Collecting 101: Get your questions about the hobby answered in the next BSCM

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Do you have any questions about the hobby — easy or hard — that you’d like answered in the next issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly?

We’re prepping the “Collecting 101” issue, which will be an issue that lays out a lot of the basics of collecting as well as answer other questions.

Leave them in a comment below and they just might get answered in the next issue.



Why do card companies have players sign newer cards first, and not honor the older redemptions first? I have seen it from both UD and Panini where They have players in house signing 2010-11 items, when there are still outstanding 2009-10 and earlier redemptions out there.

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Please do a list of descriptions on error card abbreveations. A lot of them are very hard to get. Thaks so much.

From mod: Some more universal abbreviations might be, but your best bet is to get a copy of one of our annual books. They often have descriptions of errors.

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Stan Jastrzebski

Why do the cards of some players who have not seen big league success but were highly-touted before making it to the big leagues (i.e. Kosuke Fukudome, Chin-Lung Hu, Kei Igawa) retain more value than the cards of players who have established themselves as stars (Joey Votto, Josh Hamilton)?

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Why is the latest Beckett basketball guide in non-chronological order and with no table of contents page (or did I get an error version)? It’s hard enough to find a set in there when you know the year and name but when the name and/or year is not obvious (with all the inserts for example or an insert like a blue Chronology Lebrons that came in a regular Upper Deck pack) it’s pretty frustrating flipping pages to try to find the right one (sometimes there are no pictures either, spacing issue I guess) and with no contents, you can’t scan to find the title there either.

From mod: The price guide listings are in the order the database sorts them — Chronologically/Alphabetically.

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Johnny Dawn

How does beckett calculate the value of cards?

Do they go by what they sell for in the secondary market and make the low-high range based on that?

someone told me BV means nothing even the low end because the only thing that matters is market value what someone is willing to pay for the card. im guessing they are very wrong.

From mod: Book value is based on market value from several sources — a low- and a high-end.

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Bryon Pratt

Will we ever see the day of non-exclusive rights for sports so Topps and UD can again issue pro-licensed basketball cards?

Will we ever get away from redemption cards?

What print runs are considered rare, very rare, hard to find, commons, etc?

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Why haven’t the Card Manufacturer learned that producing a jersey card of some low level player is not a good idea. When you spend big money on a box of cards & you pull a Nick Swisher Jersey card as you big hit, Its not good. But I have the perfect Solution, All Jersey Cards should be S/N to 25 or lower. This will make even low level Jersey cards worth alot more. Cause people who are trying to put a master set together will only have a low amount of cards to pick from, Not Hundreds or even Thousands to pick from. I think this would also regenerate collators feeling toward Jersey cards.

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Why are there still no lists for the 2008-2009, 2009-2010 Rip Card Exclusive Mini Autographs
in the big guides? I can understand something being too scarce to price, but knowing who
is in the set and perhaps the quantity of each made would make things a lot nicer.

Also, can you please confirm that all of the regular mini cards were made for the 2008-2009 year
since I have yet to see an appearance of the Pete Maravich mini, though I believe I have seen
every other player a few times. And if any of the minis were made in differing quantities that
would be nice to know too.

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1 whats the print run of the blue “refractors ” in 2006 upper deck special f/x,

2 why has topps not released information about the short print 2010 topps update gold bordered cards (look at some feebay sales )?

3 is the strasburg bowman draft base a true rookie (not draft chrome)?

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Regarding Topps Diamond Giveaway, Million Card Giveaway, Gridiron Giveaway:

Why can’t most people realize that in order to trade, each person should get something of value.

For example, if you want my 1968 common card, offer another 1968 (or a bit older) common card. Or perhaps offer 2 1970 common cards.

90-95% of the offers I get are like: I’ll give you a 1988 common for your 1971 common or the like. I seriously get about 1 even (1978 for 1978), and 1 sweetened (like a 1977 for 1978 or 2 1980s for a 1978), vs about 30 really offensively lopsided ones in the traders favor. I’d like to not have to weed thru so many junky trades every day!

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Mark Barrett

How do the card companies decide what to number the cards for the players?

Posted May 17, 2011 at 10:41 am | Permalink

Will there be NFL cards if the lockout lasts all year?

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Nicky Wizig

If players like Dwanye Wade have no exclusive deals with other companies why can’t Panini get them to sign cards?

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Emmanuel Akognon

I have a question about 1989 Pro Set Football. What do the following letters stand for:?

And what do they mean by: 47A William Perry SP? 100A John Elway DRAFT

SP = short-print
TR = traded banner added
UER = Uncorrected Error

DRAFT notes a variation where he is listed as being drafted, not traded to, in his bio

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Danny miller

I have a misprint Jason brookins/chad Pennington football card and in the pricing it says uer what does uer mean? Thanks


Posted January 28, 2013 at 11:54 pm | Permalink
Susan Lulgjuraj

UER means uncorrected error, Danny.

Posted January 29, 2013 at 9:46 am | Permalink
Luke Wienecke

What does it mean if a card says N/A for its pricing?

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