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Beckett Grading

Please note that all in-person signed autographs must be sent through the JSA/BGS Authentication process. This includes any items signed that were not guaranteed by the manufacturer and issued in packs/sets, etc.

In addition, the following "certified" autographed cards/sets MUST also go through the JSA/BGS authentication process:

  • ALL YEARS Topps Rookie Premiere/Topps Photo Shoot/Topps AFLAC Autographs unless machine serial numbered by Topps
  • ALL YEARS Star Pics Autographs (key players)
  • ALL YEARS Pro Line Autographs (key players)
  • ALL YEARS Scoreboard/Classic/Front Row/Little Sun Autographs of Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Shaquille O' & Kobe Bryant
  • ALL YEARS Upper Deck Buyback Autographs that do not have a copy of the original UDA Certificate
  • 1994 Upper Deck Alex Rodriquez, Mickey Mantle & Ken Griffey Jr. Autographs
  • 2001 Fleer Legacy Albert Pujols Autographs
  • Signature Rookies Autographs with ONLY a sticker for Authenticity
  • 1993 -94 Hoops Magic/Bird Auto
  • Fleer Autographs with questionable embossments (1992-93 Scottie Pippin, Tony Gwynn, Steve Young, etc.)
  • Fleer Autographs missing factory serial numbering (because of the influx of unsigned blank auto cards due to the Fleer bankruptcy sale)
  • Any key player Fleer/Skybox Autographs that were issued without factory-stamped serial numbers, regardless of embossments (including Skybox Autographics)
  • Key Non Sport Autos. Some known fakes include:
    Jessica Alba - Dark Angel
    Angelina Jolie - Tomb Raider 1 & 2
    Several - Harry Potter
    Chris Farley - Star Pics SNL
    Katie Holmes - Batman Begins
    Many others at the discretion of BGS

*Besides specific cards on this list, BGS reserves the right to refer ANY autographed card to JSA/BGS service if there are questionable aspects to that particular card.

To access a JSA/BGS sub form, please Click Here