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$8 on 20-Day Grading For Vintage Cards

For May 2015, submit any vintage card (1980 and older) and have it graded at our 20-day level for just $8 per card. This offer is only valid for vintage cards. Submit any vintage cards for this offer! It does not matter what the value of the card is as long as it is a vintage card, it qualifies!

Please feel free to submit your modern cards with your vintage cards but you will only get the $8 rate for the vintage cards in the order. Your modern cards will be charged full, listed price. Please see the Beckett submission form for a list of prices. Your cards will be graded using our BVG Standards and valid for cards with the years of 1980 and older.

Be sure to check our Beckett Auction Services at www.auctions.beckett.com. This is a new service Beckett offers and they are looking for all submissions, especially vintage cards. Another great service that Beckett can offer its customers.

Example: You plan to submit five, 1967 Topps baseball cards and three, 1989 Upper Deck baseball cards. You want to insure the order for $800 and ship the pieces back Fed Ex Ground. Here is how the charges will work:

You will pay $40 for the five vintage cards (5 cards @ $8 each) and pay $36 for the three modern cards (3 cards @ $12 each). This comes to $76 for the grading. You add in $15 for Fed Ex ground return shipping and $9 for the insurance for a total bill of $100.

*Cannot be combined with any other coupon, discounted offers, or promotion. $8 grading offer is for vintage cards only at the 20-day level. All other cards will be charged full rate. Offer does not apply to BGS/JSA submissions or the BCCG services. Offer valid for all new orders submitted in May 2015 and can not be applied to orders that were previously submitted or are in the possession of Beckett Grading currently. Offer Code: "VINTAGE0515". Offer Expires 5/31/15. All orders must be postmarked by 05/31/15 and contain the promotion code listed above in order to receive the discount .All shipping, insurance and surcharges will apply. See Beckett submission form for a list of these fees. Contact BGS Customer Service at 972-448-9188, grading@beckett.com, or see www.beckett.com/grading for submission forms and more information.