints, Pats etc. All the big successful teams. I have been faithful even though we havent been great for 20 years but i still collect them and will never stop. Go Skins and watch out for Dirty 30 in the next few years

Posted July 12, 2011 at 4:42 pm | Permalink

Griffey PC Comin’ Chris. :)

Posted July 14, 2011 at 3:20 am | Permalink
daniel corey

not a big computer guy. is there an address i can mail a letter, and some pictures to? you dont want to miss out on this one!

Posted January 15, 2012 at 1:22 pm | Permalink
daniel corey

daniel corey 39 in 2001 i was supercollecter of the year.since then i have moved, been introduced to ebay, and have spent alot of time and money to improve my 49er room. i have been collecting for as long as i can remember. i have 77 pennants, over 50 pictures and plaques, 25 jerseys, over 100 becketts, sports ill., programs etc., 124 starting lineups, mcfarelands,figurines, 165 diecast vehicles, 71 helmets- 40 autographed, thousands of cards, 75+ cups, mugs, glasses, clocks, lights, frisbees, flags, banners, coke cans, beer cans, wheaties boxes, phones, footballs, puzzels, dvds, bowling ball, ballons, posters, a custom 49 guitar, candy bar,….etc. anything you can think of, its probably up there. i have installed green carpeting with painted yard lines, and endzone. all shelving is glass, and mirror. this is a one of a kind room! i have pictures i can send you if youd like. i love to show people. at this point over $30,000 is in this room. thanks for your time. go niners!

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Josh Detloff

I haven’t been “collecting” Packers for too long, but have always had collectibles. Since I have started collecting I have 2 autographed jerseyes, Bart Starr and Paul Hornung. 3 autographed footballs, Rodgers, Matthews, and Hornung.

I am a big Favre collector. I have about 3,000 cards, some dups. Not too many high end because they are so expensive, but have some. About 20 jersey cards, 5 auto cards, 4 autographed 8×10, full size autographed helmet, autographed by Starr and Favre, his book autographed, and the Favre beanie baby is in there too.

I have a custom cabinet, with custom lighting showcasing some of my packers collectibles. I have 6 autographed mini helmets, a KSU Jordy Nelson, Packers Jordy Nelson, AJ Hawk, DuJuan Harris, Antonio Freeman, and James Starks. I have the two jerseys in there along with a rare Vince Lombardi bobble head doll.

Lining the walls of the cabinet I have cards. In order for the cards to be considered, they have to be GU’d Auto’d,vintage, or numbered to 25 or less.

Unfortunately no 1/1’s yet.

My favorite card would have to be the autographed Don Hutson card.

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