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Official Super Bowl portrait lets Saints fans relive moment

The Super Bowl has come and gone — but New Orleans Saints fans still can’t seem to get enough of their championship team’s memorabilia.

Here’s a piece that’s a little different than the typical sports cards, tribute magazines or autographed memorabilia that’s been hot for the last month or so since the Saints took out the Indianapolis Colts, 31-17.

It’s the official Super Bowl XLIV portrait by Tony Capparelli.

Capparelli was selected by the NFL to produce the painting, which is available as a limited edition fine art giclee limited to 500 plus artist proofs. It’s 36×28 inches and $399 (unframed) plus $24.95 shipping and handling. It can be found at SportsArtTV.com and NFLShop.com.

You can watch a video about its creation below.

YouTube Preview Image

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