Exclusive first look: Video card prototype leaked

By Andrew Tolentino | Editor

While most of the hobby will have to wait until mid-April or longer to handle the market’s first video trading cards, we managed to land a prototype yesterday afternoon. And since this is a potentially paradigm-shifting product, we made sure to film the debut for the world to see.

Many collectors have already expressed a mixed bag of opinions on the industry’s tech-crossover initiatives. But the proof is in the prototype — as seen live and in further detail in the following video.

Please keep in mind that this is just a prototype, but it should give collectors a decent representation of the pending product. After you’ve watched the video, please feel free to share the news with fellow collectors to continue the discussion.

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Very nice, Gentleman. You got me for my first foolish moment of today. My second will be listening to my Cubs on WGN later and hoping this is the year.

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That was good, Andrew. But even though you were joking the real ones coming out fro UD and Panini are also jokes. If I really wanted to see video highlights why wouldn’t I just watch them on Youtube? Plus what they are calling cards are about the size of my cell phone, so tell me how they consider this a card? Please do not list and price this junk in Beckett Monthly because they are NOT cards and I won’t have anything to do with them.

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Travis N.


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Andrew Wishon

Very funny. You should autograph it and make that a Free Stuff Friday prize!

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Stephen Wills

Well done gentlemen… Well Done! Wish i could have video-taped my reaction for ya, you would have responded with a mission accomplished!

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Too funny, Love the Benny Hill music playing in the background.

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