Hobby shop thoughts: on-camera video card opinions

By Andrew Tolentino | Football Editor

Last week, we took a quick trip over to Nick’s Sports Cards — the closest hobby shop in our neck of the woods — to get a few lunch-hour reactions to Upper Deck’s EVOLUTION.

With the video card in my hand and the video camera in Olds’, we set out to capture as many opinions as we could get during an admittedly low-traffic time. While we weren’t able to put the industry innovation in hundreds of hands that day, we definitely managed to spark some real interest and honest discussion about the latest hobby brainchild.

Watch in 720p for better resolution.

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Looks like these guys are real excited about the video toys (Yeah Right!!!). This was a perfect example of the failure that is the supposed Video CARD which really isn’t a card at all. This is all it would have took for the companies to realize the disaster they were headed for. They could have just visited 1 hobby shop and asked the patrons about this idea, and then I wouldn’t have had to seen 10 articles about it on Beckett. But I do want to say thank you to the guys at Beckett for actually doing more research about new products than the card companies themselves do, at least for the most part you guys listen to the collectors and don’t just ignore us. Thanks Andrew and Chris, and Dan for the things you do for us, keep up the good work.

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The last two sentences in the video say it all. Give us what we want, not what you think we want.

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Kory Kasler

Being a marketing student, this is embarassing……WHO’S IDEA WAS THIS??? It looks like a stupid toy you’d get in a happy meal. Online trading cards have been a dud overall, with the exception of eTopps, which in reality are also physical cards, since they can be sent to the owner……..this is a joke.

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Having run (for 5 years) a marketing office for an organization with nearly 2000 employees, and having owned a Sports Card Store for twenty years, I commend Upper Deck and Panini for moving forward with new ideas to make this a better hobby.

Like all new ideas, this one has room for improvement. Every year we should expect improvements from the sports card manufacturers, and for the most part, they deliver. Upper Deck and Panini have many smart people working for them; however, I would suggest the following:

1. Autograph and number these.
2. HAVE DIFFERENT ONES IN EACH PRODUCT. Should have a mixture of top rookies and established stars, and Hall of Famers.
3. Don’t make too many of each player (100 or less) every year. Short print the less collectible names.
4. Improve the technology at least every two years.
5. Keep them limited to product boxes. I believe collectors are looking for this item to be valued at least $100 each, otherwise you’ve lost the “Wow Factor.” Invest at least $100 per item in production costs (including the autograph) and place them in boxes at a rate that will not hurt required profit margins.
6. Sell different ones in Upper Deck/Panini Stores and they should be priced at least $100 each.

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They just arent good. If i want a video I will watch sportscenter or google the highlight for free! Horrible idea and will crash and burn! I bet my whole collection!

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