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Do You Believe in Collecting Miracles?

Like so many others, I watched the tape-delayed broadcast of the 1980 Olympic Games’ Miracle on Ice, the U.S. men’s hockey team’s unthinkable medal-round upset win over the Soviet Union in Lake Placid, N.Y.

Ozzy Osbourne: An absolute Iron Man when signing autographs

Heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne was in town to sign copies of his new book I am Ozzy at a Dallas Barnes & Noble, and I had to be at the store by 9 a.m. to assure myself of a chance at an autograph.

Inside the ultimate Los Angeles Lakers memorabilia collection

David Kohler, the owner of SCP Auctions, recently showed off his impressive collection of Los Angeles Lakers memorabilia to’s Craig Sager.

Prepare to be bugged by these baseball cards

Upper Deck has started unveiling its 2009 Goodwin Champions Entomology Cards that include an actual dead insect embedded into a sports card that is ultimately a shadowbox for the insect.

Box Busters: 2009 Ultimate Collection football cards

Join Beckett Football’s Tracy Hackler and Dan Hitt as they rip into a pair of 2009 Ultimate Collection football packs from Upper Deck in this red-hot edition of Box Busters recorded just minutes ago.

Preview Gallery: 2010 Topps National Chicle baseball cards

Topps released a large number of card images to preview its forthcoming 2010 National Chicle baseball card set on Friday.

Upper Deck announces "Wave 2" of 2010 Series 1 baseball card set coming to retail

Upper Deck unveiled plans for a second wave of 2010 Upper Deck Baseball coming to retail store shelves in May.

The steel chair finally has a rookie card …

We’ve previously written about one of the most traditional pieces of pro wrestling memorabilia — the steel chair — but now the world can truly rest easily knowing that the iconic of all wrestling icons has a trading card of its own.

Massive Gallery: Razor 2010 U.S. Army All-American Bowl Auto Patches

Razor Collectibles’ Brian Gray on Wednesday evening shared a staggering assortment of autographed patch cards from his company’s forthcoming 2010 U.S. Army All-American Bowl Football product due out March 1 . . . and here’s what I think about what I saw.

Breaking news: Topps WWE Slam Attax cards provide further proof Sheamus should never have been WWE champion

In the new WWE Topps Attax card game former WWE champ Sheamus’ 51 Defense and 59 Attack points are topped by the likes of Melina (55-66), Natalya (52-59) and even Michelle McCool (56-62) — three of the WWE’s female competitors.

Box Busters: 2010 Topps Heritage baseball cards

Join Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds and Brian Fleischer as they bust into two boxes of 2010 Topps Heritage, which features the 1961 Topps design, in this episode of Box Busters.

Sneak Preview Gallery: 2009-10 ITG Between the Pipes Hockey

In The Game officials on Wednesday released preliminary product information and a bevy of stunning card images for 2009-10 Between the Pipes, the annual goalie-collector’s gotta-have that releases March 25. (Check out the captivating gallery after the jump.)

First One to Pull this Card Wins . . .

Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White announced today via Twitter that Topps officials have randomly inserted into the just-released 2010 Topps UFC Main Event 10 cards bearing autographs from White and fellow UFC luminaries Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz.

Box Busters: 2010 Topps Attax Baseball

Join Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds and Brian Fleischer as they open a pair of 2010 Topps Attax starter packs and show collectors what can be found inside for this new baseball card game in this latest episode of Box Busters.

It's a bird, it's a plane … it's a million-dollar comic book

A CGC 8.0 copy of Action Comics No. 1 — a comic book known for the first appearance of Superman — sold for $ 1 million dollars at auction this week.

Panini Releases Playoff Contenders Basketball SP List

On the heels of weeks of gradually building collector speculation and anticipation, Panini officials on Tuesday night released to Beckett Media the list of short-printed Rookie Cards from 2009-10 Playoff Contenders Basketball.

Press Pass Encourages Collectors to Get a Rope

One of the many refreshing aspects permeating Press Pass’ new 8 Seconds Professional Bull Riders trading card set is the fact that you can, quite literally, get a bona fide, bull-ridden rope – or at least a piece of one – in randomly selected retail blaster boxes.

Box Busters: 2010 Topps UFC Main Event

Beckett Media UFC mavens Bryan Hornbeck and Tracy Hackler go a few rounds with 2010 Topps UFC Main Event, a must-bust product for hardcore MMA fans.

COMMENTARY: MLB Properties vs. Upper Deck — What does one trademark expert think?

We’ve examined the various pieces of the April 19 court case but we haven’t had anyone examine the arguments from a legal standpoint. Miguel Danielson of Danielson Legal LLC in Cambridge, Mass., is not only a trademark and intellectual property attorney, but he’s also an avid sports card collector.

COMMENTARY: MLB Properties vs. Upper Deck — Examining Upper Deck's argument

Upper Deck writes: “This is not a garden variety trademark infringement dispute. This case requires a deliberate and careful assessment of the scope of MLBP’s trademark rights in a context where those rights come into direct conflict with principles of free speech and competition and the legal doctrines that aim to protect them.”

COMMENTARY: MLB Properties vs. Upper Deck — MLBP's complaint

MLB Properties, which is the licensing entity for all 30 MLB teams — the organization that grants and approves the commercial use of the thousands of trademarks MLB owns — claims that Upper Deck is using those trademarks illegally in its three most recent baseball card sets, 2009 Signature Stars, 2009 Ultimate Collection and 2010 Upper Deck Series 1.

COMMENTARY: MLB Properties vs. Upper Deck — Why just Topps?

Details of licensing agreements — or details of non-renewals — are rarely disclosed in the industry as leagues prefer to keep their financial agreements and contractual timeframes confidential and safeguard consumer confidence in the companies that they do business with.

Upper Deck reveals baseball SPs, two more "double take" variation players

Upper Deck revealed on Friday that there are four rare retail short-prints to be found for its 2010 baseball card set and that there are two more “double take” players with photo variation cards.

Product Preview: 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball cards

Topps unveiled the basic product information and preview images for its fifth installment in one of its most-popular brands — Allen & Ginter Baseball — which will arrive in late-June.

Box Busters Preview Gallery: 2010 Topps Heritage baseball cards

We’ll have a Box Busters episode for 2010 Topps Heritage Baseball up before it arrives in hobby shops next week, but we knew that the goodness that is the 10th-annual release in the Heritage line couldn’t wait.

Upper Deck maintains its support of Tiger Woods

With Tiger Woods’ first public comments on his transgressions coming on Friday, there will be plenty of discussion about Woods’ future with sponsors and with other business ties.

First look: 2010 TRISTAR In Pursuit of the Majors baseball cards

TRISTAR unveiled its latest baseball card product this week, a 90-card box set named In Pursuit of the Majors, which will include a 75-card set and 15 additional cards in each box.

Apolo Ohno Trading Cards on the Rise

The face of U.S. speed skating is about to become the face of America’s winningest Winter Olympian. Not coincidentally, Apolo Ohno’s autographed trading card is hot enough to melt the very Vancouver ice upon which he’ll most certainly make history in the coming days.

2010 Topps UFC Main Event Packs Serious Punch

No matter how much they celebrated the shockingly good release of Topps’ maiden UFC product last February, there were those among even the hardest of hardcore mixed martial arts fans who feared that a UFC-exclusive trading card product lacked legitimate sustainability.

Upper Deck Unveils New Saints Images

Upper Deck officials on Thursday unveiled the first images from the company’s March-releasing boxed-set tribute to the Super Bowl XLIV-champion New Orleans Saints.

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann prefers 1967 over 2010 Topps

Long-time collector Keith Olbermann opened his first pack of 2010 Topps on the air — a typical tradition of his in recent years — but he didn’t finish it because he was looking forward to tearing into a different type of wrapper.

Checklist: 2010 Topps baseball short-prints

Just in case collectors are still looking for it, here is the list of the short-printed cards in the 2010 Topps Baseball set.

First look: 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball cards

Topps on Wednesday released some preview images of the fifth installment of its Allen & Ginter line of baseball cards.

Box Busters: 2009 Topps Unique Football

Dan Hitt and Tracy Hackler bust a not-entirely-unique box of 2009 Topps Unique Football. With no Players Inc license for 2010, this appears to be the last Topps NFL product for quite some time. Watch the video to find out what this swan-song box delivered.

Alabama Crimson Tide heats things up on auction block & with upcoming appearance on NASCAR track at Talladega

The 16-foot wide logo from the floor of the national champions’ locker room from Bryant-Denny Stadium is up for grabs — and already has hit $7,600 on the auction block with more than six weeks remaining. (Click here to view the auction.)